Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Don't get too excited, I wasn't very adventurous. 
Friday I started with radiation, 3 treatments under my belt so far and it's going OK, it is starting to feel a bit like sunburn though.
After running some errands I met an old friend, from out of town, for lunch. 
Later she came along with me to watch my grandson perform in a play his class presented.

It was a play about Martin Luther King's dream and the way life was during that era.
The students were dressed so nice in black or white shirts.
Everyone enunciated clearly and most read their lines slowly so they were understandable. 
They were serious, their lines were straight, and the square corners were well executed.

 When school got out grandson J called and asked if he could come over and stay the remainder of the know I said yes. 
All 3 boys came over for a while. 

playing catch with grandpa

Saturday afternoon I went to my bff's Stampin' Up party.
Here is one of the cards we made, I love it!

How did I manage to glue the piece on so crookedly?

This weekend grandson J was in a incredibly good mood. 
He doesn't like going to church because he doesn't understand, and I can't explain because then neither of us will hear the sermon. He knew he had to go on Sunday so he was ready and willing.  A couple of times I had to sit down when I started to feel light headed. That has been happening more of late (low blood pressure). J is always concerned about my health.

Today, after radiation, I stopped at a thrift store and picked up some lettuce and tomatoes.......I was out and I eat a lot of salads. On mondays they have breads and produce that are out of date. Once in a while I get there on a monday.
I also picked up a small, red, crossbody purse for my upcoming Red Hat trip. Now that I have an iphone I don't need to carry my Nook and camera with me. I think the purse was $1, but it was even less b/c when I looked inside I found .31. What a deal, huh? BUT I have to get rid of my big red problem, it's already in the donate bag.

After dinner tonight I got a call from grandson J....again...
Tomorrow the school is celebrating Dr Seuss' birthday and everyone dressing like one of his characters. Oh dear, I have Halloween costumes but not Dr Seuss costumes! He said he didn't know about it until would have been so much easier if I had more time to think about it.
We finally decided upon Thing 1.
I found an old wig and literally PAINTED it blue.
I hope he can, at least, wear it for part of the day.

I found a red shirt and pinned on THING 1  that I had printed off the computer. Thank Goodness for Google images. 
This is my contribution to his costume, he has red pants but could not find them. I dropped the shirt and wig off at his other grandparents (where they live).
Unfortunately I didn't have anything for his older brother to wear.

The weatherman is predicting 3-4" of snow for us.....and I HAVE to go out....that's life.
Remember spring is getting closer!!!!


  1. The Dr. Seuss costumes will be cute! Wish you could see those! Looks like a good weekend.

  2. You are a GREAT grandma!!! I also loved your card! Was the butterfly a die cut? Is it Sizzix? I should get back into scrapping but just haven't felt up to it yet. In a few minutes, I'm off to the radiation oncology clinic for my 6 month check up. Hope you're doing okay. I pray for you daily.

  3. Well, you sure had a busy weekend!!!! I love the card you made-that must have been at Dad's house. You are such a good gramma to J. He counts on you for a lot of love and special time together.
    Hope the radiation doesn't get too bad. I am keeping you in my prayers. xo Diana