Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday to me....

My favorite day of the week has been Monday for many years.....the kids were back in school, hubby was at work, and I was home....ALONE. Today was no different. I didn't get up too early, although I did hear someone shoveling and was afraid it was Tuesday and I'd be late for work again....but then I remembered that yesterday was Sunday. :-)

After a very brief visit to the local thrift store (I had a bag to drop off and looking to do - nothing fabulous to mention, just some poke' mon cards for grandson) I was off to Green Bay for my Nook color class. If I lived closer I might stop in at Barnes and Noble more often to read free and just browse. There were 6 of us in the 'class', some had just purchased their Nooks. I knew most of what Emma told us about the Nook but did pick up some helpful hints.

Then I headed over to a store to see the Vera Bradley totes in person. I am NOT a name brand person but several weeks ago got it in my head that I 'need' a Vera Bradley tote for my trip to DC. I have my heart set on the Baroque pattern. I found a large tote that I liked.....I almost bought it but just could not bring myself to spend the $98 for a quilted bag w/o feet (even if I did get a free card case). Target is right across the street from where I was so I looked around I know why I never go there.....they never have anything I like. Many of the fashion bloggers I follow find clothes that they love there....not me....guess I am not small enough. ...or maybe it is our store.

After I got home I returned a call to my daughter so she can order dance recital tickets for me for granddaughter A's performance. I go every is so nice. Then I called Ellison/Sixxix about my Big Shot Express with the burned out motor. Great News!!!! They will replace it and I only have to pay shipping both ways. Shipping to me will be $10.95.....If i only have to pay $25 for a new machine I will be a happy camper, a very happy camper. They are replacing it with a Tim Holtz Vagabond. It has a more powerful motor and retails for $100 more than my machine. woo hoo!!!!! yipee skipee!!!This has nothing to do with anything, but I have been soooooooo tired the past few days and I don't know why. I can barely keep my eyes open, until I am in bed. I go to bed at the same time and get up at normal times.......altho last night I did wake up and 'think' for quite a while. Tonight I am going to bed early....ahhh.......
hope YOU had a good monday!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Payback's a b****

Isn't that the saying? an eye for an eye, etc.
I had some of the family over last night for seafood enchiladas (they turned out good, along with a delicious salad Connie brought and Michele's very chocolatey cake with cream cheese filling).....well.....I made a comment that was uncalled for and today I got the payback. I burned out the motor on my Big Shot Express while cutting fabric circles for my church Lenten project (see previous post). I am so bummed, I love my Big Shot and I can't exactly ask my church to buy me a new one.
I know God isn't really paying me back for my not so kind words..................but it (kinda) makes me feel better (?) to think He is punishing me. And this relates back to a post from last fall...maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and not talk at all.
BTW, the chocolate cake was quite a tasty dessert after breakfast. :-)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Follow friday 40 & over

Check out blogs by those of us over 40.

I CAN't believe how pretty these are

A friend of mine made these pins from soda cans. Aren't they pretty? I am thinking of putting one on a chain and wearing it as a necklace. She also has butterfly ones....and who knows what she will come up with next.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why do I do these things???

I should have guessed what kind of day it would be after I took the first sip of my smoothie. I used bananas, some V-8 fruit smoothie juice, strawberries, and frozen pineapple juice. Something about it was awful :-( ..... but I used such good ingredients, it should have been nice and sweet. I tried to drink it but just couldn't, I had to pour it down the drain (and I HATE throwing food away). Now this is what I think happened: perhaps the frozen pineapple juice was chicken broth......I put labels on the containers in the freezer but sometimes they come off, so I just take off the cover and look. ...looked like pineapple or orange juice....but chicken broth would have given my smoothie that weird taste that I could not explain.

My stop at the thrift store didn't produce any good deals, some days are like that. I've got the next 2 days off, a long weekend. :-)

After lunch my pastor calls me....not a usual occurrence. For the Lenten services we are doing something different this year called 'Cross/Peace'. Every family that attends the midweek service gets a cross and each week something new to hang on it; such as the crown of thorns, robe, money bag, sponge, dice, & a nail. One of our members made the crosses (6" tall). Well....pastor is looking for someone to help make the items that go on it....and, "lucky" for me, he calls me............and I agree to make the can you say 'no' to your Pastor??? (This reminds me of a bible verse...didn't Paul ask why he does the things he didn't want to? Oh, that's not what it means.) The crown- piece of cake, the robe - just a strip of purple cloth, the dice and nail - will be purchased, the sponge - just cut/rip off a piece and put a string through it and it's good to go, the money bag??? .....I say we just give some silver coins! First I have to cut a circle (more like 60 circles), then punch holes all the way around, then thread twine through the holes, and tie .....that's a 2 person job. We need a sample by Sunday so I did one to take in tomorrow. I will then tell Pastor I think we should go with silver coins or the rock (that he decided not to do). I would just be happy to find someone to help me make the money bags.

Why, oh why, do I get myself into these things????? First I invite the Red Hats over this afternoon to work on the scrapbook. We got a lot done and had fun. That doesn't get my nervous at all. Then I agree to make those tiny, time consuming money bags, crowns, sponges, and 'robes'. But that is not the end of it. I decide to make seafood enchiladas for supper on Friday...and invite some friends over (because hubby doesn't eat it). That means I have to go to the grocery store and cook on Friday <@?_^$&* I really don't care to cook at all.

Calgon take me away!!! Oh wait, I can't take a bath until I fold the mountain of clothing that I dumped on my bed (that's where the towels are). And how was your day?

Take a break

Stressed? Need a break? Can't think straight? Want a cookie (or 2)? How about popping some bubble wrap? That always cheers me up and takes my mind off of what I was stressed about. If you don't have any bubble wrap handy, here is a virtual piece of it to play with. Click on the link below to pop the bubbles. I like the addictive game.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

another Give Away

Head over to Maya's blog and check out her giveaway!

: Silhouette SD Giveaway!

Check out the My Repurposed Life blog....she's giving away a cuts LOTS of things.

My Repurposed Life: Silhouette SD Giveaway!: "Well, the day has finally come! I get to give one of my readers a Silhouette! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to share th..."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's find

On my lunch hour today I popped in at one of our thrift stores. I gotta stop doin' that. I found this Axcess cross body bag. I was attracted to the summery color. It's faux leather but sill looks nice. the inside lining doesn't have a speck of dirt on it and there is very minimal wear on the outside.It was $'s where you could buy it for full price.....
Sold at Kohl's for $42.00
It's not exactly a designer bag, but I like it.

Take a load off. This chic cross-body handbag will be an instant favorite. In a selection of colors. •Exterior pocket keeps essential items within easy reach.
•Interior compartment secures your belongings.
•Adjustable shoulder strap provides the perfect fit.
•Distressed faux-leather construction ensures durability.
•11"H x 9 1/2"W x 2"D
•Zipper closure
•Adjustable shoulder strap
Faux leather
(this is from the Kohl's ad)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl Scout cookies

Yesterday the little girl scout and her dad delivered our 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (I still have some coming from my granddaughter who lives out of town). The cookies disappeared as fast as they came. Hubby grabbed the Thin Mints (my fave), he ate some and gave one sleeve to grandson J to take home. I ate the peanut butter ones. I guess that is a good thing.....if they aren't here I can't eat 'em.
Post script to yesterday: I did find my glue gun - right where it was suppose to be! Sometimes I just amaze myself. LOL
Another snow storm hit our area overnight. It's hard to tell how much we was blowing a lot and you can't even tell that we have sidewalks. The rural schools are closed and other schools have a 2 hour delay. I am certainly glad I am past those years. Today is the day I run errands....maybe this afternoon I will get out. Hubby is home today, his boss called early yesterday morning and changed his work schedule to have Monday off instead of Friday off. So guess what? He gets to spend the day shoveling........I think our snow blower is still broken, he never took it in to get fixed, he is definitely a procrastinator. :-( I can't shovel, my back would not take it.
Guess I will clean the kitchen, fold laundry, and then retreat to the dungeon (aka - my basement crafting area) to clean, surf the net, and maybe even create something. I can never do ONE thing at a time.
Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finished another page

Yesterday I finished this page in my little book. I would have another page completed...except I can't find my glue am cleaning today and hoping I locate it. In the meantime another snowstorm is on the way.....6-12" predicted by the time it is over.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I found a card

I found this card that I made a while back. I haven't mailed it b/c of the big bead on the front...what possessed me to do that??? It looks nice but will cost me a fortune to mail. The 3 squares on it are made with a sort of serendipity collage. Hope you like!

Things I know for sure...

#1. You can set your alarm, BUT you have to have the volume turned ON. Yes, I was 1/2 hour late for work yesterday. Thankfully it's not a big deal....that very seldom has happened and the guys are pretty good about it. Hubby could have woken me up but he doesn't pay attention to my schedule and just left me sleep.
#2. The gals BETWEEN THE COVERS are not stodgy old ladies. Thursday night we chose a name for our book discussion group.....we had lots of good ideas...... One gal is a physicians assistant and is going to Haiti for 2 weeks on a medical mission. That is one thing checked off of her 'bucket list'. Another gal always has funny stories about work or something. One woman is pretty crafty and often has cool stuff for "show & tell"...and me? I am the quiet one. We had such a good time Thursday; laughing and sipping some wine. Oh yea, sometimes we do discuss the book we just read. Next month we are reading UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, which is nice for me b/c I have it on my Nook (classics are free). Right now I am reading THE CONFESSION by John Grisham. I borrowed the ebook from the library. I am frugal....see previous post. Now that the sun is warmer I am able to sit in my car and read at lunch time if I don't have errands to run....reading saves me $$$. I am beginning to really like my Nookcolor. :-)
#3. Winter is not over :-( Even though we had high 40's and sunshine this week that does not mean it is spring. Much of our snow has melted and we can see bare ground, except where the drifts accumulated....not sure when that will melt....maybe by July 4th. 'Significant snows', wind gusts, and sleet are predicted for tomorrow. There is nothing we can do....that's just life in Wi.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attention Deficiet Disorder???

Sometimes I'll hear the comment that I must have ADD..........nah!!! I just have lots of varied interests and a short attention span????? and believe me, I don't have hyperactivity. For a while I will be 'gung ho' into reading, then I tire of that and move to watching TV, next I am in letter writing mode, a week later I can't stop playing cube crash, then I am making cards, etc. Anybody else like this?

Take, for instance, the types of blogs I follow:

FASHION - where does that come from? I am well over 50 and overweight (not that that has anything to do with looking good), I live in a small town, work for a plumber, and don't attend social events. I am almost always wearing jeans with a sweater or knit shirt or I have on yoga pants (nor do I do yoga). When I wear a scarf with my sweater to work I feel really dressed up....remember I work with plumbers......and what a reputation they have. *wink* When DO I dress up?? for church and Red Hat meetings............sad, huh? I do love to see stylish women over 50 or women that may have a few extra pounds.

JUNQUE/ANTIQUING/DECORATING - I just collect junk and old's not displayed beautifully in a vignette or artfully arranged. I don't have the imagination or home in which to do that. I love to go to thrift stores and garage sales to find things that I like, whether it's old or new.

SCRAPBOOKING/CRAFTING/CARDMAKING -OK, I do dabble in making scrapbooks and cards....and I am good at copying others ideas. The crafts I do are usually with grand kids...and you can't tell my craft from theirs.

THRIFTY/FRUGAL LIFESTYLES - Am I frugal or just cheap? I dig stuff out of the garbage for use in crafts, I shop at the local thrift store (because it is cheaper than Goodwill), I even color & trim my own hair (between salon cuts), I run straight to the clearance racks in any store where I sometimes buy kids clothing & gifts several months ahead, I pack a sandwich & ice tea for my lunch at work, and bring my own ice tea or water when I am driving, I freeze leftovers to be used later in a different recipe, I freeze or can extra produce from summer/fall, I request free items & samples from the web, and I get stuff from FREECYCLE.

ORGANIZATION/STORAGE - hmmmmm....have you ever seen my basement crafting area??? If you had, you'd know that I may read those blogs but I don't put what I read/see into practice. Actually I DO like to organize things. It would be much easier and more fun if I had unlimited funds and a carpenter at my beck and call. oh well.............

The blogs I SHOULD follow:
and most importantly: HOW TO KEEP ONE'S FOOT OUT OF ONE'S MOUTH

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday tales

Sorry, I don't have a catchy "Tip Tuesday," or "Tuesday Teasers", "Tasty Tuesday" or even ....hey, how about Tuesday Tales...........I kinda like it!

Yesterday I went to the Stamp a long and made some cards and here's a tip for you: On this card we used the clear, acrylic, block and patted it directly onto the blue ink pad and than onto the white oval. I like the effect.
This is a Valentine I got in the mail today. I am posting it b/c I love the heart and the ephemera attached to the style. I get lots of nice cards from my card pals but never post them...why not???? It pays to look in the garbage...........look what I found! This really nicely decorated piece of cardboard from some Valentine candy hubby bought..... (how come I didn't see any of that?) It's about 3-1/2" X 3-1/2". I embossed it with my Big Shot and it will make a nice embellishment on a card next year.

Speaking of Valentines day (I was, sort of), Yesterday my 2-1/2 yr old granddaughter called to wish me 'Happy Valentines Day'. Those little ones are so cute! I sent cards and small trinkets to all of my grandkids (4 families). Two moms emailed thanks, one facebooked me, the other did nothing. That is one of my pet peeves.........not saying 'Thank you'. In reality I didn't expect to hear from that person.
I have a situation: I made chili on Sunday night and hubby complemented me on it. He does NOT compliment my cooking...........I am not the best cook, never claimed to be. The past 2 days he has taken some to work for lunch. BUT he uses a Tupperware dish to heat it up in at work. The dish is now discolored and somewhat deformed. What do I do? I'm not going to say is only one of many plastic dishes I have. Now, if he were doing that at home I'd HAVE to bring it up.
They fired another guy where he works.................they are strict. Kevin has never been warned about anything so he is not worried. I just wish they'd actually start an order. There is a rumor going around that the company is for sale. Time will tell.....
Saturday night our youngest granddaughter was over for a bit.........that girl is not afraid of anything. She went upstairs, in the dark, by herself to get the ice cream cones out of the play pantry. All the kids seem to love the cones. Anyway her mom ended up bringing the whole pantry down so M wouldn't be going up and down the steps all night. That girl is a dumper, she wasn't happy until every bin from that pantry was dumped out. She was making such funny faces and she & mom tried not so tasty 'food' that M concocked. No photos b/c she is never still.
Busy day at work today..........the phone just kept wringing....guess that is good! I ran into hobby Lobby at noon (b/c I had time to kill) and got 2 packages of Valentine stickers at 1/2 price. They had lots of decorative items at 80% off, but I didn't need anything so I just browsed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, I know I am a day early............I am seldom early so I will take advantage of it this time. I mailed out cards to the grandkids early, made cards for friends, and helped the grandsons who live nearby make Valentines for school. So I'm a happy camper.

And..............Hubby came home with a heart shaped box of chocolates for me today. I gotta love that!!! He is NOT romantic at all! It's early, but I'll take it.

other news: we are having a heat wave ;-) it is 41 today, wish the sun was shining b/c I'd have to be outside soaking it up. LOL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Happy Birthday balloons printable greeting cards

Free Happy Birthday baloons printable greeting cards
Here is a good place to print free cards.......quick, easy to use, no muss, no fuss!

Nook Skin

Here's one of my 'toys' I bought from Amazon: a skin for my Nook Color, guess what color??? lime green, of course. What do ya think? It's not plain, black, & boring. :-)

Two pages done & some saturday morning thoughts

I completed 2 pages in my....hmmm, what do I call it????...guess it's just my "ME" album. I should be working on scrapbooks now that I have some extra time...but no, I am fooling around on the little thing. Yes, I am an introvert and that is fine with me! this one has strategically placed embellishments (to cover up the holes from sewing buttons on the other side).

The Friday Breakfast Bunch had a nice time yesterday morning, everyone seemed to enjoy getting together to visit. I attended grandson J's winter concert, it was fabulous. The music teacher is so wonderful, I will have to thank him for the superb program. :-)
The sun is shining brightly :-) and we are suppose to be in the 30's most of the week. Yay!!! MAYBE some of our snow will melt.

I woke up this morning distressed/crabby/anxious........ I had a dream where hubby was not very nice to me....was that b/c I was drunk and sobbing or vice versa? Once I realized we weren't in Las Vegas I was fine. But then I remember that I have to deal with that person today that stresses me. I have suggested that we sit down and talk and clear up the issue, but no. This is worse than the problems I use to have with hubby. I feel much better if I can talk out disagreements and clear the air...this is just eating me up inside.
This past week has almost been like Christmas for me. Nearly every day the mailman brought me a new package. I ordered several things from Amazon with my gift card I got with my credit card points. That was fun! :-)
Later, this afternoon I am going to grandson S's 7th birthday party. I don't think I will stay long...he's having most of his class over and some of the boys are sleeping over. The young parents can deal with that.........I will go home to my quiet house. Speaking of will be extra quiet tonight b/c J will not be sleeping over here (like he has 99% of the Saturday nights for the past 5 years), he is staying home for his brother's sleep over.
I just finished my first ebook on my Nook color: it was CODE BLUE by Richard Mabry. At first I thought it didn't have much of a story, but it did finally get better and I liked it. It's a mystery and what was nice it had a Christian theme....don't see much of that around. I am really beginning to like my Nook color and really look forward to having it when we go to Washington DC.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Washington I come...

OK, in fall, but I am still going, just the same. :-) I paid the down payment for myself and a friend today. I have never been there....didn't get to go when I was in school (too shy & too poor). I am excited!!!

I'm cleaning out drawers for another bag to drop off at the thrift store (last week I didn't have a bag).

Tomorrow is the Friday Breakfast Bunch's first date. My SIL and I went out for breakfast a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it so I decided to dedicate one Friday a month to have breakfast with friends. Looks like there's a pretty good group joining me. In the afternoon I'm attending my grandson's winter concert. You KNOW I LOVE my Fridays off. :-)

Thrift shopping spree

Remember last weekend when I was not in shopping mode?? That has since passed..... Here is what I found Monday when I dropped off my one bag donation: 2 Playtex bras that look NEW, hand towel, 'cartoonish' poster of the Milwaukee stadium for hubby, 12 x 12 magnetic board, the record album I used for my booklet (see post from a couple days ago), and a white mock t-neck.....all for $6. Our local thrift store usually has very good prices. On Tuesday we had our Red Hat meeting and I had some time to kill before dinner. I quickly found grandson's birthday gift so decided to stop over to Goodwill. There I picked up a boys bath set (nice extra gifts for grandsons) for $2.99, the slice card in the photo ($2.99), Close to my Heart stamp set in the photo ($2.99), and a craft scissors for 1/2 price. I looked on Ebay and the Slice card and stamp set are selling for considerably more. If I don't like or use these items I can sell them for a little more than I paid for them. (I don't do Ebay, it would just be a garage sale or the used stamp sale at a stamping convention.) Oh, I almost was senior day so I got an extra discount. I think every Tuesdays is senior day. Normally I don't think Goodwill has good prices, but sometimes you can get a deal.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our youngest grandchild

Saturday night we babysat for 5 month old L. Kinda cute, eh? Never mind the blurry grandpa. ; -)
He's a big kid; doesn't roll over yet, doesn't play with his hand or feet, no teeth. He coos, smiles, loves to eat and watch TV, can't you tell??? :-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Playing" on my day off

I actually did it! I cut a part of the cover of an old album and turned it into a book. For several years I have been picking up albums for the art/colorful covers. I have displayed them on the mantle at Christmastime and thought that I'd use them to make little books...well today was the day!!! this is a little 5 x 7 booklet. I wasn't sure what I was going to use for the pages, but certainly NOT unused/good papers. I decided to use pages from books and some odd scrapbook papers that I knew I would not use. I also put in an envelope and some card fronts. This is from a card I received from a fellow Red Hat was too precious to toss.
Book page that I like.

Page from the same book.

This envelope page is made from an old file folder, the end will be closed with eyelets (maybe), string, ribbon???? and embellished. I am not sure what I will use this for. It will be embellished. There are some blank pages I can write on or I can paste pictures or other objects on. Once I get a couple of pages complete I will post them.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green Bay is ready for the Super Bowl

The "Spirit of Northwest" statue in front of the Brown County Courthouse is decorated for the Super Bowl Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011, in Green Bay, Wis.

Completed Valentines

The boys came over this afternoon and finished their Valentine project. Remember our melted crayons? See what nice rainbow crayons they turned into for the Valentines? I printed the saying and had the boys sign their names. I bought the candy and the bags. The dollar store had 40 bags for $1 and also lollipops and chocolate hearts. I think they turned out cute.

Painted petals (cards)

Saturday my bff and I went to Archivers in Appleton to make some cards, guess what??? I didn't buy one single item at the store........I have so much stuff here that I can use. We did stop at Savers (thrift store in the mall area). It is really a nice, clean, organized store...and prices are not out of line.
The techniques we used were painting: on this card we stamped Distress Inks onto the stamp, misted it for the water color look and stamped over an embossed image (words). Our paint (ink) palette was a craft pad, we stamped on it, misted it and dipped our water brushes into it and painted. The word 'ribbon' on the bottom was misted and then crumbled. After it was dry we folded the left side back, stapled it, and repeated that 2 more times. We used a very small stapler with tiny staples(they had a different name for it). Staples are OK but I do not like to see them on the back side of the paper so I took my blue card and cut off the front and layered it onto a brownish card. i know the flower doesn't cut it.....they provided a bigger one, but it was too big so I had to find one of my own. For this card we embossed with clear powder then painted the 'clean' parts (flowers, birds, etc). First start with the lightest color and layer darker over for shading. OK, I am not the greatest painter......I don't know if I would do this at home, if so I'd do several cards at a time. It does look nice! For the background 'stripe' on the card we just took the Distress ink pad and pulled it down the side. I do like that look.

We painted the lace on the bottom of the card. We also put Distress Stickles on the flowers on the above and below cards. It does add a nice touch.

This card was embossed and then painted like an earlier card. The background on the tan card stock was stamped with white chalk ink.

Everyone is posting Valentine's ideas............I am so over that.............for an UNUSUAL CHANGE I am finished with all things Valentines. My cards to the grand kids are ready to go, I mailed a few to card pals, my Red Hat friends are getting cards too. Woo Hoo.........celebrate!!!!!

paper flowers

I found these here: aren't they adorable...when I get some free time I am going to try these.

Green Bay Packer trivia answer

Hmmmmm, that attempt failed miserably.... so I don't have to give any prize away :-) *wink*
Here is the answer : It's not what you think................I'm not 100% sure but have read this several times.
"The oval "G" logo stands for "greatness" and was created in 1961 by Packers equipment manager George "Dad" Braisher"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Green Bay Packer trivia

Not that I am a Packer fan (or any sports fan- don't get me wrong, sports are great, just not my thing)...but here is some trivia:
What does the "G" on the helmets stand for? I know, do you?
I will post the answer this weekend.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas shopping :-)

On my way to the grocery store my car stopped at the thrift store and look who I found! I love these penguins ornaments...2 for .50. the photo does not do him justice, he has sparkles on his body. Who does Christmas shopping in February??? I do! I keep my eyes open all year long for gifts, decorations, wrapping, etc. You never know when you will find something for the right price. I'm also trying to catch up on housework. Since I don't babysit anymore I have much more quiet time and a neater home. I do miss spending time with my grandson tho.....We don't have the baby here either so I've decided I don't need the swing and bouncer in the house.....getting rid of clutter, ya know? I am not getting rid of it, just getting it out of our living space. I think daughter J will have another child.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog candy - giveaway

Yvonne over at is having a great, big giveaway. Stop over and check it out!

Just another snowy day in WI

Greetings from land of the big snow and cold weather....that's what we should be called. Nearly everything was shut down last night and today, including our Red Hat meeting. Many schools and businesses were closed today. Actually our part of the state did not get hit too ice and we really didn't get a lot of snow. Hubby didn't have to go in so I was lucky! He wasn't up when I got up so I asked if he was going to shovel and his reply was "what snow".....well, part of the sidewalk in the back was bare but 3' away there was a 3' drift. And, of course, the end of the driveway was full of snow. The snowblower is not working so he shoveled by hand today. I was pleasantly surprised that the drive to work was not bad at all. Everyone was slower than normal but no one was slipping and sliding around. The wind was bad so I assume the county roads were pretty drifted. On the way home the road was basically dry and bare. Now that the sun is getting higher, even when it is 20 there is some melting. Speaking of sun, it was blinding me (in my rear view mirror) on the way home, but I am NOT complaining, not one bit. I love sun! Last, but not least, the groundhog from WI says we will have an early spring. That makes me think it will be a wet one too.....we have LOTS of snow that has to melt before we can see the ground.
At our local Shopko the first Wednesday of the month is senior day. I stopped in today and picked up a couple of things on clearance....and saved an extra 15%....can't complain about that. Goodwill, Younkers, a local thrift store, and I am sure more places have senior day too. I am trying to keep that in mind. I forgot about the senior menu at breakfast the other day. Guess I try not to think of myself as a senior. :-)