Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrift shopping spree

Remember last weekend when I was not in shopping mode?? That has since passed..... Here is what I found Monday when I dropped off my one bag donation: 2 Playtex bras that look NEW, hand towel, 'cartoonish' poster of the Milwaukee stadium for hubby, 12 x 12 magnetic board, the record album I used for my booklet (see post from a couple days ago), and a white mock t-neck.....all for $6. Our local thrift store usually has very good prices. On Tuesday we had our Red Hat meeting and I had some time to kill before dinner. I quickly found grandson's birthday gift so decided to stop over to Goodwill. There I picked up a boys bath set (nice extra gifts for grandsons) for $2.99, the slice card in the photo ($2.99), Close to my Heart stamp set in the photo ($2.99), and a craft scissors for 1/2 price. I looked on Ebay and the Slice card and stamp set are selling for considerably more. If I don't like or use these items I can sell them for a little more than I paid for them. (I don't do Ebay, it would just be a garage sale or the used stamp sale at a stamping convention.) Oh, I almost was senior day so I got an extra discount. I think every Tuesdays is senior day. Normally I don't think Goodwill has good prices, but sometimes you can get a deal.

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