Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day Breakfast

I try to keep certain traditions alive; for example I invite some of my grandchildren over to decorate cut out cookies, I try to have an Easter egg hunt (weather permitting), I've always done most of my celebrating on Christmas eve (and we still do), and hubby makes breakfast on Christmas day! It started many years ago as a spur of the moment thing (and he is NOT a spur of the moment kind of guy). That's a tradition I definitely want to keep alive!

baked french toast
SD Jessica and her daughter stay overnight on the 24th. Her hubby joins us Christmas day. SS Eastin and his family come over after the 3 boys have opened their gifts at home and before they go to his wife's family's gathering. We eat a late breakfast, about 11ish. That first time (before many of the kids) hubby just made breakfast from what we had on hand......eggs and English muffins. The tradition has evolved, I now shop for breakfast foods so we have enough on hand. One year I made a breakfast brunch with eggs :-), last year we had waffles too, and this year I made this baked french toast . I have to make sure I don't infringe on hubby's cooking or he won't make breakfast any more. 

Do you have any traditions you want to share?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday/After Christmas Edition

  • It's not always easy being married to the king of procrastinators.....  I like to get it done so it's out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of the day. He likes to wait until the last minute and attempts to get it done in the nick of time....drives me nuts!
  • I am never going to have the Norman Rockwell type of Christmas (or any holiday) that I dream of. Divorce, blended families, and misunderstandings just SUCK!
  • I do like to bake goodies for the holidays! .....and it seems hubby likes to eat 'em, so we make a good pair.
  • Christmas eve and Christmas day were nice, we had a house full on the 24th, but I only talked to 1/2 of them. :-( We live in a tri-level house and the guys usually stay in the family room with the big TV and I have the tree in the living room....where most of the kids and women were. I'd prefer it if everyone could be together  It was someone hectic and there were only 5 kids here (ranging from 2-8). But I'd sure miss the grands if I didn't see them. Sooo many different personalities!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I attended 3 Christmas programs this past week.
  1. Sunday School program: it was so nice to see an old fashioned Christmas program with the shepherds, angels, choir, etc. It was really cute, of course they read the Christmas story from the Bible. The King family (we 3 Kings) from Orient, AR were lost and trying to find their way. Stranded in a snow storm they hid in a church and were able to watch the Sunday School children practice for their Christmas program. My son and daughter in law live in a very small town. The church involvement is great! I bet they had 15 preschoolers and 30 teachers/program helpers. I guess I was impressed b/c I belong to a very small church that doesn't even have the 6 kids who attend Sunday school perform.
  2. 4K program: those are always so cute and fun to watch. One of the girls in the front row had a sparkly dress on and she kept twirling. Another little girl in the front row just stood there nervously holding her hands and not singing. They sang winter songs.

One of her teachers made these adorable Rudolph pops. It's a marshmallow coated with chocolate. You can see the eyes, mini M&M for the nose, pretzel antlers and it's all on a stick! Cuter than heck! looks pretty easy too!

This 4 year old says it was YUM!

  3. Elementary School program: it's their Winter concert and they sang about Rudolph, catching a 
      cold, snowflakes, jolly old St Nick, Kwanzaa, but not one Christian song. That really bothered   
      me! The kids were cute and loved the songs they sang, they love the actions that go along with     
      the songs. Some students played drums and recorders for us.
Can you picture this? I am in my bathrobe and my ribs on the back of my left side were so painful that I had to get up from the computer and eat breakfast while standing up. Of course that was the day I had to drive almost 2 hours to see one of the grandkids. As I was putting make up on and doing my hair I put my OLD heating pad on my side and held it up with the belt from my robe and another old belt. I hurt and I had to do something. When I left I threw a hot pack in the car in case driving bothered me. Actually it was OK  unless I had to turn to my left, cough, or sneeze...owie! It's better but still very sore. I am not sure what happened.

Is it kinda sad or is it good that my 7 year old grandson is the one who accompanies me most of the time? He came along on Sunday, he's normally here for Sunday school/church. 

A big snow storm is predicted for Thursday  I am so glad I decided not to drive the 2 hours to see one of my other granddaughters programs. I saw her sister's program on Monday and went to my daughters to visit afterward. She fed me cookies and hot cider. mmmmmm  We just sat around the table and talked, even her 12 year old son joined in the conversation. I think my daughter was raised by aliens....she is such a good mother. 
Before the program I met the other grandma for a long lunch at the bowling alley, we had the dining area all to ourselves and chatted for 2 hours. Ok, we got a little caught up, but we have more to talk about. 
My work Christmas party is tonight and to be honest, I hope the weather is so bad that they have to change the date. I just have too much to do. Hubby is bowling so I invited my SIL to go with me, she deserves a nice, free meal. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now That's Old

This wreath is really, really old. It was my grandma's and somehow I ended up with it. It's red cellophane and it works! I don't have it in a window because I couldn't find one that would be suitable. I just hung in on the back of the china hutch. It does have a cord, but it's hidden. The wreath is red, the reflection of my patio door makes it appear lighter. I found one similar on ebay for $25 and another one sold on etsy for $14.99. Just some trivia about one of my vintage items I decided to share. 

Wordless Wednesday

Good Morning

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Angel Tree

I have 3 sets of ornaments I put on the tree. Maybe I'm a hoarder, but I love Santa's and Angels and would buy those types of ornaments when I saw one I I have enough for a whole tree (we have a slim tree). This year it's an angel tree. 

This old glittered ornament, purchased in the early 70's, is my inspiration. I have about 12 of them and would love to find more.
Yesterday I went to the Sunday  school program 2 of my grandchildren were in. Today I am off to watch one of my 4K girls and enjoy a LONG lunch with the other grandma.

I'm on vacation this week.........and I HAVE to be ready on the 24th!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas IS I better get ready

The mantel in the family room has been decorated with mostly vintage tree toppers and albums. Why are they mostly gold and silver??? (the teal one is from the dollar store - I needed something more when I first displayed them) I am in love the the album covers! I recently picked up the colorful Santa and blue one with the camels on for .50
 There are cookies stashed in the freezer (that I sometimes have to steal). 

I tried to sell the Santa throw but no one wanted it so it goes on the back of the couch once a year. I added a Santa picture and think that goes well. Now if I could just get the tree up!

A friend and I took my grandson to the live nativity a couple of weekends ago. He wouldn't pose with the holy family but we did get him to sit on the fake donkey. At 7 he's getting more choosy regarding what he'll do.
Tomorrow I am off to watch 2 of my grandchildren in their Sunday school program....hopefully I'll  get some good photos!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thrifting at Christmas Time

No, I don't need any more Christmas decorations..... I did find what I was looking for - snow pants and boots for my grandson - at the thrift store. And I also found this large (it comes up to my chin, and I'm tall), looks new, canvas wall hanging for $3.00
  A vintage nativity scene, about 12" tall. Since I have been going to the Wonder of Christmas (100's of nativity displays) at a local church I have been obsessed with nativity scenes....I get obsessed with many things. 
 A smaller tabletop scene. I wanted to give this one to my mother but when I visited on Thanksgiving I couldn't find it so gave her a different one.
 This cross shaped nativity scene is about 12" tall. I had never seen one of these until I attended the  Wonder of Christmas display. 
I also picked up a 2" thick stack of beautiful  12 X 12 patterned scrapbook paper, some of it is even double sided and glittered. ($2) I am sharing it with my 2 scrap-booking granddaughters.
No, I did not purchase all of this on one day.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I was tired after work the other day but I went to our book club meeting anyway. We went to one of the gal's home.  Sue lives an old house and she decorates it beautifully! We walk around and look at her displays just like we are in a museum. One interesting thing they do is have a painted tree in the basement TV room. Explain, you ask.... Every year they buy a Fraser fir tree. When Christmas is over they haul the tree over to a friends and hang it upside down in the woods. When Christmas rolls around again they haul the tree back home and hang it in their garage and spray paint (takes a gallon of paint-not spray paint) it. Last year it was silver, this year it's white with white ornaments. It's stunning. Everyone brought yummy snacks, we had a book exchange, lively conversation, and even discussed the book we read.
  • I'm basically lazy: I don't put the cover back on my laundry detergent                                      I           
                                    I wear slip on shoes, I prefer no shoes
                                    I don't wear gloves unless it is really cold outside
                                    I keep things that I need at my bedside and chair (nail file, pens, notepad, etc)

  • What's is the difference between boys black snow-pants and girls? I didn't see any so I got the girls.....I couldn't find the right size in the boys dept. 
  • I'm stressing way too much about Christmas......I alternate between holding tears back and feeling like throwing up. Every time I think I have a whole day to get something done, something comes up and I get distracted. On my last day off I was baking cookies and a good friend called, so I invited her over for a 'therapy session'. We always have a good talk, laugh, and even share tears once in a while. 
  • I did get my Christmas letter (I try to write one, but it doesn't always happen) and cards out early this year. 
  • On the bright side-several batches of cookies are stashed in the freezer. I do like baking and decorating the house.........if I have the time to do it. But I HATE putting it away after the holidays.
  • Men can be such babies.......for example my hubby was home sick for 2 days. I am not sure what was wrong with him, he didn't share. But he did the same thing he does when he's not sick-watch TV and work on cataloging his sports card collection. 
I got up early today so I could accomplish I'm getting off the computer and......                                  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Orleans Photos

I'm glad I was able to visit New Orleans and would love to return. I want to see Bourbon St at night, I want to sit in the sun in Jackson Square and listen to the musicians, walk the streets and view the incredible architecture, ride all 3 trolleys to the end, and peruse the many interesting shops.
 I love all the decorated balconies, even though I could never live such a confined, small, and busy place.
Yup, taking photos again.

No huge live oak trees with Spanish moss growing on them in WI.

 I finally found out why it's called a Live Oak-the leaves stay green all year round.

Touring the city in a mule drawn carriage was one of my favorite things. Mules are smarter and calmer than horses. We heard tales of ghosts, saw some stars homes, and just enjoyed the personalized chatter from Jim along with the great ride in the carriage with Crawdad in the helm.

 These colorful homes would be out of place in WI, but they are perfect in New Orleans.
St Louis Catherine
 Photos of Jackson Square...a lovely place to wander around or sit and view the musicians. 

Moore Confederate museum cemetery

 What kind of palm tree is this with the berries hanging from it?

 I like the juxtaposition of the palms and Christmas wreaths.

The French Market is a giant flea market................I love flea markets....the prices are better than in the shops. 

I wish I would have bought one of these........I was thinking about it...then forgot about it.

We stopped at the national ornamental metal museum in Memphis. Very interesting  I bought a unique necklace and ring (photos posted later).

Bale of cotton. I've seen thousands of bales of hay, but never cotton. I purchased a ball of cotton (actual from the plant) to show my mother.

 Have I mentioned how much I love the street musicians?

My bff and I really wanted to get our fortunes read, but we didn't :-(

 We stopped at a 'small town Mississippi' museum. It was a beautiful day to wander around and look at the various buildings and gardens.
The printing shop had a Hamilton chest. So what? you're saying....Well, Fisher Hamilton was THE big employer in this city until about 2 years ago. Hubby told me that there had been a plant in Mississippi. interesting...........

the oldest bar in New Orleans

 We had a very informative tour of the cemetery. So very different from the Midwest's cemeteries.

 we toured the Destrehan plantation in LA,

The church at the oldest convent in New Orleans.

 so many interesting things to buy

 the men's card table at the plantation...notice the cards don't have numbers?  They weren't needed, most couldn't read.

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
YUM!!! after I shook off some of the powdered sugar.

birds all over the place, even on the table tops if they're not cleared right away

this is a must do!!

Most often photographed item at the museum 

Jackson Square

carriages lined up in front of more balconies

 I know what would happen if a bicycle full of beads was chained to a pole here!

 Streams of Spanish Moss.
The Resurrection fern grows on these trees. 

gorgeous colors

 I couldn't buy an outfit like this here

These are just a few of my photos of New Orleans. I love snapfish b/c I have access to photos from 2 of my friends. Thursday night we had our New Orleans 'party'. Everyone brought a dish to pass and we watched the video that our tour leader made.....nice memories.