Thursday, October 31, 2013


Why don't my posts show up in my feed when I publish them??? They show up a day or 2 later. GRRRR.....
I am writing to see what happens today. b/c my Halloween post isn't in the feed for today.

Happy Halloween!

No halloween plans for me.  
I did not attend the Red Hat party nor am I having a party here for the grands. I didn't even take them trick or treating this year. I will probably have candy to pass out and that's about it! I mailed out some cards to the grands who live out of town.

This is just another goofy card I made for one of the grands. Hope your day is 'spooktacular"!!!
Here's a little book I made for one of my granddaughters one day when I was 'organizing' in my basement craft wonder it never gets cleaned up. I used a lot of my Washi tape, I love Washi tape.

 More Washi tape (to cover the raw edges from the front) on the inside cover. I also put a heavy vellum butterfly inside. 
 As you can see it's only glued in the center. I love this 3D 'page'.
I'm always dabbling at some dumb little thing as an idea pops into my head.

Friday morning I'm leaving for a weekend long scrapbook retreat with my bff. I was going to sort my pictures wednesday night....but then I realized I don't have them! I just checked the tracking ....the package is in IL.....expected delivery is Nov. 4.  Darn!!! I even have my journaling ready for a change. Now what am I going to do???? I don't print my photos until I make the scrapbook. I MIGHT have photos for another book I'm making.....I could just take some bins of grandchildren stuff and organize it.....I could make my Christmas cards............
?>_&%#@#   I am not very good at handling unexpected change of plans. 
I need to get away so it'll be a great weekend I am sure!!!! Hope yours is too!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day In The Life

I'd like to say Good Monday Morning....but it's not morning anymore and this has not been a typical monday. Remember, I love mondays because it's my day off. This is my view on my way to work in the morning. Last friday I remembered to leave a few minutes early and to grab my camera. As I was snapping the last photos I was not the only person with a camera at the rest stop. By the time I am 2 blocks from work the sun is blinding (in my rear view mirror).
But I digress............on to a day in the life......... 

 There's about a 7 minute difference from the time the first picture was taken to the time the last picture was taken.

The day started off as time while I eat breakfast.....errands to run, but no grocery shopping (smile). I dropped off a donation at the thrift store and picked up a few things too. I found a brand new (tags on) pair of pants for my grandson. Next I headed to Walgreen's to get some candy for Halloween and found a few things on clearance that I also needed. As I looked over my receipt in the car I noticed the mascara was not clearance I hoof it back inside and return it to buy the one that was on clearance. 
After a little housework and lunch I forced myself to go outside and pull out dead and nearly dead flowers. It wasn't the ideal afternoon, but the only day I could get it done.  Hubby does the raking and major outside work. The sun did come out later and it wasn't bad working outside.  I potted a few plants to bring in and to giveaway. I was going to decorate for Halloween but decided not to. I MIGHT put lights out for Christmas later, but right now I am feeling like a scrooge. This afternoon I locked myself out of the house for the 2nd time in the past month...come to find out, hubby locked himself out this morning too. Yes, we have a key stashed for such emergencies. 
When I finished what I wanted to do outside I came in and made a jello salad for supper, chocolate zucchini bread, swept the kitchen floor (all those plants made a real mess), washed the dishes again, made a sandwich for my lunch tomorrow, and heated up leftovers for supper. After we ate I got my ribs ready to put in the slow cooker in the morning for tomorrow's dinner. My laptop lives on our table most of the time, I am addicted to Words With Friends, and play it on facebook......not a good thing.....often there's too much information on facebook. 
I found out something that makes me really sad, just heartbroken. No, it's nothing about me or my hubby, but it is family. It's one of those things when I just had to pray "I don't know what to pray....Jesus, you know, say it for, protect...."
No, this was not a typical monday. I am not always that ambitious. I'm almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow. 
I still have a basket of laundry to fold and cards to get ready to mail to my grands. But for now I'm taking a break.
I am really looking forward to getting away for the weekend!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week's End

I am glad this week is coming to an end, it was a busy, busy week. I'll admit it- I'm spoiled, an introvert, and like my life quiet. The other gal at work took a vacation day so I ended up working Tuesday through friday. I loathe having to get up to an alarm when it's still dark outside. Yesterday the phones, at work, would not stop ringing, it was just CRAZY. Everyone needed work done and we had no one available to do it. I was doing some really dumb things at work too (can't believe I did that kind of stuff). I need to see if last night was a full moon! Earlier in the week one of our guys got a dog bite, so that meant extra paperwork for me. I did manage to get caught up on some stuff though and I'll be happy on Tuesday when I pick up a bigger paycheck! Every night after work I had someplace to be: ranging from getting a haircut to a dinner last night.

Hubby is going to Nigeria for work.....someday......we don't know when....this has been in the planning stage for over a year. His company hosted a dinner for all those who are going or are alternates. We had all the food and drinks we wanted. I had a bourbon marinated steak and it was delicious. The walleye on the plate across from me looked pretty yummy too! I saw many plates of all you can eat crab legs being delivered to the table also. It was an ok evening....hubby is not very social with me.

I was planning to take my 3 grandsons trick or treating downtown today (the merchants are hosting) but it is suppose to be very windy so mom and I said they can wait until thursday to go. I am relieved...but naturally it is calm and sunny right now. The wind better pick up so I don't have to feel guilty! It was going to be a rush job because trick or treating is 11-2 and at 1:30 I have other plans. That is when I'm attending a fashion show that one of my friends is modeling in. It's a fundraiser for one of the historical buildings in the city. It's not an ordinary fashion show, but one showing how thrift shop finds can look great! Tonight our grandson is spending the night.

Tomorrow I volunteered to help at the 'sunday supper' that the local churches host for anyone in the community who needs a warm meal or fellowship.  It's kinda funny....I was looking at the page in church on sunday and thinking that I should help with setting it up, a few minutes later my bff points to her sheet and showed me that she signed up for just what I was thinking...scarey!!! I have to be there at 3pm tomorrow, it's only a block away from my house so that's kinda nice. I can't remember if I said I'd make a pan of bars or not so I guess I'll make some pumpkin bars just to be on the safe side.

In the meantime I am enjoying some peace and quiet.

Next weekend I am off to a scrapbooking retreat!!! woo hoo  I have lots to get ready tho. I can do it....I think I can, I think I can.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

One thing I am thinking about is that it is too darn early for the cold weather we've been having....snow flurries have been in the air and it was 29F when I left for work this morning so I had to scrap heavy frost of my windshield first. We had about 2 weeks of fall and now it is winter????

I work for a small company that performs service work/repairs. Before lunch one of our guys called to tell me he had been bitten by a German shepherd. The dog just ran over to him and bit him on his thigh. It wasn't bleeding, but he did have puncture wounds and had to go to the walk in clinic. Our insurance company does not require a police report but it was mandatory that the clinic inform them. I feel bad for the young woman who owned the dog....he's her 'child'. She really felt bad that Todd was bitten and she was very cooperative and even brought us copies of the dog's immunization records. Thank goodness everything was up to date - no rabies shots for our guy. When she brought in the dog's records she was very apologetic and nearly in tears because she's afraid she'll have to put the dog down. This is the 2nd time he has bitten someone within a couple of months. I am not a pet owner but I know several people who have pets and they are part of their FAMILY. I know that dogs can not be allowed to go around biting people but I still feel really sad for her that she might have to say good-bye to something she loves.

That's just what I was thinking about..................

Monday, October 21, 2013

Polly's Pumpkin Patch

Sunday afternoon I took my 3 grandsons to the pumpkin patch & corn maze, about a 45 minute drive from here (Chilton). Oh what a contrast from the previous day!!!
I had 3 boys in the backseat and grandson J was at his worst-he wouldn't listen to me or anyone at all. One time I pulled into a parking lot and 'talked' to him. Later on, while driving, I totally blew up.....I had  exhausted my 'keep calm' attempts. I think my girlfriend, who came along with us, was shocked! I was so upset by that day's events that I work up in the middle of the night still feeling badly.
This is really a nice place to take the kids, so much to do. My step daughter met us there with her daughter and my sil was there with her son.
The day was cold and it rained a bit while we were there but we made the best of it.

The corn maze was the main attraction for the kids. We've had a bit of rain in the previous weeks so the corn maze was muddy and the 3 year old fell several times. Thank goodness mom sent clean pants for him. 

 Everyone loved the duck races, even the adults played. I won the race against my bff....(just reporting the facts- LOL)
 The boys loved the corn cannons too! Eight shots for $5.
 We laughed so hard when Jessica was on the horsey with her daughter. I decided to post a photo of 2 of my grandsons instead of hers. Note the mud covered little guy. 

 Here I am with the 5 grandkids that were there. Grandson J lost his NEW hat is not gonna be happy. 

Our youngest granddaughter telling our youngest grandson how to pose for the photo.

I think everyone had fun inspite of the weather. 
I could have done without the rain, cold, and grandson J's disagreeable mood. I think I need a break from the grandkids.......but..........we have one more thing planned for saturday.

I'm working 4 days this week and not looking forward to it. I'm spoiled and 3 days is normally the most I work. Wish me luck!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Halloween Cards

Today was an interesting/unusual  day for me:
1) I didn't leave the house.
2) I spent almost all day in my basement craft area cleaning and working on a couple of cards.
3) Our grandson did not spend the night.

I enjoyed today, it was very peaceful and quiet here. Hubby was at the golf course most of the day, he golfed 45 holes. What ever trips his trigger, I guess. Right now a buddy of his is here and they are watching the Badger football game. I don't care for football so I poked my head in and said HI for a few minutes and am letting them do their guy thing.

I have a busy week ahead.....maybe I will or will not have time to blog. Hope your week goes well!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Art of Tablesettings

The Rahr West Museum and Mansion has an annual Art of Table Settings display and I try to go every year. When I first heard about it I didn't understand who would want to see a bunch of plates and silverware..... but that's not it at all!!! Warning, this post contains a lot of photos. One day I met my good friend on my lunch hour to walk through the displays.....we're both busy people....We would have had more time to look around if I could remember the location of the place....that I've been to many, many times. I always have a hard time finding it. I think I'll remember that it's on 8th street after all the driving around I did that day.
 This display was in the corner. Above is one side and they hung 2 glass doors on the other side (below). The people who put this together just amaze me with their imaginations!
 The table setting below is done by one of the gals in my book club, along with some of her friends. Sue has a good sense for decorating. I know they got a lot of their things from the thrift store because I ran into her one day while she was shopping. They made the art piece on the wall. Carolee didn't like the mixed dishes, I do. I don't remember the exact title of their setting, but it was something about lunch with friends.
 I like this sweet, pretty display with more mismatched plates.
 This one is waaaaaaaaay to matchy for me. We both loved the interesting color of the plates. I wonder how long it took to accumulate the blue morning glory items.
 The perfect spot for a lover's picnic. 
 The one below has to do with the 'war to end all wars', waiting for a loved one to come home.
 Beachy, very beachy.  The theme of this one was a group of friends that met once a year for 47 (?) years and each one had to bring a shell to every meeting. Everything was covered in shells....picture frames, the cake knife, treasure boxes....
I love the calming colors of this one.

 These square plates are gorgeous!
 Table? What table?
This undersea table setting was pretty unique. 
 I wish I had taken some close ups of the 'silverware' on this 'table'. As you can see it is a very contemporary/modern interpretation of a dining table. 

We liked the simple elegance of the bird watching theme here.
 Our Lord's birth table setting was so calming.
 We saw a couple of Halloween theme tables, I've never seen Halloween before.
 Someone REALLY likes witches. It was cute, but not for me.

I'm glad I am able to attend many of the displays and events they hold at this mansion. It's one of the jewels we have on the Lakeshore.

One last thought: I've been watching What Not To Wear tonight, right now their last episode is on. It is my favorite show and I HATE to see it go. I know things can't last forever...but why can't WNTW???

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Weekend Full Of Grandkids

Yes, I'm still here.....barely..........after a weekend filled with the grands.
Saturday morning I got up, when I wanted to sleep in, and went to watch my 10 year old grandson play soccer. He has improved a lot since the first year he played. He was pretty shy when he was younger. During his first game he ran off the field, crying. His parents encouraged, not forced, him to continue. Now he's pretty good, the whole team is good, they are in first place this year! 
It was a really nice, sunny fall day. T's whole family was there to support him. Mom coaches and dad and his sister attend the games. I just love it!!! So proud of this young family.
After the game I stopped at my sister's for a short visit, then it was back in the car for the almost 2 hour drive home.

The blond boy is my grandson, he looks a lot like his dad.

 Sunday afternoon I took all 3 of our other grandsons to the Fall Family Fun day at Camp Sinawa in Valders, about 1/2 hour away. It was another nice day. We went on the wagon ride (twice),
they roasted marshmallows and hot dogs,

 they dug in the sand for 'treasures',
we made 'nature creatures'  from found objects, 
 they also painted pumpkins, stood in line for a balloon from The Balloon Lady (she does parties and all sorts of events), learned about the snowy owl and a vulture? (I can't remember), they watched the water fight between 2 small fire departments, and even got to sit in the firetruck. We all enjoyed the day and are thinking of attending the Christmas event. 

Wordless Wednesday

brothers watching the water fight

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Lately I have been thinking about parents who talk to the other parent (or adult) in their child's life only through the child (who is under 10). No matter how old the child is I believe that the non-communicative person should grow up and actually talk to the other adult involved.....I bet the 2nd adult would be quite civil!

Now that a prosthetic hand can be printed with a 3D printer do ya think I could print another Linda to do the housework while I 'play'? That leads me to another would hubby handle that situation??? Unfortunately (or not) I don't think I have to be too concerned about it.

Since I don't keep lettuce in the house (I know I should, salads would be healthier for me to eat) I have learned to LOVE  B.A.T. (bacon,  avocado & tomato) sandwiches. YUM!!

The view from my house.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not As Expected

There are a lot of things in my life that have turned out 'not as expected' yours too? I won't bore you with all the unpleasant details about my life.  On tuesday, I and 3 other friends, went on a bus trip with a bunch of Red hatters. The trip was not as expected, not as described in the email we received. It was a 'Bling trip' to Chicago. None of us were really interested in buying any bling....our group is pretty casual. I have lots of hats, scarves, and jewelry. Two of the gals did purchase fascinators (small hat type headbands), they were quite inexpensive. I would have purchased a purple one but they were sold out.
One of the things we wanted to do was take the $3 water taxi to the Wrigley Building on Michigan Ave to see some of the architecture. When the tour guide called to confirm the day before we left she was told that they don't run after Labor day. I am not sure who thought that it would be available in Oct. Instead of that we drove around town and the lakeshore.

 We didn't have time to stop at Navy Pier.
 We were hungry and opted for an early lunch and a shorter shopping time. I was up at 4:30 and left an hour later. It was fun looking around.... I love these labels.
  I am probably one of the few people who has not spent any time in Chicago so it was interesting to me to see some of the sights.

 It's hard to take pictures while riding on a bus. I spotted this neat 'portal' while sitting at a stop sign.

 Sailboats at the lake. Sailing is on my bucket list, but I don't think it's going to happen. 

The Gold Star Families Memorial
 The email describing the trip also said we'd get to tour a fortune cookie factory. That didn't happen either.....the bus drove in the alley to the cookie outlet, we could only purchase cookies. We did get some delicious cookies for a great price tho!!!!

Connie, Debbie, Carolee, and me.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outdoors, sunny and upper 70's (at least). The parts of the city that we saw were very pretty; large pots of flowers downtown, racks of blue bikes to rent and ride in the city, interesting buildings (both old and new). No, the trip was not what we were anticipating, but it was fun anyway. It was a good time spent with friends in a different setting than our everyday spots.

I was the designated driver, but will only do so if I have someone to ride shotgun for me. I didn't sleep well the night before and had a headache for most of the day. I think  I got home after 9....and was in bed before 10. My alarm went off at 5:35 for work today. One of the other gals was sick to her stomach from all the starting and stopping I was doing during the morning rush hour in Milwaukee. Yes, next time I leave extra time for rush hour.

The bottom line is that it wasn't the best trip, nor was it what I expected but I did have a good day! I love going places and seeing different things so I will definitely be open to more day trips. That Red Hat group is planning a spring trip to Nashville or Memphis.....I've penciled it in my calendar!