Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week's End

I am glad this week is coming to an end, it was a busy, busy week. I'll admit it- I'm spoiled, an introvert, and like my life quiet. The other gal at work took a vacation day so I ended up working Tuesday through friday. I loathe having to get up to an alarm when it's still dark outside. Yesterday the phones, at work, would not stop ringing, it was just CRAZY. Everyone needed work done and we had no one available to do it. I was doing some really dumb things at work too (can't believe I did that kind of stuff). I need to see if last night was a full moon! Earlier in the week one of our guys got a dog bite, so that meant extra paperwork for me. I did manage to get caught up on some stuff though and I'll be happy on Tuesday when I pick up a bigger paycheck! Every night after work I had someplace to be: ranging from getting a haircut to a dinner last night.

Hubby is going to Nigeria for work.....someday......we don't know when....this has been in the planning stage for over a year. His company hosted a dinner for all those who are going or are alternates. We had all the food and drinks we wanted. I had a bourbon marinated steak and it was delicious. The walleye on the plate across from me looked pretty yummy too! I saw many plates of all you can eat crab legs being delivered to the table also. It was an ok evening....hubby is not very social with me.

I was planning to take my 3 grandsons trick or treating downtown today (the merchants are hosting) but it is suppose to be very windy so mom and I said they can wait until thursday to go. I am relieved...but naturally it is calm and sunny right now. The wind better pick up so I don't have to feel guilty! It was going to be a rush job because trick or treating is 11-2 and at 1:30 I have other plans. That is when I'm attending a fashion show that one of my friends is modeling in. It's a fundraiser for one of the historical buildings in the city. It's not an ordinary fashion show, but one showing how thrift shop finds can look great! Tonight our grandson is spending the night.

Tomorrow I volunteered to help at the 'sunday supper' that the local churches host for anyone in the community who needs a warm meal or fellowship.  It's kinda funny....I was looking at the page in church on sunday and thinking that I should help with setting it up, a few minutes later my bff points to her sheet and showed me that she signed up for just what I was thinking...scarey!!! I have to be there at 3pm tomorrow, it's only a block away from my house so that's kinda nice. I can't remember if I said I'd make a pan of bars or not so I guess I'll make some pumpkin bars just to be on the safe side.

In the meantime I am enjoying some peace and quiet.

Next weekend I am off to a scrapbooking retreat!!! woo hoo  I have lots to get ready tho. I can do it....I think I can, I think I can.

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