Monday, May 27, 2013

We Need to Talk About Kevin/book report

If you've read this book please leave a comment. We read this book for book club this month. I couldn't get into the style of writing, so I slacked off.  I hadn't finished it by the time we met but I wanted to finish I took this afternoon off and  read it. 
The story is told by Eva via the letters she writes to her estranged husband.
My Hubby, whose name is Kevin and whom I think it a bit paranoid, asked me "What's that about?" when he noticed the book laying on the steps (waiting for me to carry it up). It's a book.... duh..... we're reading it in book club.

Eva, a world traveler and very successful career woman, cringes when she becomes pregnant and gives birth to her son. A mother/son bond is not really formed. Before he turns 16 he murders several classmates....why? she the fault? She visits him in prison and tries to learn what makes him tick. As I read the ending I felt sick to my stomach. It makes for a lively, controversial  discussion.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

On The Road Again

Excuse my absence for a few days while I go on a road trip.... A good friend and I are taking the bus with the Red Hatters (again) and going to Louisville, KY. I have never been there, but the real reason for going is that we had so much fun last year.

I got a french manicure yesterday. I have never had one before because usually one or 2 nails are too short for a white tip. I like it and will do it again. Since I had gift certificates it didn't cost me much. I was running late yesterday morning (as usual)  so I didn't have time to pick up my newest gift certificate ...then the manicure would have been free! Oh well, now I have $ toward another one.
 Before I leave I have to:

  • run some last minute errands
  • attend the Creative Memories party another good friend is having
  • finish packing.......that never ends :-(
  • fold some laundry
  • pick up the house
  • entertain our grandson
  • set the alarm for 4AM so I can pick Carolee up at 5 (unfortunately I was up early this morning b/c I just could not sleep- you can bet I'll be going to bed early on sunday!)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Suicide Prevention Day

Today is national suicide prevention day. I'll admit, it's not a very exciting day, but one we should think about. Have you ever thought of taking your own life? sucks? why bother? no one cares.....Has someone you loved given up and succumbed to those thoughts? Or maybe a friend of, or a family member of a friend has 'thrown in the towel'? It's hard for those of us who are left to understand why that person could hurt us so badly......we know that if only a little time could pass things would be better........

But he/she is not thinking (rationally) like you or I; to him/her there is no end to the pain, and there is only one way to be rid of it.

I understand a little because I have lost 2 people, that I loved, to suicide. I was only 18 months old when my father took his life so I don't remember, but that doesn't mean I don't miss him or that it didn't affect my life. My mother and I didn't discuss it....she didn't remember that time in her life. There is such a stigma regarding suicide, even more so 60+ years ago. I didn't find out until I was a teenager the real cause of my dad's death. I was so embarrassed that I didn't tell anyone for many, many years. 

Several years after my divorce and shortly after my 2nd marriage my ex husband took his life. I wasn't in love with him any more, but at one time I did love him....he was my first love and the father of my children. 

I just want to share my feelings today and offer compassion to anyone who has experienced that tragedy. 
Understand that is it NO ONE'S fault....

I found this info on the web:

Some of the statistics reported by the National Council are startling:
8.7 million people report having serious thoughts about suicide.
2.5 million made suicide plans.
1.0 people attempted suicide.
Those who are unemployed are more likely to attempt suicide than those who are employed.
What is even more startling is that suicide is:
1. The second leading cause of death among children. The high rate clusters around teenagers between 15 and 19. It's important to point out that younger children attempt suicide. Nine per 100,000 children ages 10 to 14 attempt suicide.
2. The fourth leading cause of death among people between 18 and 65.
3. Suicide is the second most common cause of death in the U.S. military.
Some of the risk factors for suicide are:
1. Depression and other mental disorders, or a substance-abuse disorder (often in combination with other mental disorders). More than 90 percent of people who die by suicide have these risk factors prior to a suicide attempt.
2. Family history of mental disorder or substance abuse.
3. Family history of suicide.
4. Family violence, including physical or sexual abuse.
5. Firearms in the home, the method used in more than half of suicides.
6. Incarceration.
7. Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others, such as family members, peers, or media figures.
When should you call for help at a suicide prevention hotline:
*Feeling like you want to die.
*Feeling trapped or like you cannot handle the pain.
*Feeling hopeless and there is no reason to live.
*Searching for ways to kill yourself.
*Feeling like you cannot talk to anyone and would rather be alone.
*Drinking more alcohol or using more drugs.
*Feeling you are a burden to others.
*Sleeping too little or too much.
*Feeling anxious or agitated.
*Wanting to seek revenge.
Any or all of these are good reasons to call for help.
What should I do if I think someone is suicidal?
If you think someone is suicidal, do not leave him or her alone. Try to get the person to seek immediate help from his or her doctor or the nearest hospital emergency room, or call 911. Eliminate access to firearms or other potential tools for suicide, including unsupervised access to medications. Always take suicide threats very seriously.
If you are in a crisis and need help right away: Call this toll-free number, available 24 hours a day, every day: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You will reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a service available to anyone. You may call for yourself or for someone you care about. All calls are confidential.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My, My, The Week Is Off To A Good Start

On my day off yesterday I had a dentist appointment to replace a cracked filling (NO, that was not part of this good week). It went well, so maybe it is a good thing. I stopped at the thrift store and found some red capris for my upcoming Red Hat trip and a couple of other things I was looking for. It amazes me at how many times I find just what I am looking's a God thing I am sure. In the afternoon I went to the stamp-a-long and made cards with some good friends. 

Today I won another gift certificate from a salon (on a radio call in), and I'm using it to get a manicure before my trip. At noon I went out for a free lunch with a friend. We had the dining room all to ourselves so we were able to talk without anyone else eavesdropping. After work I dropped some clothes off at the consignment store and picked up some cash. Sometimes she has Birkenstocks  but there weren't any in my size today. Just as I was collecting my money I noticed a lovely, sparkly, purple ring...........and I knew I had to have it for my trip. All the other Red Hatters are going to be sooooooooooo jealous of my ring!!!! It's adjustable and was $'s fun, so I love it.

I know I should be at my Excel class tonight, but I played hookie. I'll go on thursday, that's the last class. I asked hubby what he wanted for dinner and he replied "nothing"'s another good thing. He is  a picky eater, but he doesn't mind if I don't cook.
Well, now that I am home I better do something......lots to do before Sunday. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!!
to all the moms, step moms, aunts, grandmas......all the great women who have influenced our lives and the lives of children everywhere...especially to those who are not acknowledged. Where would we be without our mother figures????

My mother loved it when her 3 children could be with her on Mother's Day. Now she is in heaven celebrating with 2 of her children. We love you mom, we miss you mom, you'll always remain in our hearts!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Is She?

Why is an old woman living in my house and wearing my clothes? Who is she? and why is she doing this to me? How did she get into my house?

She doesn't skip down the steps nor does she run up stairs, taking them 2 at a time. She makes me walk much slower than I am capable of doing. She puts on a pair of perpetually dirty eyeglasses every day. She cut off my long, curly red hair and left short, blondish/grayish hair in it's place. She's done something to the knuckles in my fingers and toes to make them enlarged and twisted. She's blown my body up like a balloon. She threw out all my small, cute, sexy clothes and filled my closet with black pants and XL tops. She must have slipped something into my drink to make my joints so stiff, that after I've been sitting for awhile it takes me forever to get up and get going normally. She's drawn wrinkles on my face and I can't erase them.

Will you stop already!!!! Go away and bother someone else!!! I am still me - I still like to be quirky, fun, and a bit different. I'm still insecure and want people to like me, although I am not quite as shy as I use to be. I'm still a loner and am afraid to share 'secrets' lest people turn against me and use them to hurt me. I still love books. I have learned to be a clown and make fun of myself before others make fun of me.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cards From The Sayner Stampede

My favorite thing at the Sayner Stampede in northern Wisconsin is the make 'n takes. These are the cards I made, this is only a small portion of what was available. I have been attending this small rubber stamping convention for at least 10 years. I love it. There aren't a ton of vendors but I can walk around to check out the products & prices,  then walk around again to see what I missed the first time and purchase an item at the best price. It's 200 miles north of here so we leave friday morning (90% of the time) and return home Sunday afternoon. It's a great girls weekend!!!

I know the ribbon on my award needs some work.

The 3 pearls on this one add that little extra something.

Again, this year, I met my old friend from junior high. She accidently found me at the convention several years ago so we plan to meet every year and do a little bit of 'catch up'. Joanne was pretty excited to be becoming a new first time grandma in the near fact, by now she is one.

This bear birthday card is not my favorite, but I like the black & white combo.
Look closely....the branch in the foreground is covered with fun flock. That's one of the few products I do not own.
You can't tell from this picture, but the bowl and ice cream is sculpted to be 3D. I have 9 grandchildren   so I need a lot of birthday cards. I think the cherry on top will get some glossy accents for that extra punch!
Love this one!!!! I talked to the gal from the store and she said they had the stamps displayed and most of them sold. At the convention they had just a few stamps....and they sold out quickly. There are 5 or 6 different ladies with sayings. 
I like this simple, elegant card. Is it because I love Washi tape????
Another easy card that looks so nice. The butterfly just pops out at you. My good friend, a Stampin' Up demonstrator, was doing this make & take. She had others but was sooooo busy and I didn't have room to make any others. She has a new blog, stop and check it out....tell her I sent you. Carolee had a booth this year so my car was packed with stuff. The local Lioness' club host a used stamp sale, it's a BIG hit.  Previously it was held outdoors next the the convention  but the weather on the first weekend of May in northern WI is not always conducive to outdoor activity so they moved it indoors, a couple of blocks away in a church. It is a big attraction and brings funds into the community. They keep a portion of the money....a win win situation for all involved. Some people bring boxes, and boxes, and more boxes of stuff. I bring my one small suitcase and hope to sell enough to pay for my hotel room. Another friend sent her suitcase of stamps to sell, plus Carolee had a bin. At the end of the day I went to pick up our unsold stamps and cash. I didn't sell as much as I had hope to, but I was pleased. Yesterday I received an envelope in the mail with a check for almost twice as much I made on saturday. They must have missed a stack of my index cards (with my prices on). Oh yeah!!! I made more than enough to pay for the hotel room. I am happy!!!
Another card with Washi tape....that doesn't match....I should have paid attention and chosen colors to match the tape. We 'painted' a product (glimmer?) on a clear stamping block and 'schmooshed' our paper onto it for the background. 

I look forward to this convention, it's the only one I go to. We stay at the nicest motel, it has a great breakfast, nice pool, and friendly staff.  We see some of the same stampers every year and that's fun. I think some other friends from this area will be going next year :-).  I am not really making many cards anymore.....I just don't have the time and I want to concentrate on scrapbooking. I still love making cards and do so once a month at my friend's Stamp-a-long.

That's what I did last weekend. This week I've been enjoying the 70F weather, after work, that is. I am also taking a computer class 2 nights a week,  I like it, but hate the commitment.  Today I'm off to Book munchers with 2 of my grandsons. We'll have lunch at school and then they can read to me for a little while. I'm not sure if they invite me b/c I bring them lunch or if they like seeing me????? Have a great day!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Weekend Trip Up North

It went from this:
 to this.....

Actually when we left on Friday morning it was cold and windy here and in northern Wi they had a freak winter snowstorm. But my good friend and I were determined to attend the Sayner Stampede rubber stamping convention.

 It's a 200 mile drive. We watched the temperature drop from the mid 40's to low 30's. It's hard to see but there are icicles on the sign below and ice on the trees. The roads were fine. The weather was suppose to be cold and snowy all weekend, but saturday and sunday were gorgeous! It was 72F for the ride home.
There are a lot of beautiful lakes in northern WI, but if you're not an outdoorsman there isn't a lot to do.
We did find a lot of sights we wanted to share with here goes.

 This was formerly called's a "gentlemen's club"....why do they call them gentlemen???

 You've heard of a shoe tree? Some folks took that literally. On the way home I thought I saw a bunch of birds in a tree.........but as I drove past I noticed there were shoes in the tree, several pairs of shoes, tied together with turquoise shoe strings. I turned around and went back to show C the tree. She pulled out her ipad and took photos for me. In fact she took most of the photos I am posting today. Thanks for putting up with my and my antics.

 We saw 5 or 6 pairs. I don't know if you can find any of them. 

We stay at the same hotel every year, we even make our reservation for the following year when we check out. 
This beautiful handmade wood table was in the dining room.

 The top is as smooth as glass.
That had to be a BIG tree!!!

 Since the top is so smooth it reflected the wall paper. :-(

 Saturday night when we came home from the convention, about 8:30 we saw 4 deer right next to the parking lot. 

 They weren't too afraid....they looked up a couple of times and moved a bit, but they stayed while we took photos and got our stuff of of the car and went inside.
 This is outside of a museum.
 I saw stop signs nailed all over this antique store so I had to stop, right???

 I have several more 'up north' photos to share...but....when I pull them into my blog they are upside down or sideways. In my file they have been turned...but that changes. HELP!!!

On the way up we stopped at our favorite restaurant for the buffet....we even played the .25 (gambling) machine before we got to the table. On the way home (Sunday) we stopped at our favorite liquidator and Goodwill and our customary restaurant. We are creatures of habit. Even though I was exhausted saturday night I had a lot of fun.

Today started a new & normal week. Unfortunately my day began with a dentist appointment.

I'll tell ya more about the Sayner Stampede in my next post.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today is my Mom's Birthday

We are burying her ashes today. I wanted to write more but I just don't have the time.  
My sister, her son, and I will be there, along with the pastor who will say a prayer. We have always loved you and will always continue to remember you. You've been a great influence on our lives.

Love you!!!