Saturday, August 29, 2015

My New Kindle

Ok, I finally succumbed to one of amazon's daily deals.
The Kindle fire hd 6 was advertised for $69...can't beat that, huh? I added the extra memory ($20) that was suggested by other users. By the time the shipping charges were added the total price was less than $100. I think I paid over $200 for my Nook color when I purchased it 5 years ago. The Nook is on it's last's so slow and sometimes I have  hard time turning it off or on. 
The Kindle is smaller but so far I love it! I don't like to use dt on my phone.....we have VERY little and my phone cuts on and off of Wifi most of the time...the Kindle stays connected much better. 
The first time I played Words with Friends on it I was astonished.....usually I play on my phone.... small phone...this screen seemed huge to me. 
My Nook had the Kindle app so I already have lots of books downloaded.
Before my Kindle arrived I was shopping at my favorite thrift store I saw 2 cases....I picked up the smaller one, hoping it would fit. It's perfect nd is rel kindle lucky is that? I usually buy some cheap thing that is close....but this is the real looks new. 
The inside looks dirty, but it's not, it's suede & that is how the light reflects on it. 

 Not  scratch on the cover with  magnetic closure. 
 The tab on the back has never been used to hold the case open.

How much you may be wondering????
I think it was .50 or maybe $1. I'm not sure because the prices are not marked on the items t this store.

BTW if you see some strange words/letters in the post I Have to warn you that the key for the first letter in the alphabet is I can only correct the spelling of certain words...if I'm prompted to do so. I cannot type that you know how many words contain the first letter of our ", b, c's"????   LOTS!

Come back for more of my thrift store finds.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Birthday Party

Earlier this month we attended a birthday party for our youngest granddaughter, Mackenzie turned 7. The party was held at a town hall. The weather was beautiful, there was a bouncy house for big and small children, some outdoor games, and Karaoke indoors for those who (think they) can sing. Some of the adults sat inside, I hate being inside when the weather is nice so I plunked myself outside and sorta watched the kids. We had 2 of our granddaughters with us and Jalen. His 2 brothers rode along with a friend. Neither one of their parents could make it, but they wanted to come and celebrate with Mackenzie. And celebrate they did. 
This is the birthday girl.
 Skyler (11) convinced Cole (15) to sing Karaoke with him. It was good to watch them.
 Everyone wants a piece of Ava (in the middle on the left). 

 Big and little ones jumped in the bouncy house.
 Jalen and Mackenzie singing a duo. Jalen LOVED this and once he started singing he didn't want to quit. 
Some played croquet. Ava is the one with the long hair.
 Kev and Jessica (Mackenzie's mom) played some game too.

Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm Back

 I and 6 other women went away for a scrapbooking weekend to Belgium, WI. 
Here's her facebook page.
This is a nicely decorated, redone, older home with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and eating area, dining room, sitting room, 2 bedrooms, one full bath and one 1/2 bath, crafting tables in the basement and tables also in the front room for scrapbooking. It's such a peaceful, clean, and calm house. JoJo provides the bedding, towels, and any basic kitchen utensils you need. She also has many, many stamping and scrapbooking tools to use. 
We arrived around 2 on friday and left sunday after 3pm. Jojo did stop over sunday to see us...we wanted to meet her, she's so energetic!
I think some of the gals ate lunch there but we ate before we left here. It's only an hour  ride from here....that was so nice ...not to have to drive for hours. Friday night we went out for fish, we just walked across the street. The remainder of the weekend we cooked, taking turns. Saturday morning we had belgium waffles, for lunch we ate chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad,  7 layer salad, and some cookie bars. Dinner was Nachos, salad, etc.  Sunday we had omelets.....yummy! Lunch was leftovers...and we had plenty to go around. Saturday was a gorgeous day so I ate on the deck and went for a walk with Carolee. 

here's where we ate our lunch

I impressed myself by staying up until about 2 am on friday night and working on my scrapbook the whole weekend. I finished one book that I had started and completed another one. 
Here we are!

Penny, Melissa, Joanne, Deb, Sharon, Carolee, me (front to back)
 This was our the colors...each bedroom had 4 twin beds.

Working hard.

The Ott lights were provided, along with magnetic mats (with magnets). I now can see how the magnetic mats could be useful.

 A few of my simple pages.

 The page below is one that Penny designed, it is MUCH cuter in person.

The side flap on the right opens to reveal a place for more photos. There's space on the front of the house for a photo also. 
Penny is a CTMH demonstrator and the company sells these really neat add on flaps/pages in various sizes. I love 'em!

We also made some really cool necklaces. We could do this Ava :-)

These were really easy. I chose the Awesome because grandson J always tells me I am. Penny was so very helpful!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just A Quick Note Before I Go

One more sleep and I get to leave for a long weekend scrapbook retreat!!!! Two of my good friends are also going. It's gonna be fun (and productive too). I do have my supplies 90% ready to go. There's no need to take my Silhouette cutting machine b/c the retreat center has a Cricut, punches, etc we can use. Today I have to pack and get my contribution for saturday's lunch ready. 
I was planning to get more done yesterday but my grandson called and asked if he and his brother could come over....and he always has to add 'if Landon can't come too then I can't either'. Doesn't mom know that if they ask nicely and I am not too busy they can come over????  Guess she has a need to feel in control. *sigh*
We went to the beach to feed the seagulls....the beach is about 2 miles away...this is the first time he's fed the seagulls....his whole family has lived here for about 15 years and at 5 he's never chased or fed seagulls????? He really had fun....we'll do this again.
Here's a shout out to Rosie, she's very artistic and loves to work with mixed media. Click on the link above and check out her blog. She dedicated her last post to me (thanks) and her latest page of reminds me of my granddaughter. Here ya go Ava, this reminds me of you!!!

I have many more adventures to write about...but no time.
Ciao, until next week!
Make it a great weekend!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Extended Weekend Update

Whooosh,Summer is passing me by...or so it seems. I know the people who live in HOT parts of the country are looking forward to cooler temperatures, but I'm not. Our summer has been pretty nice, although the past couple of days have been hot and humid. 
The girls left wednesday about noon. It sure was quiet here ....and no smiles here either. Friday I had errands to run, one of them was to stop at a local veggie stand to get some fresh sweet corn. As I was on my way home I decided to stop in and see a friend of Kevin's...actually Bill is his 'adopted' dad. I'm like that....I'll stop in on the spur of them moment....and I don't mind if you stop in here either. I don't have a dad and haven't seen Bill for quite a while and I do like to talk to him. He lives in AZ and has been here all summer. We usually get together several times, but this summer it hasn't I just popped in. He was home and happy to chat and show me the improvements he and his son are making at Greg's house (where he is staying). 
By the time Kev got home from work I decided we needed to have a cookout here....for most of the summer we did not have a grill. I don't know if we've been to any at all this summer. Kev said saturday night was good. One day's notice is good enough for me. I don't get all stressed about having someone over. By this time the people I know are used to seeing my kitchen counter full of papers, etc. (I did clean it off ....I do that once in a while. Why doesn't it ever last?) I love having people over when the weather is nice. I invited just a few people with whom we normally do things; and Kev's sister and her hubby (b/c I had just spoken to her on the phone friday morning), Bill, and Kev's nephew and his wife (they are an adorable young couple). 
Saturday I cleaned up the house and bit and threw together a pasta salad. Eight people came over....if I had my way I would have invited a lot more....if I'm having a few over, why not everyone I know???? Kev was kinda cranky at first, but he got over it. It was a really nice night to sit outside and visit. Everyone was gone by 8:30...we're old...we go to bed early....
Grandson J was here too and so was Kileey....Kev's twin brother's 7 month old granddaughter, she's the cutest thing. 
Sunday afternoon Jalen and I cleaned out the kids books and games....I am so happy that got done, I had way too much stuff. I have 2 grocery bags of books for various Little Library's and 4 grocery bags of games to donate. Next I need to get rid of more toys. Jalen also tried to teach me how to play chess....that's a funny situation...he's so serious about teaching me.....guess I'll have a new hobby.
Today I had to drop off my donations.....I'm an 'equal opportunity donator' so stopped at both thrift stores. I picked up a nice Columbia brand, fleece jacket for Jalen for $3. If he doesn't want it I'll take it to the consignment shop and get my money back. I also found a pair of shorts for myself (for those really HOT days) for 25 cents, that store was selling all summer clothing for a quarter. 
It's been sooooooo dry here, several times the sky has threatened us with rain...but we'd only get about 6 drops...not today. The rain clouds just dumped on us, and this is what I drove home in (part of the time). I did see at least one car stranded in the road and at one point I wasn't sure if I'd make it...but I did. 

Tuesday I and a friend are off to another doctor appointment in Milwaukee. We're going to stop at the new Meijer store and see what kind of low sodium offerings they have...and of course, we'll have lunch, and a nice visit. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

In Love

I LOVE my home grown tomatoes. Usually I have 3 plants........last year I had more but this year it's just 3. I have to plant them in pots and it works pretty darn good for me. They are barely keeping up with my appetite....yesterday I had to buy one *sad face*.
This is my first tomato I picked, just a normal one. It tasted so good on my BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) sandwich.

 This is a new variety I am trying. I've eaten 1/2 of one so far....delicious. 

You can see that I left it on the vine too long....I have to stop waiting for the top to get doesn't.

This is the tag.

Random shot of some wasps (?) stuck in the hood of my car. The blobs are rain drops.

 Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Random Thoughts Today

Have you ever been shopping and were not quite sure what size or  brand of clothing that fits you well and you really like?
I do that all of the time....and I am usually at a thrift store....I'm kinda lazy and do not like to try things on, but if I know it's the brand/size I like I will buy it or get undressed and try it on. Yesterday when I put on a pair of capris I don't wear very often I was delighted...they fit so good  (off white)....just like my favorite denim pair. I had an AHA moment....I'll take a photo of the brand name and size tag and that info will be available on my phone at any time I need it.  Guess what I found out? Both of them are the same brand & I know and won't have to guess.

Why is this chick turning pink? It was dug out with all the other ones that look like the plants on the right?

Back to shopping.....I haven't been doing much of late...well, except for grocery shopping. I haven't shopped in a 'real' store for anything for myself in a long time. I am so spoiled, I like thrift store prices. After I retired last year I was sick and didn't care what I wore. This year I just don't need anything new. If I see something I really like at the thrift store I'll pick it up, but I am trying to purge. This summer I cleaned out a bunch of my capris and tank tops. I took care of my jeans early in the spring. In another month I am going to get rid of a lot of sweaters, when I was working I liked variety. Now that I am home I only need a few things for church or 'going out', for everyday I prefer sweatshirts. We're not even going to talk about jewelry....that I don't wear much of.

Unfortunately my estranged daughter in law and I don't get along, we never have. She's a waitress and usually works nights so doesn't see much of her boys (ages 11, 10, almost 5). Lately she hasn't been working as much though. They all live at her parents house. I try to do as much as I can with them b/c she doesn't. In the past week I have spent a good portion of the day with them on 4 different days and had them over for a couple of hours on another day. That must not give her enough 'me time'. The one boy spent the night on saturday (as usual) and apparently she wanted all 3 to stay overnight on monday night when I had the girls here also.  I just had to say no b/c the youngest is 'high maintenance' as Ava says. The girls are very low maintenance. My house was a mess, it was the girls week, Claire goes to bed early and Skylar and Landon stay up late. We (the girls and all of the boys) had plans for tuesday morning/afternoon and I just needed to get my head together and things ready. Jalen was here and when mom called and he told her I said no, she hung up on him. When his brother called a little later and Jalen told him what I said, he hung up on Jalen. What???? A half hour later she dropped the other 2 boys off here to play for a little while. I was fine with that, they like to play with the girls.

It hurts me so much to see these smart, good boys lead their lives as nomads....they have no home...they spend some nights with their dad, some nights with one of mom's friends, some nights at mom's parents, and J has one night here. The only place J has an actual bedroom is here...........otherwise he has a bed in the basement or sleeps on someone's couch or the floor. I know it bothers him.

I, also, pick up a lot of things for my grandson at the thrift store....lots of shorts this year, 2 pair of flip flops for the summer, clothes, boots, etc. I sent a bag of school supplies home with him (to share with his older brother), not everything they need but some items. So what does Skylar say? He tells me what day mom will take them to get everything they need for free. *^%$#  I try to help out, have done it for 10 years. The boys often make cards for birthdays for mom, nana, etc (when they are here). Do you think I ever get a 'Thank You', 'Thanks', or 'I appreciate it' from mom? nope.
I don't do it for the thanks...but it would be nice to be acknowledged. 

I'm going to end on a happier note. I found someone locally who can build little libraries out of recycled and leftover materials, so they will be affordable. (Ava I'll call you in about 2 weeks about the

Now you know why I can't fall asleep. Enough cranking...tomorrow's post will be better!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Have You Ever Made A Mask? Would You Like To Make One?

I haven't ever tried it. A friend of mine posted a question on facebook (sometimes it is a good thing) to see if anyone was interested making masks with the kids. I said I could bring my grandsons. A couple of days later we were at their farm making masks and painting paper mache fish. Come along with us and see what happens...
First some of the children cut the colored cheesecloth that was already "plaster of parised" into 4" pieces that could be dunked into water and put onto your face.

Then you have to have  your hair plastered back with some heavy duty hair mud. 
Next you get to have your face slathered with lanolin so the plaster does not stick....if it sticks to your hair getting it off could hurt. 
 After the plaster of paris strips are applied to your face you look like this...

or this.

If it's not your turn or you don't want to make a mask you could play on the play equipment. But stay out of the cornfield!!!!

 When the mask is dry you can paint and decorate it any way you like.
Crystal finally was able to paint the plaster cast she made of her pregnant tummy almost 2 years ago.
She was also nice enough to make lunch for everyone.

 Here are most of the children with their masks/art projects. 

Here's a close up of Jalen's. 

Everyone had fun! Thanks for hosting us Crystal.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meet Robin Jingles

I finally found an Elf for my Shelf. His name is Robin Jingles. Two of our granddaughters were here the past few days and I let them choose a name for him. They sat him on top of a curio cabinet....I told them I didn't know if he'd be nice or sassy...........He was very good while they were here...just like they were....but... 

It appears that as soon as they left he wanted to get some fresh air and enjoy the flowers.......  Look where I found him when I was watering. 

Robin Jingles picked a pretty place to sit.
I am just wondering what he will do next, if he's getting into things now I just don't know how I'll be able to handle the holidays. 

Keep reading my blog Ava, I'll keep you up to date on Robin's antics. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Red Hat Society Picnic

Our red hat club had a good showing at the annual Red Hat "picnic" last week. It's held inside so I don't consider it a picnic and besides I prefer to be outside when it's warm. Apparently the majority likes to be be it. These are the 11 members of our group that were in attendance, we had one more but she wasn't feeling well and went home after dinner. 

Next we played some games.............the first being opening a caramel while wearing work gloves. My team was the winning team..........I call it my team b/c I was the first in line. *Hint* Try using your teeth to get the wrapper off, it seems to be more precise than the awkward gloves.

Sandi is camouflaged so she thinks we can't see her. ha ha ha

 Can you tell that our next game was dress up?
Just starting....I hope she didn't come from home looking like this....

Connie's pretty panties were soon covered by a fancy metallic skirt and she added more to her headwear. 

We had the usual picnic fare....catered in......hamburgers, brats, and various salads....nothing spectacular, but it was good.
Gwen and I had some comfy, colorful pants.

We laughed.

We all stood in a circle and passed around MANY bags of 'stuff' and when the music stopped  whoever was holding the bag had to put on what was inside....anywhere on your body. See Mary's 'kneepads' below.

We had fun, we laughed, will we do it again next year? They played it a couple of years ago, but I didn't go that year. It was fun to be silly and laugh. 
See? I sometimes spend time with adults!!!