Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm Back

 I and 6 other women went away for a scrapbooking weekend to Belgium, WI. 
Here's her facebook page.
This is a nicely decorated, redone, older home with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and eating area, dining room, sitting room, 2 bedrooms, one full bath and one 1/2 bath, crafting tables in the basement and tables also in the front room for scrapbooking. It's such a peaceful, clean, and calm house. JoJo provides the bedding, towels, and any basic kitchen utensils you need. She also has many, many stamping and scrapbooking tools to use. 
We arrived around 2 on friday and left sunday after 3pm. Jojo did stop over sunday to see us...we wanted to meet her, she's so energetic!
I think some of the gals ate lunch there but we ate before we left here. It's only an hour  ride from here....that was so nice ...not to have to drive for hours. Friday night we went out for fish, we just walked across the street. The remainder of the weekend we cooked, taking turns. Saturday morning we had belgium waffles, for lunch we ate chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad,  7 layer salad, and some cookie bars. Dinner was Nachos, salad, etc.  Sunday we had omelets.....yummy! Lunch was leftovers...and we had plenty to go around. Saturday was a gorgeous day so I ate on the deck and went for a walk with Carolee. 

here's where we ate our lunch

I impressed myself by staying up until about 2 am on friday night and working on my scrapbook the whole weekend. I finished one book that I had started and completed another one. 
Here we are!

Penny, Melissa, Joanne, Deb, Sharon, Carolee, me (front to back)
 This was our the colors...each bedroom had 4 twin beds.

Working hard.

The Ott lights were provided, along with magnetic mats (with magnets). I now can see how the magnetic mats could be useful.

 A few of my simple pages.

 The page below is one that Penny designed, it is MUCH cuter in person.

The side flap on the right opens to reveal a place for more photos. There's space on the front of the house for a photo also. 
Penny is a CTMH demonstrator and the company sells these really neat add on flaps/pages in various sizes. I love 'em!

We also made some really cool necklaces. We could do this Ava :-)

These were really easy. I chose the Awesome because grandson J always tells me I am. Penny was so very helpful!


  1. I have never been on a scrapbook weekend! I think I should! It's nice that is wasn't far from your home. Looks like a productive time.

  2. Nice account of an awesome weekend. Thanks for helping me stay focused!

  3. Fun, and great work. :-) Some amazing creativity happening. :-))
    Have a great week.

  4. I'm so glad you had a grand time!!! I've only been to one scrapbooking retreat in the Pines (AZ) with my sister. We enjoyed it so much and we still talk about it! Your pages are beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by. Hugs

  5. What a fun weekend! Hanging out with the girls and getting some scrapbooking done too! Can't beat that! Your pages are great! Have a wonderful evening!

  6. I started scrapbooking when my children when to college. I love it. I need to go back now and do the photos that my parents left me. Everything has gone digital now, but nothing like a photo book you can hold.

  7. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! You got a lot of great scrapbook pages done, and the necklace is wonderful. I love the photo of Carolee that you took, it looks like Carolee is a little garden fairy. LOL

  8. My daughter, Summer, would have LOVED to be in on this trip!! Scrapbooking is right up her alley!! It looks like you all had an awesome time!