Thursday, August 6, 2015

Outside The Lines Book Review

I've been trying to straighten up things around here...2 of my granddaughters are coming for a visit tomorrow and will stay until wednesday. One of them is a scrapbooker so I cleaned up the basement scrapbook area. That's a relief......but it won't last.....oh well, my aim is to make good memories for them.
We are hoping the rain stays away tomorrow so we can go to the beach. I've loosely organized a family/friends outing.
I took a break at lunch time and ate outside on the deck and finished reading my latest book.

OUTSIDE THE LINES portrays a very realistic account of mental illness (not that I really know how such a person would feel).

 As Eden grows up she knows something's not right, but as a child she's not quite sure what it is. She is 10 when her mentally ill father leaves her and her mother. She misses him so much, life was so much fun with David. Her mother remarries and has another child. Lydia is much more calm and happier with her new husband. Eden loves her little brother and step-father....but she still misses her father. It seems as if he has just disappeared off the face of the earth. Finally, in her 30's, when she has become the chef she dreamed of being Eden decides to search for her father. 
The story explains David's struggles during those years he's away.
I really liked it and am going to suggest it to my book club. The copy I have has discussion questions in the back...not that we ever use those. *smile*

What should I read next? I have lots of books to choose from. 

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