Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Retreat and other news

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL? This is the Christian camp my girlfriend and I went to earlier this month for retreat. We had perfect weather. Some of the activities I participated in were: Bible study, wagon ride around the 200+ acre camp, pontoon paddle boat, decoupaging a box, and eating plenty of great, home cooked food.

Another friend invited me to a retreat this weekend, but I don't think I can go. :-( I'd really love to, I just feel too apathetic lately and need rejuvenation. I promised 2 of my grandsons that I'd take them to Sunday School this Sunday so I need to stay here.

Last Saturday I took one of the boys to see my oldest granddaughter play soccer. We had lunch at their house (home made lasagna -yummy). The 3 kids had a good time playing together (she has a younger brother). On the way home we stopped for a few minutes at great-grandma's house. Hopefully we'll make it there for the birthday party in November....but ya never know about our winter weather.

I and a friend joined a First Place 4 Health Bible study......so far, not so good. I LOVE my chocolate (hence blog title). I know I really have to work on it........I am going to try to eat fruit for dessert. I've done it before and can do it again! (I keep telling myself). I have to do my study yet. I joined for the Bible study, I wasn't really aware that the weight loss class was a part of it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Now how can I be sad when I see this smile???? This is my youngest granddaughter. Today is mine???? ...that is after I do some house work.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Was it monday or tuesday?

Tuesdays are always my Mondays, because I don't work on Monday. Yesterday was hectic and stressful but I came through with flying colors (or maybe just made it through) because of good friends and adorable grandchildren. I went to the school open house with my 4 & 5 yr old grandsons. It was really nice to see how much they enjoy school and see them in their new environment. Hope they keep that inquisitive love of learning. I also had a nice visit with our newest granddaughter, and last, but not least -Thanks BFF! :-)

On a lighter note we did get some much needed rain yesterday, it rained nearly all afternoon.

Tonight should be all mine.................

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who dunnit, rain, and other such trivia.

Do you see all these holes in our backyard? The orange spot (about the middle, right side) is a cherry tomato. Friday morning I went outside to water my flowers and just happened to notice a bunch of small holes dug into the yard ............who dunnit????? My hubby thinks it was a skunk looking for food. I have never seen that before so I don't know.
Last night we finally got some much needed rain...that's the first time we've had rain all month. It's wasn't a lot, but it will help.
Today it's back to the 'real world' after a long weekend retreat up north. The sun shone all weekend and it was a fabulous retreat (more about that in a later post). We got home after six last night. I have unpacking to finish and laundry to do, back to work tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009

a late summer

For the past several weeks we've had sunny warm weather. I love it! We do need rain though. Our summer was cool. My tomatoes are doing very well, in fact I need to pick them today and do something with them. I LOVE eating a fresh tomato whenever I want to. Saturday my friend and I took our little red convertible for a ride (to some garage sales). Our hubbies were golfing so we each had the day to ourselves. The weatherman predicts more warm and sunny days ahead. I am looking forward to attending a retreat this weekend. wooo hooo

at the beach

The boys had fun burying grandpas feet as dad watches.

summer snapshots

One of my grandsons with my mom.

summer snapshots

One of my granddaughters and I enjoyed ice cream at a local museum.

summer snapshots

Three of my grandkids licking the bowl after we made cupcakes.

Yes, Chocolate is one of my many addictions.....

Yesterday I was cleaning out a drawer and found a mini Dove bar and mini Milky Way bar........I stuffed them in my mouth right away. The dark chocolate Dove bar was the best.
I am a penpaller from way back when, so I thought maybe a blog would be a fun way for me to connect with old and new friends. Some of my other "addcitons" include: rubber stamping, scrapbooking, reading, being outside in the sunshine (winters are tooooo long here), flea markets/thrift shops/garage sales, photography, my grandkids..........and whatever else strikes my fancy.