Wednesday, June 3, 2015

El Paso

In April we flew to El Paso for the National Bowling tournament. Finally Kevin bowls, again, with a team that takes their wives along. It's about the only vacation we take lately. I had finished my radiation treatments 2 days before we left and my breast healed unbelievably quickly! I did keep a shirt on when laying by the pool.
The hotel we stayed at had a nice breakfast, including waffles, which are my favorite!!! When this waffle is flipped over it's hard to see what it first I just thought 'What a weird shape for a waffle, was there a sale on the waffle irons whose shapes were deformed?' Then I flipped it over and VIOLA ~ 
Them Texans just gotta do things 'diffrent'.

BUT everything is NOT bigger in Texas.
We had to ask someone what this was....
a lime. 

The weather was perfect while we were there. I made sure to spend at much time here as I could. The guys bowl on 2 different days and I only watched on one. Kevin doesn't mind if I don't's not that much fun to watch and I wanted some sunshine.
While they bowled I relaxed at the pool and later went for a walk to the strip mall a block or 2 away. I stopped at a consignment shop and bought a new maxi dress (they are so comfy) and a sparkly purple tank top (for Red Hats).
I also stopped at Orange Leaf yogurt where I had $7 worth of ice cream. I'm worth it, right????

One of the few sightseeing things we did was to ride the Wyler aerial tram. I don't recall every being on one. It operates on a 2400' cable and rises over 900' to the mountain above. The ride is less than 5 minutes. The view is amazing! I'm glad we did it. One of the other wives did not go on it.

I think descending was worse than going up.

Going up

A beautiful shrub that won't grow in WI, but I'd sure like it.

Yup, I'm a little too big, but I there's nothing wrong with a little silliness.

A Cracker Barrel restaurant was just across the parking lot and Walmart was within walking distance in the other direction so we wanted for nothing....'cept a few extra days of vacation.


  1. Linda, You made me laugh...where you bronco busting that dino.? I thought sure you were going to say that was a Texas pea, instead of a lime. LOL. Looks like you had some fun... I am so glad for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. What a great time! And...those limes are tiny! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  3. Linda, It sounds as thou you had a lot of fun on your trip and I am glad that you got to go. It is fun to act silly at times and laughter is the best medicine that you can have at times. I have been staying with my oldest two grandsons. The yard mowing and throwing hay bales didn't happen today with all of the rain. Just what we needed. Have a safe trip home. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  4. Linda- I am so glad you got to go along with Kevin! Whoo Hooo. You LOOK WONDERFUL!!!! I am so happy that you are feeling well enough to go and do things again. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. That sky team looks like fun! I bet you could see forever. Wouldn't it be nice to have that plant in the yard. Beautiful!

  6. Who took your picture on the dinosaur? Just wondering.

  7. So glad to hear you had a good time in Texas and I doubt I would have been able to tear myself away from that pool. They can call the limes "baby limes" and charge more for them. LOL

  8. So happy you enjoyed your trip to Texas!!! We have REAL limes, too! BIG ones!!! Those were special Key Limes!