Monday, June 22, 2015

Five Days With Ava

 My beautiful, silly, sweet 12 year old granddaughter spent 5 days with us.  We hardly knew she was here....except she eats a lot......I know she doesn't look like it, but she does.
We didn't really have anything exciting planned. We ran errands, hit the thrift stores, stopped at the library, walked along the lake , and had root beer floats. We had a nice visit. She's a keeper. 

She's my scrapbooking sweetheart.
She forgot her supplies at home....but never fear...grandma has everything here!

This is a short, quick post just for Ava.

When she ran out of photos she made some fashion design pages....she's always been into fashion.

In June we celebrated her little sister's birthday.

Don't you love this 'wish tree'?
I love the tree trunk.
Click on the picture to see her wishes. 
We are all so proud of her, she is a very motivated young girl and will go far.

She also made a bunch of cards. 
Tomorrow we have an adventure planned.
She's been staying up late watching TV and reading.....she's going home tomorrow so then it's back to mom's rules. 

BTW she reads my blog and your comments.


  1. What a creative grandgirl you have :) Tomorrow I am going to see Inside Out with my grandgirl and then out to lunch. I am so happy that she wants to spend time with me. We don't craft anymore, but haven't put her crafting supplies away..

  2. Oh you forgot the card class and how well she did there! She is a sweet girl and a delight to be around! It was nice seeing her again.

  3. I wish I had got to know all my relatives. But I do know, Amy's kids are special. (even Jack agrees)

  4. Great job Ava. You have a wonderful Grandma don't you!

  5. What a "packed full of memories" five days! You are both so lucky to have each other. I am happy to know both of you. Ava, those "wishes" on your wonderful tree are really goals. I am pretty sure that you will fulfill them. Just remember, if you fall just a little short it is still ok because you did your best. Best wishes in middle school. My wish on your tree is that you get fantastic teachers that make your learning fun. Hugs.

  6. How special to get to spend time with your granddaughter! Oh the memories you are making!!!

  7. How lucky you both were to spend those days together! Ava is a very talented girl and she's very pretty...just like her grandma Linda.
    I absolutely love everything about her wish tree! Here's a thought...Ava may enjoy learning about art journaling and creating dream boards. She's a cool kid!

  8. What a lovely time you girls had!! I enjoyed hearing all about it! My favorite scrapbook page was the one featuring Ava's Fashion Designs!