Monday, April 14, 2014

My Journey Begins

I'm going to share this journey with you in hopes that I can connect with other women on the same journey. I hope to share the ups and downs and learn what I can from other you.

Last week I had my annual physical and mammogram. I don't normally look forward to it, but I do it. I figure if I don't take care of myself who else will? The Dr tells me I need to exercise and I say I will, but am not very good at it. About 2 weeks prior to my appointment I noticed a lump on my breast. I didn't think anything of it because I knew my Dr appointment was coming up. After a mammogram, ultra sound, and biopsy I was diagnosed with stage 2 IDC breast cancer. I wasn't shocked, I didn't break down, or 'freak out'. (I hate that phrase.) The Dr did the biopsy right after the mammogram and ultra sound, I thought as long as I was undressed and there it might as well get done. I did cry when he was doing the biopsy, that's when I knew what the diagnosis would be.

By the end of the week we were sitting in the surgeon's office. I really like my Dr, he is a specialist and about 45 minutes away. He was recommended to me and I am happy I asked. He takes his time and is very good at explaining. The nurses were wonderful too! After another exam and lymph node biopsy I was given tons on information and a really informative book to read. He thinks doing the chemotherapy first would be beneficial to my type of aggressive cancer.

Today we met the medical oncologist. I'll be doing those treatments locally, my Dr agreed to it and can work with that. He's sure of one of the drugs he'll use and is going to do some more research to determine what will be best for me. Guess what? I got to have another breast exam, chest X-ray, and some blood work done.

Insert complications:
We are leaving on Friday for several days in Reno for the Men's National Bowling tournament. We've decided that we can work around the trips I have planned for the next couple of months. I'll have a port (for the chemo) inserted a week from this Thursday (after we return from Reno). I'll see the oncologist as soon as I can after that.

And then there's work.....I know I shouldn't worry about it. I'm not...not much anyway. I worked 1/2 day today, until my Dr appt. Yup, Dr appts are ruling my life now. The way it is now, I'll either be at the Dr or at work....not what I had planned for the end of April/beginning of May.

I am learning a lot (that I didn't want to learn). The American Cancer Society is a very helpful organization. I will elaborate on my experiences as they happen. My blog won't turn into a cancer blog, I still have plenty of other useless stuff to write about and I hope you continue to visit.

If you have any comments I'd LOVE 'em.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

3D Cards

Monday night 3 women came over here for classs on 3D cards and here is what we made:
Strange looking card, eh?

 I think this little box is my favorite!
It seemed hard at first, but I know if I had the base already cut and scored I could make it easily.

 This baby rattle card could be for a boy or girl. The background paper looks like a baby blanket.
It shakes, we have glitter and beads inside. 
 Not a color combo I'd normally use, but it works.
 The cards look better in person, a photographer I am not. 

This is a pig, you might not be able to tell because mine is a little 'off'. 
I think she is still cute though!
 I love this simple birdhouse card too.
Once again we have glitter and beads in the hole for this shaker card.
I looks like a tent from the side (I forgot to snap a photo).

These are all Stampin' Up cards from my friend, Carolee, who is also my demonstrator. Thanks for allowing me to participate!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

I certainly have plenty to think about................
'They' say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.....well I intend to be extremely STRONG! I should be very excited to be starting retirement, it's spring, the sun is shining, the plants are growing and I'll have more time for my grands.
The excitement in my life is not the happy kind. 

I've mentioned that I am training a new person to take my place when I retire and also that we have another new woman that is still learning. That side of the job deals mostly with accounting and money so accuracy is very important. She has been making a lot of mistakes with numbers. The owner was going to let her go to today, but she quit on Tuesday. So now I get to continue to work with my replacement and do the other job too. The extra money I'll make will come in handy. I and Audrey will work extra days when we can.


I just been diagnosed with a serious health problem. I am not going to go into detail now, but I may in the future. I think it's important to talk, share experiences, and support each other. Right now I don't know a thing. I'll know more after I see the doctor today. 
I'd appreciate prayer.

Thanks to all of my freinds; my real life ones who have been compassionate and my blogger friends also.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sometimes I Wonder.........

Yes, Sometimes I wonder if I have a screw or 2 loose. 
We had a relatively nice weekend here.
Saturday I did housework and grandson J came over in the afternoon and spent the night, as usual. Hubby had a friend over in the evening to watch the Badger game. He made brats and hamburgers on the grill and opened a can of cooking for me. *smile*
when he was at the grocery store to get what he wanted he picked up 2 packages of hot dog buns and no hamburger buns. We can make do.
we only had a tiny bit of catsup left in the container, hubby added some water to stretch it out and make enough for one more burger. 
I do 95% of the grocery shopping and use catsup very sparingly so wasn't aware that we were almost out. Now that summer is on the way (I hope) I will have to stock up.  It's on my very long grocery list that is next to my long to-do list.

Grandson J remembered the "Cool Canopy" he saw in my binder of craft ideas and he wanted to make one.... the snow has melted so we were able to get into the shed to get the hula hoops.
(He wanted to make this months ago.)
we attempted to make one. 
The hula hoop is suppose to hang from a hook....there is a hook on the ceiling in our small extra bedroom, but it's over the vanity table so I came up with this idea. It sorta worked, but, even though the fabric we used was light, the hula hoop still sagged. I didn't want to hang it from the ceiling fan. Or should I put another hook in the ceiling? ....the room has to redone anyway. I wish hubby was as into the grands as I am.
Before we came in to make the canopy we made up some games and played outside with the hula hoops. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine.
Today I have to straighten up the kitchen and living room (how did the hula hoops end up in there?), take care of the dreaded grocery shopping, and have the squishy mammogram done.
At least tonight should be fun. 
I volunteered to have a shaker card class here. A good friend of mine is a Stampin' Up demonstrator and......
It should be fun!
Come back later to see what we made!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm Ready For Warmer Weather With My Flip Flop Wreath

I saw this wreath (well, one like it) on Facebook or Pinterest and knew I had to make one. I found the flip flops easily enough. Didn't we use to call them thongs? I know I did. 

I know mine isn't as good as the one I saw, but I like it. It certainly adds a lot of color to our white garage with the white truck parked in front of it.
Yes, I did take the snowman wreath off of the fence (that's 6' away).....the neighbors would think I'm schizophrenic if I had flip flops and snowmen next to each other. 
Warmer weather is on the way...let's ENJOY!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Didn't Know That/Nail Cyst

Quite a while ago the nail on my ring finger on my left hand developed a large, strange ridge. I figured I bumped it or something and waited for it to grow out. It never did. I just developed a lump with a clear fluid at the base of my nail. One day I mentioned it to the dermatologist and he said: "It looks like a gelatinous cyst". He didn't seem alarmed so I just let it go.

this is not my finger, from the website below

It progressed and looked much worse than the above picture. A scab appeared at the base of my nail, I picked it off and then it looked like it was getting better......but no, it happened again. 
This long, cold winter has made my hands very dry so I decided to plug in my paraffin wax treatment machine. It feels so nice and does make my hands feel better. After about 3 days of using it I noticed that my cyst looks much better. There's still a lump but I can't see any clear mucus under the skin. When I mentioned it to my doctor this week she said she could send me to a hand surgeon.....I think not! We agreed that if the paraffin dip is helping to continue to use it. I have a friend whose husband has arthritis and uses a paraffin dip also. Not only do they make your hands look better, apparently they are healing. I'm certainly going to keep mine!
Here's the website where I found the picture and it explains more about this cyst. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Stress, Transitions, With A Little Pride Thrown In

*sigh* April is not starting out any better than March was.........
It's still cold. I don't think we've had one day of average temperatures and very few days of sunshine.
But that's not the worst of things..........even though nicer weather would lift everyone's spirits!
I'm still not what sure what is happening as far as my job goes. In a way I want to work to make some extra money, on the other hand I'll have the opposite schedule of what I have now and that messes with my previous plans. I know the company owners would be understanding because I was planning to be retired and if I do have to work I'll be doing them a favor. That's the least of my worries.....I think.

hail and snow on our deck - April 4

Yesterday was my annual physical. No pap...YES!!!!
But.......I need all kinds of tests done....and what about cholesterol medication? and a pre-diabetes medication? One of the side effects of that one is weight loss (not a bad thing). I have resisted those meds for a couple of years. If I stop to think about it I realize that changing my eating habits could/would lower blood sugars and cholesterol. A little exercise would be a good thing too! Once again I will say that the 'golden years' may not be all they are cracked up to be. 
Hubby's company is closing it's doors on Oct. 1.
Yesterday he came home from work and said "It looks like we'll be moving to Florida". I didn't put much stock in that statement because I KNOW he'd NEVER move, not even for a few years until he retires. The company said they'd make him an offer he couldn't refuse. They don't know him....he's stubborn and selfish and can refuse. What's he going to do then? He's 57. He has to stay where he is until October in order to get the retention package. 
I participated in school activities twice this week with our grandsons. Wednesday was grandparents day. I spent some time in each of the boys classrooms and also brought lunch with them. They are both very bright boys :-)
Last night I picked them up and we went to family math night at the school. We played math games. Considering it was a whole school (6 grades) event they didn't have a big attendance. They enjoyed it. Grandson S won a door prize, he chose a Green Bay Packer poster. When it was over they let everyone else come up and choose something. Of course we had to shop at the book fair...again. Grandson J wanted a pen and a book. I didn't bring enough money for both so he picked out an eraser. 
After we got our jackets on and were on our way out Grandson J says "I have to put this pen back." I'm not sure if he had accidently kept it or was planning on taking it. I'm proud that he knew enough to put it back, I didn't even notice that he still had it.
Also 2 of my other grands nearly made honor roll. As long as they do their best I am very proud.

I've wasted enough time on the computer. Time to get dressed and be off!!! I'll be back later to read your blogs.
Have a good weekend...and if you see the sun send some my way!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

  Have you ever heard the quote : "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray" by Robert Burns?
Don't you just hate it when you make plans and they don't work out?
I do. Although, as I get older, I am a tiny bit more tolerant of a changes in plans, just a tiny bit. 
When I have my heart set on it, I want it to happen!
....Unless it is a doctor or dentist appointment, I have even been known to change those of my own volition. 
my plans have changed.
As I left work today one of my bosses had a question for me....
would I be willing to stay on another month to train a new person?
The woman who was hired at the beginning of February just doesn't seem to be working out.
She is making too many mistakes with money matters and I'm not sure if she cares. 
I told the 2 owners that I could stay until the end of May, but I do have a short trip planned and I don't want to work everyday.
It may work out to my advantage social security won't arrive until later in June and that would be over a month without any income. 
Wish me luck with whatever happens!!!

This photo is from our Tuesday night Red Hat meeting. 
I have a purple hat and red clothing on because it's my birthday month.
The restaurant gave me and Gwen a large piece of very good, chocolate cake for our birthdays. That was an unexpected treat!!! 
The 2 other birthday girls were not able to attend the meeting.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thoughts Of Thursday

I didn't write a post on Thursday....I was busy!
After a couple of early morning phone calls and errands I met my SD and her family at the hospital to see her grandma. They live in Oshkosh and don't get here very often.
All the reports we heard were that Loretta was on her last leg.
She was asleep when I got there so I just waited for a bit. Her lunch came, she woke up, and ate very little...but....then she talked up a storm and said she was going home 'tomorrow'. I didn't know what to think. We were all quite surprised to find out that she was much better and did go home on friday. 
Loretta is a very sweet lady and complimented me (that means a lot to me because she doesn't have to - I am married to her deceased daughters husband). Oh, but she is not always so sweet! She is sharp as a whip and has a spunky side, I certainly appreciate that!!!

After our visit we went out for lunch at Panda Express, a treat for me b/c hubby won't go there. 
Jessica and I had 30% coupons for Kohl's so we stopped there too. I hadn't been shopping at a 'real' store for myself in a long time. I bought a cardigan for spring and a pair of good flats.
On the way home I stopped to pick up our 3 grandsons so the cousins could play.

 Yes, the little one with the tongue is a boy.
 The kids love to dress up when they are here.
I have a bin of dress up clothes for them, but this time they got into my Red Hat stuff. Oh well, it makes for great photos. 
(that is if I can change the setting back to what is was so my photos aren't blurry).
 The only granddaughter on hubby's side, cute, huh?

 Just one of my potential blackmail photos I have of grandson J, the 8 year old who comes here often.
 I had to find some boyish dress up clothes, grandson S doesn't like to wear dresses all the time. Although he did have a skirt and wig on earlier. Another time he had a dress shirt and tie on. I aim to please so there's a variety of dress up things.
 I have no words for this one.
 Grandson J had to take a time out for the computer game he is playing. 
 Checking out hubby's photos from Africa.

 Play-do is always a big hit.....that reminds me I need to get some new Play-do.
 The pirate ship that grandson L is playing with is very popular with the 2 youngest grands. 

 What's a play date without some wresting (if you have boys)?
My preferred time of year for cousin get-togethers is summer so I can chase them outside to wrestle.
We did have a nice visit with Chuck and Jessica and the kids.

That's what I was doing on Thursday instead of blogging!

It's sunny out and will be above freezing this what you say.... It is a BIG DEAL for us!!! There haven't been very many days with above freezing temps this month. 
Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Ordinary Old Box?

I pulled this box out of the recycling bin. 
I am often digging stuff out of the garbage or recycling bin, much to hubby's chagrin. 
I wanted something to store my alphabet stickers in.....

This box looked pretty good, so I pulled out my drawer of patterned scraps, mixed up some white glue and water and slapped on some papers with no plan in mind.

It needed something so I glued some pictures and quotes on also.

Some things are from magazines, a book marker from my grandson's Sunday school lesson, and some cards meant for ATCs.

I like it.
It's eclectic.
It's a cute place to store my stickers.
It was free for me to make.
I find the activity to be therapeutic.
It is inspirational, even though you may not be able to read some of the quotes I added.

I like doing these decoupage projects and have done several. 
If my granddaughter wants to make one we'll cover  a box for her....and the boys too if they want to join in.
As I am going through old magazines I am ripping out pages that I think the kids might like (and some for me too.)
If I can find some appropriate rocks we'll cover rocks!!!

Have fun!
Plain ol' plain is BORING!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Life Is Hard

Ever heard of the saying 'Life is hard, then ya die'? Probably not, I'm not even sure of where I picked it up. As I think about it it's true, our earthly life can be hard.....but, as a Christian, I believe I'm going to heaven and my eternal life will be beyond any flowery words I can express here. 
They also say what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger, but it sure can hurt when you're smack dab in the middle of it. Being an adult isn't easy; we aren't carefree anymore, we have tough decisions to make, there's lots of work and little much on our minds. 

Sometimes you can't just take another shot. Remember Jesus is in control of it all!!!

Some people that I care about are going through difficult times and my heart goes out to them. My bff has been worrying about her mom's pneumonia and hospitalization this weekend, but it looks like she's on the mend now - good news!
My SS is considering a separation from his wife. They have 3 young boys and I worry for them. Their relationship has never been smooth. I can't make it better, only offer my prayers and be there. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope your week is off to a GREAT start!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

I don't know where I found this image
Here's a couple of things that make me wonder:
  • How in the world can I ever say "I'm bored"??? There are a ton of things to do around here and I have many, many interests. What is wrong with me?
  • Why would anyone let nearly 400 emails pile up in their inbox....or more accurately why do I do that? Do you?
  • Why would a mother put her 3-1/2 year old child in a booster seat and then put the shoulder harness behind the back of the booster because 'he's too small for the shoulder belt'? 
  • How a newly hired person, who is in charge of the keeping track of the company checkbook,  let the balance show a negative amount when said person knows the minimum balance is suppose to be 5 figures??? How can that person not ask for help if she's unsure??? How can you just leave a mess for someone else to figure out, especially when I have no idea of how it ended up that way? How, how, how!!!
Can you tell that I am soooooooo stressed??? Tuesday was a horrible day at work. I was trying to figure out what when wrong, digging through bank deposits and calling the bank. I took a very short lunch so I could have some extra time to try to figure things out. After supper I went to a Stampin' Up party, that's always fun. We made 2 nice cards but I really just wanted to be alone and quiet. I slept very badly Tuesday night. I was awake at 3 and got up about 4 to type some notes for the gal I am training. I feel bad b/c I can't spend time with her, she is doing well though :-). Before noon on Wednesday I FINALLY got the checkbook balanced. That certainly was a wonderful feeling....I imagine the business owners were ecstatic! Hopefully now I can concentrate on training my replacement, there's a lot more to my job than punching numbers into a computer program.  Today I'll be working with Cindy (for the first time) and Audrey. I hope we can get on the same page and do it right. I really need the day off, but we didn't get the invoices out....if the company doesn't get paid, we don't get paid....right???

Wish be luck!!! Please..............

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

Don't these look yummy??? Just look at those chocolate chips.
I love muffins, heavy muffins, not cake-like muffins. 
On my 'break' (there is no break, I just eat as I am working) I almost always have a homemade muffin).
They satisfy my sweet tooth and are healthy to boot!

  • 1 cup chunky peanut butter, softened
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cut sugar
  • 1 cut milk
  • 1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1/2 mini chocolate chips
Preheat over to 375 F. Grease muffin tins or line with paper cups.
With electric mixer, beat peanut butter, egg, and sugars until smooth. Add milk in 3 parts, mixing between additions to blend. Add flour and baking powder and mix just until flour disappears. Blend in chocolate chips. Spoon into muffin cups and bake for 20 minutes, until tester comes out clean. Do no over bake. Makes 12.

For the peanut butter and jelly purist, place a pocket of strawberry jam or preserves in the center and omit the chips. (Place a spoonful of batter in the bottom, add a spoonful of jelly, then top with another spoonful of batter.) I have not tried this variation.

Enjoy with a cup of hot tea or coffee!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I've Got A Handle On It

I just love these sweet handles.
I picked them up at the thrift store for $2.00.
They'll be so pretty as knob of the projects I have in my head.

I'm just wondering whose fat fingers are holding this one???
When (or more likely IF) I use these I'll post photos...but don't hold your breath.

Week one of training my replacement is going well.
I concentrated on only one aspect of the job, I don't wanna throw everything at her at once....too confusing.
She's excellent with phone calls. Next week we'll be onto something new. I am glad I have almost 2 months to work with her.

Happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

My morning off and I'm up early again...........*sigh*
so here goes.....

  • As you know my hubby was gone for the entire month of February. While he was gone I kept the thermostat lower than usual - most of the time I was not at home, I didn't cook as much, laundry was done less often, the TV was on MUCH less, etc. A few days ago the mailman brought our electric & water bill. It was down $77.00. That got me thinking.....I don't think we can afford to have him live here....wait, he pays the bills....I guess he stays! I was really curious to see if there'd be a significant difference. I was right but I don't think I will able to convince him to stop showering, changing clothes, eating, or watching TV. 
  • Tuesday I started training a new woman at work to take over my job. Was there a full moon ???? It sure seemed like it! The phone was ringing and ringing, I had tons of work to catch up on, and was trying to explain to Audrey what to do. I found some mistakes the new woman had made on bank deposits......oh me, oh my. I was so stressed! After work I attended a genealogy meeting, it was very informative, I'm glad I went. It was almost 9 when I got home and I still had to wash dishes. After unwinding for a while with the TV and a word game on my Nook I finally fell asleep after 11. I woke up several times during the night, dreaming of genealogy research. Then I'd start thinking about work........what I should have done and what I have to get done. At 4:30  I decided that I'd get up a little after 5, after hubby leaves for work. I did, I prefer being up early on my day off............then I have such a nice long day for myself. Work was slightly better in the afternoon, but I am still soooooo far behind. Today I am working in the afternoon. I am having lunch with my grandsons at their school then I'll work the rest of the day, Cindy, the new woman is in MO with her daughter and new grand-baby. I'll be working alone and I hope the phone doesn't ring so I can get some work done!!! Friday I get to work again with Audrey. I'm happy to say that she is doing well so far. 

Please wish me new people at work is not always easy. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that when I'm so busy it's hard to spend quality time teaching.