Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's A New Week

I'm still not feeling the greatest, but am a teensy, tiny bit better tonight. Saturday was a total loss. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
I did set my alarm so I'd get up for church today, I have to do that if I want to be out of bed before 9. Eight o'clock is good, but 9 is a little late, hope that changes when summer comes.
I've had a hankering for ice cream for several days but we don't have any. Last night hubby asked if I wanted a shake from McDonald's.....that wasn't really what I wanted....but I said sure. I could understand not wanting to change clothes, get out of the car, and walk around in the store....why else are drive - thru's so popular? He was trying...I asked if we had ice cream a couple of times. This morning he went to the store and picked up sweet rolls (I can easily avoid those) and some rainbow (or superman?) ice cream.....YUK. I had to tell him I didn't like that kind. I was going to pick up something I liked after church but I was so beat that I forgot and came right home.
Hubby came along with me to our grandsons's band concert Thursday night. I don't think he has gone to any other school events.

 Yes, he grumbled when I crawled over him to go up front and take photos. The band directer has each row stand up so we can get a photo. Hubby also complained when I followed the boys back to their rooms and got this picture of grandson J. 
Oh how I love facebook. I found this photo of my oldest granddaughter and claimed it as my own. She's 15.
My back and hip bones have been hurting so much when I go to bed, I just can not get comfortable. I toss and turn and roll around for hours.  My chest hurts...heartburn? (that would be a new experience for me). Two nights ago I grabbed my Young Living Deep Relief roll on and tried that. Either I was so tired that I thought it worked or it did make me feel better. I tried it again last night and it did help. I wasn't sure where to put it, so I did as suggested: feet, temples, and I also put some on my achy back and hips. I'm a doubting Thomas, skeptical kind of girl so I am still wondering if it's all in my head.....but if I hurt tonight I'm using it again.
I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday so if I'm still feeling crappy I'll talk to her. I do know that all of my blood-work from last week was good, really good. I hope I can start breathing again....this shortness of breath is getting old.
I hope this week is off to a good start for you and me!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's Been A Quiet Week

....and I'm not complaining. 
Weird coincidence? Last week's dr appointment went very well, the dr did increase my blood pressure meds. The very next day I had absolutely NO ambition. I thought that was what was causing my I went back to my previous dose. I finally was able to talk to the nurse and explained my situation to him and I decided to take the new dose of BP meds. Maybe high BP was causing me to feel icky. We shall see. I am also feeling shortness of breath since last week. Not the extreme shortness of breath I had previously, but definitely feeling worse that I had been for a long time.The past 2 weeks I have just not felt like myself (who am I feeling like? I'm not sure.) I'm feeling lazy, not happy (as I usually am), I almost feel nauseous, I don't have much of an appetite (that's a good thing)....I just don't feel right.
 Monday I attended a silver sneaker exercise class at the Y and I could not keep up. It was more strenuous than the ones at the senior center I had  been attending,  I was just beat and had to just stand there and march very slowly. I'm not wasting my time going to that class until I feel better. I am still taking the water aerobics classes, those are not so strenuous and I can easily slow it down.
Today I had lab work done for my appointment next week with my primary care dr. I am not sure what she is looking for. The cardiologist ordered more blood tests after I talked to the nurse and expressed my concerns. Four vials lighter I walked out of the clinic with a juice and granola bar.      
I'm not sure if I have some kind of bug or if it is my heart. I've also been experiencing some dizziness so am seeing the electrophysiologist later this month. They deal with the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.
And that is why I haven't done much of anything the past 2 weeks.
All decorated for Valentine's day....and that will be it!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My First Cancerversary and Other 'News'

What in the heck is a cancerversary? Is it something to celebrate? I believe it it something to celebrate. It can be a bit hard to determine the exact date. I chose the date of my final surgery; chemo was over and the tumor was out of my body.
The original surgery was the 28th, but I developed a hematoma and the doctor wanted to take care of that. I agreed, after all she is the surgeon and has more knowledge than I do. It turned out that the first surgery did not produce clear margins so the 2nd one, (on Jan 31) was indeed, necessary.

I posted earlier this month that my first mammogram since the surgery was good.
Am I cancer free? I am not sure if I like that choice of a person who has ever had cancer free of it? I think the fear of it returning is always in the back of a person's mind.

Yesterday I primed the bedroom that I am working in. When I removed the wall paper some of the paper backing came off from the drywall, leaving yellow splotches, so I covered that with primer. I hope it looks better when I get the paint on the walls. Just that small job on 2 walls tuckered me out. I plan to do the ceiling next (white) and then the light gray walls. The way I felt today I might be doing one wall at a time, which is fine with me because I have furniture in there and will have to move it to get at the different walls....the ceiling should be fun (not).
First I have to buy the paint, maybe Monday. A big snowstorm for overnight Tuesday into Wednesday is predicted for this we shall see. Hubby is taking that prediction seriously because he finally went to get a new belt for the snow blower saturday....nothing like putting it off for 3 weeks.

I'm sure, if you're a Christian, there are things that you know you can not do anything about, all you can do is to hand it over to God. It hurts me to see my grandson be so sad (and to see my step son so miserable) his parents (who are separated) just keep digging their holes deeper and deeper. They have 3 boys who are so loving and smart and deserve so much better than the lives they have. Yesterday when I talked to them I asked if anyone wanted to go to Sunday school. The 2 younger boys want to attend Sunday School so I will try to talk to mom and see if I can take them next weekend. The struggle is that she doesn't answer my texts or phone calls....she might listen to a message and have one of the boys call me back. After I said I'd try to ask her the 5 year old says "Mom won't talk to you." and with that thought I say.....

Calgon take me away!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Don't Underestimate The Power of A Small Cabbage

Cabbage is one of those vegetables that not a lot of people like, I like it though, with lots of butter and salt and pepper on it..............but no salt now. It's good for you! and for a funny story.

My mother used to, and now I, make a cabbage based vegetable soup. I could eat it for days and days. I finally picked up a small head of cabbage the other day. 
Last night I made a baked potato for hubby but I didn't feel like having one so I just had a side of cabbage with my pork chop.  He opted for corn and a surprise there.
 Now for the not so funny part:

*I have CHF (congestive heart failure).
*Since the dr increased my BP meds I ache when I go to bed at night. My back hurts, my hip bones hurt, I toss and turn and just can not get comfortable. 
*Sometimes I have a dizzy/light headed spell.

As I am thrashing about in bed last night I developed a bad pain in the center of my chest. Indigestion? but I ate dinner 4 hours earlier. Oh no, what if I am having a heart attack....I check to see if I can smile, that's ok. I think, "if I do have a heart attack I am better off just calling 911 than trying to wake hubby who is downstairs, probably asleep with the TV on".

And for the funny part:
I remembered that almost 2 years ago, just before I retired, but had already started chemo, l had such a bad chest pain that Kev  picked me up from work and took me to ER and they ran ALL SORTS of tests for my heart............only for me to figure out that it was gas from the cabbage soup I had the night before. I started burping up a storm and that's when I put 2 & 2 together.
Aha! I forced myself to belch last night and after a few minutes I was starting to feel better.
I still have cabbage left, but at least now I'll know what is going on. And that's my funny story for the week. 
Do you have one?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Just A Couple Of Things

Tuesday morning we woke up to several inches of very fluffy snow. I think it's beautiful....especially because I don't have to clear it. 
 I had a few errands to run in town so I took a few photos while I was out and about.
This is the scene I see from my table as I sit at my computer.
 I'm glad the snow started late the previous day, because Monday I had an appointment with my cardiologist in Milwaukee.
 Before I saw the doctor I had an ECHO and blood work. My blood work is always good. I had to wait until Wednesday to find out what my ECHO was. My ejection fraction was at 46%, that's up from 35% three months ago. Normal is 55-65, so I' pretty happy. 
The doctor doubled one of my heart medications....I should have asked him why. Tuesday and Wednesday I was sooooo tired and didn't have a lick of ambition. I didn't even make it to book club, and I enjoy book club! I believe that drug increase is why I was so tired, many of the heart patients I talk to on facebook are so tired from their meds. Today I feel a lot better, not perfect,  but not so tired. I think my body needed a chance to adjust to the new dose. I had a list of places to stop at today and I completed it. 
I have osteopenia and the doctor wanted to write out a prescription....I don't like prescriptions if I can take care of the problem another way. I had my vitamin D level checked and then I was off the the health food/pharmacy to get what I needed. After I spoke to the consultant and many $$ lighter I left the store. I need to take care of myself. I think in another month or 2 I'll get my vitamin D level tested again to see if what I'm doing has done the job. Well, I'll have to keep it up. Staying healthy can be expensive. 
Speaking of staying healthy.....tomorrow morning I am off the the Y again. I've been going twice a week....trying to make it a habit. It really helps to have another person to hold me accountable. 
It's almost the weekend. Hope you have something fun planned.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thank You's And The Weekend

First I want to thank those of you who commented on my last post and tried to understand and to those of you who talked to me/hugged me. It wasn't a post that was looking for pity, I just wanted to share how I felt, and it wasn't how I expected to feel.
Tomorrow I am off to the cardiologist to see what he has to say. Another ECHO is scheduled. 
In December I signed up for a weekend scrapbook retreat, and this was the big weekend! It's a 3 day retreat but we only stay for 2 days, which works well for us. I go with 2 friends and we share a hotel room. The beds were so comfy, I like those pillow mattress toppers. The retreat is in the neighboring city but it's really nice to be at a retreat and spend the night and not even have to think about housework. The pool is available, our tables are set up and we can use them when we want (early or late), there are plenty of tools and paper available if you need to use/purchase something, lots of snacks are on the snack table, the only downside is that meals are not included. There are restaurants nearby, some within walking distance. Saturday morning we walked to breakfast and to the thrift store where one of the gals got a 'new' swimsuit, we each found something we 'needed'. Saturday night we ordered out for dinner.
To be honest I didn't get a lot accomplished. I was working on a trip from 2008, a trip to Naples, Florida. I've been there a couple of times but had all my photos from 2008 to work on. I started an 8"X8" book several years ago, but after I saw how many photos I had I decided I needed to upgrade to a 12"X12" book. Soooo I put the 8" pages onto 12" paper and went forward from there.'s the kicker.............Thursday night I get a call from grandson J..........he's pretty happy because he can come over and stay until saturday. He hasn't stayed here since New Year's Eve and he used to come over every saturday night. Hmmm, I'm leaving friday morning for the retreat and coming home Saturday night. I knew he'd cry if I said "No" but I paid for the retreat and wasn't going to stay home. I decided to take a chance and take him along, he was all for it. I thought the worst thing that could happen is that we spend our time at the pool and scrapbook in our room. He scrapbooks also.
I talked to the organizer (Brenda) as soon as we got there and she was OK, I don't think she was thrilled but she said he could stay. After lunch J was able to go swimming with her grandson. Brenda's mom watched the boys for over 2 hours while they were in the pool. The boys are less than 2 years apart and they had a good time. That broke up the day for him. After supper Carolee, Gwen, Jalen, and I did some water aerobics. Yes, we got a workout. Yes, we all enjoyed it.
I'm happy to report that Jalen got along with everyone (I knew he would), got his photos scrapbooked, and wasn't too annoying.....although I had some trying moments on saturday. Thanks Gwen, Brenda, and Carolee for letting Jalen join us. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but we had a good weekend.

We got home about 8PM on saturday, we waited for J's mom to call and I called Kevin earlier to see if she called the house because  my phone did not get reception at the hotel. No word from mom, even when J tried calling her. We were beat, he was asleep before 9. As usual I couldn't fall asleep, but I did get some good zzzz's in. Jalen stayed another night and was able to go to Sunday School, a good thing. He has to go home tonight because I am leaving early on Monday for my appointment in Milwaukee. Did I mention that he always comes over without any extra clothes? It's not a problem because I always have extra clothes here for him, and swim trunks too.
I have another weekend retreat coming up in March, I'll be working on my Florida scrapbook again. I'll be a little more organized by then (I hope!).
Hope your weekend is going well and not too fast!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


It's a gray, cloudy day.
I feel gray. 

 I feel like I am sitting all alone on this single, cold, gray bench.
No  one really understands. No one really cares. That's not unusual, I've felt that way since I was a teen. As an adult those feelings don't plague me often. But I feel that way today....cold and gray and alone. 
I didn't think it was bothering me, it never did before, but I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I trudge on to the task ahead.
I walked into the building and smelled that awful odor. I could feel that grim, determined look overtaking my face.
I took the elevator to the 3rd floor and checked in for my appointment and started a new book. The main character's mother has just passed away from cancer. That is not what I needed to be reading as I await my mammogram, the first one since my breast cancer diagnosis. 
Bonnie calls me in and I give her the pertinent dates, highlights, etc. She puts markers on certain areas and tells me my scar looks great. OK. She does her best to make me feel comfortable and does a good job. They have a new 3D machine and I like it better than the old one. Since I have lymphedema on my right breast that side hurts a little, but is nothing to complain about. She takes several 'pictures' and we hope we're done. I put on a warm robe and she
Bonnie leaves to speak to the radiologist so I pull out my book and do some more reading. A few minutes later both of them enter the room, we shake hands, etc. Dr Stephani asks how I am. Of course I say something to the effect of  "I'm not sure. How am I?" He assures me everything looks good, no signs of a tumor. 
I'm good! I'm great! I'm happy!
My one year cancerversary is almost here. If you haven't had cancer It means nothing to you, you don't understand, but to a cancer survivor it is a big deal.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Purse?

Yes, I picked up a 'new' purse the other day. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. It's just so unique, I have never seen anything like it. I know no one else will have one like it.  The tag says Spencer and Rutherford in Australia. I paid $2 for it. I just love it and the fact that I won't see one on every other person's arm. I don't care to look like a carbon copy of the next person. 

I found one purse like this on etsy, the color of the front flap (light teal) and flowers (blue) is a little different. That one is over $46.
Here's the description 
"Vintage collectible Spencer & Rutherford faux snake skin and embroidery hippie boho shoulder bag"
It's in great condition, has inside & outside pockets, and the size is good. Sometimes I'll purchase an item and think that if I don't use it I can always take it to the consignment store. I am using this one!
I'll be donating the one with the ripped lining instead of repairing it. I like to change purses....they don't make me look fat *wink*. I wish the handles were longer, not a good fit for a shoulder bag, but I'll deal with it.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Remember this vintage furniture post? Guess what, it's sold....only in the store for 2 weeks. I really wonder who bought it. Hopefully I can stop in one morning and talk to the woman who is usually in the back where the furniture is and she can give me the scoop. I tried to convince the employees to start a lottery and sell squares for how long they'd have the set in the back. They didn't go for it tho. 
Happy Hump  Day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Doctor Week

Yes, especially as we get older, doctor time comes.....Just 2 years ago I was a once a year visitor. Suddenly it changed to almost every week I was seeing some sort of doctor. Now, some months I don't have any appointments (excluding the INR check for my blood thinner).
Thursday is my first mammogram since my breast cancer diagnosis. I am delighted that I do not have to go out of town for it, our local facility has the same machine that is used at St Luke's so my surgeon is OK with me staying here, just a few minutes away.
Monday I am traveling to Milwaukee to see the cardiologist and to have another ECHO. Early next month I have an appointment with my new primary Dr (actually she's a PA).
I am really not a worrier, but I'd have to lie if I said I am not experiencing a wee bit of trepidation regarding these upcoming appointments. IF there is something to worry about I'll handle it then. I don't see any sense (never did) in thinking 'what if?'
I am exercising and feeling great ...but.... lately there are times when I almost feel light headed, it's hard to explain but I know what those episodes feel like and have had them before. The last time I had an ECHO my ef (ejection factor) was down.....did it go down again? And what would  that mean?
After water aerobics yesterday and my usual Monday errands I'd love to stay in today.........but no.......I have to run to Manitowoc to get the painting supplies I forgot on my last trip. So, off I go!
Hope you are having a good week!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Been Doin' Some Readin'

As a member of the Lit Wits Between the Covers (book club) I read the chosen book and meet with other members about every 6 weeks. Sometimes we meet at at restaurant or sometimes at someone's home. I've always enjoyed reading and wanted to be a member of a book club as an adult. I was afraid of it because I thought you had to be an intellectual and be able to discuss the plot of the story, the conflict, or the protagonist. I read for pleasure. That's what I did this weekend, this quiet (unsure if it was a), rather boring weekend.
This afternoon I finished A MAN CALLED OVE and thoroughly enjoyed it! It evoked several different emotions and I'm sure we'll have some good discussion next week.

We're a fun lovin', down to earth group of women, with varied backgrounds, who love to read.  There is usually wine and always laughter involved. I have to admit that some of the gals take notes on the book. We read many different genres of books.
The month before we read THE PARIS WIFE, well most of the group did. I started it and just couldn't get into it. I remember trying to read it once before also.
Since we read about Ernest Hemingway we wanted to read something he wrote. That means we have 2 books this month, the second book being THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA. I'm glad I read it but am not interested in reading any of his other books.
What have you been reading?
Do you have any recommendations for our book club?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Different Kind Of Day and Other Trivia

That seems to be my motto for this weekend. I slept in today...and it felt good. After 3 days of workouts at the Y this week today was lazy, very lazy by my standards. I go with a friend (the best way to make yourself go) and we participate in the water classes. Even though I shower after class I could still smell the chlorine when I took a bath today.
Yesterday we took a drumming class, it was tons of fun! After that we did the water aerobics (for seniors) and Candy gave us a good work out both times. Thursday we tried Ai Chi, it's a relaxing water class, we decided we like the faster paced class better.
I got my fit-bit earlier in the week and am enjoying it. I love keeping track of my steps, over 7,000 yesterday with the drumming class. It is amazing how many steps I get in just wandering around my house, I don't stay in one place very long. It also tracks sleep. Today I learned how to reset it, it was not syncing. It's an easy fix and is working correctly now. 
Since I had to run to the drug store today I had to get properly dressed....I blame that for not feeling like working in the bedroom today. I did a teeny bit of sanding. I will finish tomorrow or early in the week. I need to buy some paint rollers before I can prime the walls. As you can tell, I am not in a hurry.
I just didn't know what I felt like doing this afternoon, so I did some laundry, took care of some paperwork, and baked some cookies. Kev went to his brother's this afternoon to watch the football game.  I decided to read in the middle of the afternoon! No radio, no TV, just me and my book. I read a lot more in the summer than I do in winter, odd, eh? In the winter it's a waste of time because I 'should' be doing something. In the summer I'm enjoying the nice weather. 
It's late enough that I can call it a day; time to turn on the TV while I fold laundry and then veg some more.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Need New Furniture?

Last Wednesday after I dropped off my donation I checked out the thrift store and found this set of living room furniture. It's in great shape and I am guessing you can get all 3 matching pieces for $250. What a deal, huh? I am sure it's made much better than some of the items we'd see in the stores today.

 Isn't that sofa calling your name for a nice, long nap? It sure looks comfy. And this big round chair would be perfect for a grandparent to read to a child. I tested it and it is roomy. It's rather low to the ground though, a little difficult to get up and out of. 
 Or, for the more traditional person, there's a standard side chair (upper photo).
I'm sure, for just the right person, this set would be perfect....but  not for this person. How about you? Do I need to get this post out to more people? 
Yes, I do love thrift stores. I don't need to buy anything to have a good time. The simple things in life make me happy.
It's friday! Have a good weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Earlier this week I thought I'd have the day at home to accomplish some things....but I had to run (again), to get my scratched lenses replaced and have my INR checked for my blood thinner. I also had more donations to drop off. I only take what I can carry in one trip inside...lazy, you know??? I like to visit different thrift stores and share my 'gift's' with all of them. So I was off to another thrift store. 

Two ladies in the car next to mine got out of their car at the same time as I did, and they commented on the rattan suitcase I had in my hand. They wanted to buy it.....I almost gave it to them, but then I said $1 or $2. The one woman gave me $5 and said I made her day, she was really tickled. I found the exact same one for $15 on ebay. She got lucky because there was a smaller one inside of it. She got a deal and it is out of my house...a win win for both of us. Things have been sitting for years and if I haven't found a use for it by now I'm not going to.
I then took the bag I was carrying and inside and proceeded to look around. Besides the items I donated I also left some cash there. 
 One of the things I found was this book like thing....I don't know how else to explain it, but it really was just what I was looking for. The pockets/pages inside are small zip lock baggies (not the snack size you get at the grocery store) and are perfect for sorting and storing my bling. Now I do not have to dig around in a box and try to find matching sparkle. I can just page through my booklet. All like items are together and I have extra baggies for more colors, etc. When I travel I'll probably put a rubber band or ribbon around it so it doesn't flop around, it depends where it will fit in my tote. How cool is that?

I also picked up some solid scrapbooking papers...............they had TONS of patterned papers there. I received some gorgeous Tim Holtz paper for Christmas and have other patterned paper so only need some solids to compliment that.
I found a 2 piece swim suit (long top, no bikini) for the Y, hope it works....I did not try it on. I am not going to wear a good suit to the Y and a 2 piece is good for bathroom breaks, right?
I also found a lime green pillow for the bedroom I'm painting. I found way too much stuff that day! At least I still got rid of more than I dropped off.
Time to look for more items to donate, right? It feels good to free myself of 'stuff'!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gray? Lime?

As you know I am redoing our spare bedroom. It's a small room with a daybed, dresser, and vanity. Oh yeah, a TV (of course). The carpet is a gray/light gray 'tweedish' bur-bur. Previously the room had white & light pink walls (wall paper - YUCK!!!). The daybed cover and other accessories were blue. I just got tired of it and am planning to paint the room gray. Yes, gray. I'll understand if you are turning up your nose. I've heard several uncomplimentary remarks: "reminds me of a prison cell, gray?, dull, boring". I am attempting to make one room in my house serene and restful. My idea is for pale gray walls, this stone gray daybed set, and accents of lime green.
I ordered this from Overstock, it looks bluish here, but it's stone gray. Our grandson hates the idea of gray walls, he wants something bright, not boring. He uses that room when he is here and calls it his room. But mom seldom lets him come over and this is not his house. I've toyed with the idea of painting one wall lime green....but....I found some twin sheets that are the perfect lime green...2 flat often do you see that? So what I am thinking of doing is, on the wall behind the bed (long side), is to hang a 'curtain' with the sheets. The bed fits into a small alcove-like area so that would be a perfect fit. I know you can put fabric on the wall (like wall paper, with starch, and it is easy to remove) but that would be more work.
Any other ideas? Suggestions?
I have a gift card for Hobby Lobby so I stopped in to see what I could buy myself. I'm pretty cheap and nothing I liked was on sale, so, nothing this time. I did find a few accents in the clearance aisle. We have some shelves in the room and I just love this basket, it's so colorful. (woven paper, can I make one?) The little pail is the same color as the sheets I have....hmmm   I can use it for something on one of the shelves.

 The LOVE ornament is 5-1/5" long.
I paid a little over $6 for all three items.

I'll get some green pillows for the bed, paint the lampshade green or gray (lamp is white) , and maybe I'll find a throw to toss over the bed. The room will need some art (lime green frames?) and a lime green bulletin board. Maybe a huge lime green bulletin board behind the bed instead of the 'curtain'? There really isn't a lot of wall space.
I hope it turns out 1/2 as good as it looks in my mind. 
Feel free to share any of your decorating secrets!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stripping and Giving It Away For Free and Some Yukky Stuff

Remember I am a respectable grandma to 9!
One day I just woke up and decided to start stripping....wallpaper, that is. That was between Christmas and New Years day.....why would common sense stop me? I moved things around, and the big stuff got shoved into the center of the small room. Our Christmas tree was still up and all my other decorations were in place, but I started making a big mess anyway....hubby is still not pleased.
It's a small room and only 2 of the walls have wall paper, but it must have been put on when they built the house, because it was under the window casings and wall boards. Whomever papered that room did a good job! I've been watering it down and letting it soak (per Google) and I usually only get small pieces to come off, and only one layer at a time (2 layers to remove). Last Sunday Eastin and the boys came over and stripped quite a bit. This past week I took a break and put away Christmas stuff. I finished the last section this afternoon, now to patch holes, sand, prime, and paint. 

Skylar worked at it a LONG time.
His little brother, not so much. He found other things to get into.
As long as I have all the crap out from under the bed I am it away, some to friends, some to the thrift store. I can't wait to see how much more room I have. I'll have to tackle the closet too. 
I picked up the boys that morning while dad was still working. They decided to do some unusual smoothie challenges, like they've seen on You-tube. I wasn't too thrilled about them wasting good food, but I did let them do it. If they do it again I think I'll give them a list of things they can put in the challenge smoothies.
No one liked the first one.
The 2nd one was much contained milk, lemon, and lime juice, and Jalen was generous with the juices.
No, he is not just looking into the garbage can.
The other one is using the kitchen sink. TMI? Maybe, but that's what grandkids are for. :-)
It was quiet here this past weekend. Hubby had a bad headache and I attended a 1st birthday party for my great niece on saturday. Jalen was not allowed to come over this weekend so I had time to myself.
Sunday was just a lazy and quiet day. Kevin went to his brother's to play cards and watch the football game. I finished stripping wall paper, picked up most of the paper from the floor, and will take it easy for the rest of the evening.
I hope you had a nice weekend, stop back again!