Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Busy Week (for me)

Going to the dentist, lunch, and a tiny bit of shopping probably doesn't sound like a full day to you,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it is to  me. I was hoping to do more than the dentist, especially since I had a great appointment!! No natter that my son called when we were eating. That was Monday.

Tuesday was another good day, a old friend came to see me and took my for lunch! I found out That she sent me this beautiful plant a few days ago, she remembered that from over 25 years ago. Impressive!!!! We visited, looked at old photos, reminisced, laughed, etc.
I did not attend the Red Hat pajama party this year, last year I did. I  was too tired.
Today it is rainy, I will stay inside all day.


  1. It sounds like your week was just busy enough, just the way I like it. I had not thought of having a pajama party, maybe you will go next year.

  2. Beautiful plant,Linda. How wonderful that your friend remembered.

    It is COLD and rainy here today, too. I think fall is fully upon us now. I am sorry that you are so tired, Linda. I know that must just seem overwhelming at times. Love to you- xo Diana

  3. Fun to go. Fun to be home.
    Whatever floats your boat, doncha think?
    It's always nice to be able to do what you please.

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed a nice visit with your friend. I am hoping to do that soon with mine.

  5. A rainy day is a good day to stay inside. Sending hugs your way.

  6. It sounds like your week was just busy enough, just the way I like it.

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