Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Has Been A Busy Week

Yes, I busy every day this week.....I surprised myself and did not poop out once.
Monday morning I had a follow up appointment with my electrophysiologist (heart rhythms) in Fond du lac (74 miles). It took us longer because part of the interstate was down to 55mph, as opposed to 70mph. I'm glad we left early. I was prepared for car sickness, I had my ginger ale along, ate at ginger candy, and brought my anti-nausea meds along with an unneeded puke bag. All was well.  My heart is ok, pretty much the same as it was. Still have the PVCs, but nothing too bad.
After that we stopped at a nice St Vinnie's too look for some hats for me....all they had were winter hats. It's the end of March and it was 52 and sunny that day.....why weren't the summer hats out??? I wish we had a photo, I bet we looked funny. Carolee is pushing me in a small wheel chair, with no footrest while I pushed the shopping cart. I had my feel on the bottom of the cart and hands are hanging onto the handlebars of the cart....they are only a little lower than my head. HILARIOUS! Carolee said she felt like she was pushing a semi. We didn't look at anything else.
Next we were off to lunch. We stopped at Faros, it was recommended by a clerk at the thrift store. It was a typical family restaurant. As usual nothing on the menu appealed to me. Only the Mexican food and breakfasts looked good. I chose a chicken enchilada. There were 3, rice, and re-fried beans. I had a salad first (a very wet salad *sad face*). It was all good tho. I took 1/2 my food home and ate it the next day. 
We took the scenic route home and had plans to stop at another thrift store but it was closed. 
After I got home I had time for a light supper and a short rest before heading to the Look Good Feel Better program. This is an EXCELLENT program for cancer patients or survivors.
I took my make up loving friend with me. Deb makes sure I look good and also helped me find some turbans and hats. This is my after look, I don't wear a lot of make up. I do look a lot better here than I did without anything on. I had on full eyeliner here....maybe I need to wear it.....I know I did when I lost my eyelashes last time.

If you know any survivors or cancer patients (women) send them to this program. It is wonderful!!!! Even if you do not wear make up normally they can show you some quick tips....even just lipstick helps.
Each participant receives a large make up bag containing all the make up you need: cleanser, lotion, sunscreen, foundation, powder, eye liner, mascara, eye-shadow, eyebrow pencil, blush, and much more. It's a lot! All of the things are donated, so each bag can be different. My friend was looking for the eyebrow pencil because she really liked it and found it online for $24, she estimated the value of the make up bag to be $150 - $200. That is not why I went, but I love it! I needed some head coverings.........I donated mine from 2 years ago back to them. I found a couple used (free) and some new (purchased). They also had some wigs. I got a used one (free) but they also had new (to purchase). I am not sure what I'll do. I still have mine from last time, the hair color is not the same....but do I care? I am shedding something terrible. I really need to chop what is left off.
Tuesday my son in law and the kids came to visit. Mark is a great son in law, Bev you did a good job! It's always good to see the grands too. They are getting really I have to start feeling better so I can go see them!!! They also brought me pickles :-)  As you should know I love my pickles and I can only find them in Appleton...and I don't get there often. When Amy and Mark visit it's kinda on their way and they stop especially for me.

Wednesday was my weekly lab work and a scheduled chemo, finally #3. My previous chemo was 3 weeks ago. I missed one because my WBC were too low. This time my dr said everything was gorgeous....when it's good he says gorgeous. I'll take it. He also had a chart to show me and he was pretty happy about it. The first blood test that I had before I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer showed a really high number for my liver enzymes, dr said it was the highest he had seen....not good. Yesterday it was less than 1/2 of what it was a month ago. It is still high but has dropped considerably. Some chemo is helping!!!! We are happy!
I also asked about my shortness of breath, fluid is accumulating around my lung again. I can't walk very far with out feeling so pooped (hence the wheel chair). The doctor feels the chemo will help and we weighed the consequences of sticking a big needle in my back again and waiting a week to see if the chemo helps. I agreed to give it a week. The one and only time I had a thorancentesis the radiologist did get some air in. Of course it would happen to me. 
As I was sitting in the chemo chair one of the nurses passed out Thirty one bags to everyone. This is a nice bag! You can see the pockets on the outside. Inside it has a big pocket (ipad size) and a zipper pocket. It's a decent size, magazines would easily fit, about 5" deep, with a zippered top. I could even get my laptop in it. They were donated by a local rep. It was filled with goodies: blanket, lip balm, nail file, coloring book and colored pencils, pen, key fob, had sanitizer, hand lotion, I think that was it. I did email the young woman who donated it and she graciously replied. 
One of my premeds for the chemo is I get very sleepy. I told Deb she could leave and I relaxed and waited for Kev to pick me up. Two years ago I drove myself to chemo, but now I don't feel good I noticed I have drop foot again. Darn! I can't drive even if I do feel good. At least I know it will go away...but when?

Today (day after chemo) I feel good. I even had a smoothy for that I made myself with bananas, cherries, yogurt, milk, and I toss in ice cubes.....I like cold things. It filled me up so I'll be having a late lunch. 
I think I'll be a wife and do the dishes today. NO, we don't have a dish washer so Kev does them all. When I feel good I do them. I never minded washing dishes. 
The rest of the week looks quiet!!!! YAY!!!
If you've read this far, thanks. 


  1. God bless you dear one. love the picture of you. you are very beautiful.

  2. Yes, I read to the finish line, and enjoyed it very much. You look lovely....I remember when I mom had leukemia. (not spelled right) The nurses would always say, "Floy, where is your pink lipstick".....she always wore pink lipstick, and we could always depend on her to wear it, even when she had no hair, She was I think you are.

  3. I think your beautiful too! Glad you feel better. Have good rest of your week.

  4. Great post today.
    You look gorgeous and I'm glad you are starting to feel better.
    I hope you continue to be better.
    xo monica

  5. linda, I think you look very pretty. I like the lipstick...Oh I agree about wearing a perks us up. Gives us some color. We need to look as good as we can...even when we do feel well. That's a nice bag of goodies. You are in my prayers everyday. Bless you, love , xoxo,Susie

  6. It is a lovely photo of you! Lipstick is a must for me:) Busy and good week for you!

  7. I really appreciated the Look Good classes, and even though I felt like dirt, it did pick up my spirits. It was a blessing. I had one wig (got a bit ratty) at the end and a furry cap I wore ate home. It worked, I wasn't running in a contest. :-) Blessings to you. PS You really do look good.

  8. I like the lipstick.
    What a nice 31 bag. :-)
    Sending a hug and prayers,

  9. It is so good to read your blogs again. I am thrilled you are feeling a bit better. You have already come a long way since the last time I saw you! Keep it up! I better be back to normal by Wed.(crappy weather though)

  10. Putting some makeup on sure does lift one's spirits! (and other's too, so keep that in mind when you are getting company). We had a lot of laughs Monday night. Maybe you should have got the long blond wig just for giggles! So happy you are feeling better lately. God IS good!

  11. You sound wonderful here, Linda! I am thrilled for you- Your numbers are looking better and you look great with just a tad bit of makeup on. I am so glad that you have such a good friend, sil, in Deb. I love how she keeps you looking good, too!
    Bless you, Linda. You are in my prayers. We are doing good here- hubby is progressing slow but sure. xo Diana