Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Weekend

We didn't do anything special for Easter, I didn't even go to church. I really didn't feel good in the morning, I'll spare you the details. My breathing seems more labored. Later Kev made ham steak, baked potatoes, a yam, veggies for us. Ham is usually a 'no no' for me, but I cheat on occasion....and have been doing that often. I eat such small portions that I figure it doesn't add up to over 2000 mg sodium anyway. It was a nice meal and a very pleasant, relaxing day.

A gift from a friend! It is special, I love it. 

Friday afternoon my son and his family stopped over, it was nice to see them again. When they left he said "See you in 2 weeks." Sounds like that's their plan. 
While they were here our Pastor called and asked if he could stop over. Kev answered the phone and said 'sure', so he was here too for a while. We all chatted, then my kids left and just the 3 of us talked. It was nice to have Kev here too. 

After that Kev picked up Jalen to come and get his birthday gift. His 11th birthday is next month but we don't see him very often and I wanted to see how the Wye Flicker he showed me.

You control it by wiggling your hips. This boy does not ride a bike or a scooter.....but he tried one of these last summer and said he loved I knew it would be perfect for his birthday. It will get him off the couch and outside more.
 It's not a cheap gift so several people contributed to the cost.

I am also very proud to say that this young man  is one of 4 in his grade to be chosen for WCATY. It is a University of WI program for academically talented youth. I hope the rest of his family realizes what a treasure he is.
Yup, I have some pretty intelligent grands!

And that's it for our Easter weekend. It was OK, my head wants to do stuff but my body gets too pooped out. 


  1. Glad you had a good weekend. Sounds like you have a smart grandboy! He's cute on his scooter. continued prayers.

  2. Easter dinner sounds yummy! Kev did a good job. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. What a nice day with visitors, family and friends:) I love seeing the Grands enjoying themselves! Have a blessed day, hope it is a "feel good" kinda day for you my friend, HUGS!