Sunday, February 28, 2016

Short and Sweet

I'm tired and there's not much to say. 
Saturday afternoon my daughter and 2 of the 3 children came to see me. While the adults visited Claire braided Ava's hair. They are the best of Ava found out that mom was going to have a girl, she screamed and howled that she did NOT want a sister.

Earlier this month Twelve year old Ava performed in a community talent show. She choose the music and choreographed a ballet performance, with a cameo appearance including her little sister. I think that appearance was the highlight of the performance. It was such a special touch. I had to try really hard not to cry when I watched that part.

My mom and me, I'm about 8? 7?

We had a good visit with my daughter and son in law. Mark is a wonderful husband, father, and son in law. He calls to check on me. Before they had children he'd come up on his day off to visit my mom.........because he liked her. Both of my children have chosen very well (regarding their spouses).
Yesterday I received flowers, artwork, hugs, ginger candy, pickles, Mexican food. It was a good day, but tiring.
My son also called to see how I was doing, we have a strained relationship, so that was heartwarming.
I have TONS of scarves.........and I'm not working....I don't go out a had Kev bring them all downstairs and I let the girls pick out what they wanted. It was so much fun to watch the little one choose scarves. They got a didn't choose any, she can borrow from the girls anytime.
Today, Sunday, I just stayed my jammies. Mornings are especially hard for me.....I don't want to wake up and get out of bed and face reality. I know I need to eat, but my stomach doesn't want anything in it. I force myself to swallow something....I need to take my meds....the last couple of days I'm not sure if I did. Now hubby reminds me. He is being so good...............this is his 2nd time around with metastatic cancer. His main concern is my comfort. He is becoming very protective of me.
Tomorrow we embark on a 3 hour drive for a 2nd opinion. I have what I have but the 2 doctors will figure out the best treatment plan for me. I want to get fighting!!!! I feel so terrible now. 

Ava, don't you think we look alike?
You are a beautiful young woman!


  1. Praying for your doctor appt tomorrow...for Clear answers to all your questions!

  2. I will join in prayer for purpose and direction! Step by step.....

  3. You have a clone!:-) You are going to be a warrior! Your legacy speaks to how amazing you are♡

  4. I think Ava and Claire have your looks.Lucky girls.Love the pics you shared.Don't remember seeing the two old ones.(oh no....that means I said Amy is 'old' in a round about way since she was just born in that pic. LOL. Good luck today in Madison. I hope they have a better safer treatment for you. Can't wait to see you this next Sun.(unless you start your treatment and are too sick.But we never do stay long.)Let me know how early we can come, since Jack is working 6 days a week and wants to spend some of his afternoon at home on the couch. <3

  5. BTW, our mom was actually pretty.No wonder she had good looking kids.

  6. What beautiful pictures, Linda. I think your granddaughters look a LOT like you--lucky little girls.
    I am praying that the 2nd opinion sheds some new light on treatment for you. It is so hard--being in limbo is the worst of it, I think. We continue our fight here, too. As the caretaker (like your hubby) I have become very protective, too. It is the only thing we CAN control.
    Love to you- I am praying. I need to do a post for you soon to ask for prayer if that is okay. xo Diana

  7. enjoyed the pictures. asking God to be close to you dear.

  8. Yes, ya'll do look alike. How incredible!