Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why do I do these things???

I should have guessed what kind of day it would be after I took the first sip of my smoothie. I used bananas, some V-8 fruit smoothie juice, strawberries, and frozen pineapple juice. Something about it was awful :-( ..... but I used such good ingredients, it should have been nice and sweet. I tried to drink it but just couldn't, I had to pour it down the drain (and I HATE throwing food away). Now this is what I think happened: perhaps the frozen pineapple juice was chicken broth......I put labels on the containers in the freezer but sometimes they come off, so I just take off the cover and look. ...looked like pineapple or orange juice....but chicken broth would have given my smoothie that weird taste that I could not explain.

My stop at the thrift store didn't produce any good deals, some days are like that. I've got the next 2 days off, a long weekend. :-)

After lunch my pastor calls me....not a usual occurrence. For the Lenten services we are doing something different this year called 'Cross/Peace'. Every family that attends the midweek service gets a cross and each week something new to hang on it; such as the crown of thorns, robe, money bag, sponge, dice, & a nail. One of our members made the crosses (6" tall). Well....pastor is looking for someone to help make the items that go on it....and, "lucky" for me, he calls me............and I agree to make the can you say 'no' to your Pastor??? (This reminds me of a bible verse...didn't Paul ask why he does the things he didn't want to? Oh, that's not what it means.) The crown- piece of cake, the robe - just a strip of purple cloth, the dice and nail - will be purchased, the sponge - just cut/rip off a piece and put a string through it and it's good to go, the money bag??? .....I say we just give some silver coins! First I have to cut a circle (more like 60 circles), then punch holes all the way around, then thread twine through the holes, and tie .....that's a 2 person job. We need a sample by Sunday so I did one to take in tomorrow. I will then tell Pastor I think we should go with silver coins or the rock (that he decided not to do). I would just be happy to find someone to help me make the money bags.

Why, oh why, do I get myself into these things????? First I invite the Red Hats over this afternoon to work on the scrapbook. We got a lot done and had fun. That doesn't get my nervous at all. Then I agree to make those tiny, time consuming money bags, crowns, sponges, and 'robes'. But that is not the end of it. I decide to make seafood enchiladas for supper on Friday...and invite some friends over (because hubby doesn't eat it). That means I have to go to the grocery store and cook on Friday <@?_^$&* I really don't care to cook at all.

Calgon take me away!!! Oh wait, I can't take a bath until I fold the mountain of clothing that I dumped on my bed (that's where the towels are). And how was your day?

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  1. Seafood enchilada sounds perfect for me.