Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two pages done & some saturday morning thoughts

I completed 2 pages in my....hmmm, what do I call it????...guess it's just my "ME" album. I should be working on scrapbooks now that I have some extra time...but no, I am fooling around on the little thing. Yes, I am an introvert and that is fine with me! this one has strategically placed embellishments (to cover up the holes from sewing buttons on the other side).

The Friday Breakfast Bunch had a nice time yesterday morning, everyone seemed to enjoy getting together to visit. I attended grandson J's winter concert, it was fabulous. The music teacher is so wonderful, I will have to thank him for the superb program. :-)
The sun is shining brightly :-) and we are suppose to be in the 30's most of the week. Yay!!! MAYBE some of our snow will melt.

I woke up this morning distressed/crabby/anxious........ I had a dream where hubby was not very nice to me....was that b/c I was drunk and sobbing or vice versa? Once I realized we weren't in Las Vegas I was fine. But then I remember that I have to deal with that person today that stresses me. I have suggested that we sit down and talk and clear up the issue, but no. This is worse than the problems I use to have with hubby. I feel much better if I can talk out disagreements and clear the air...this is just eating me up inside.
This past week has almost been like Christmas for me. Nearly every day the mailman brought me a new package. I ordered several things from Amazon with my gift card I got with my credit card points. That was fun! :-)
Later, this afternoon I am going to grandson S's 7th birthday party. I don't think I will stay long...he's having most of his class over and some of the boys are sleeping over. The young parents can deal with that.........I will go home to my quiet house. Speaking of will be extra quiet tonight b/c J will not be sleeping over here (like he has 99% of the Saturday nights for the past 5 years), he is staying home for his brother's sleep over.
I just finished my first ebook on my Nook color: it was CODE BLUE by Richard Mabry. At first I thought it didn't have much of a story, but it did finally get better and I liked it. It's a mystery and what was nice it had a Christian theme....don't see much of that around. I am really beginning to like my Nook color and really look forward to having it when we go to Washington DC.

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  1. You are so creative....don't let the occasional stresses of life get you down...sounds like you have much to rejoice TODAY! One day at a time!!