Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl Scout cookies

Yesterday the little girl scout and her dad delivered our 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (I still have some coming from my granddaughter who lives out of town). The cookies disappeared as fast as they came. Hubby grabbed the Thin Mints (my fave), he ate some and gave one sleeve to grandson J to take home. I ate the peanut butter ones. I guess that is a good thing.....if they aren't here I can't eat 'em.
Post script to yesterday: I did find my glue gun - right where it was suppose to be! Sometimes I just amaze myself. LOL
Another snow storm hit our area overnight. It's hard to tell how much we was blowing a lot and you can't even tell that we have sidewalks. The rural schools are closed and other schools have a 2 hour delay. I am certainly glad I am past those years. Today is the day I run errands....maybe this afternoon I will get out. Hubby is home today, his boss called early yesterday morning and changed his work schedule to have Monday off instead of Friday off. So guess what? He gets to spend the day shoveling........I think our snow blower is still broken, he never took it in to get fixed, he is definitely a procrastinator. :-( I can't shovel, my back would not take it.
Guess I will clean the kitchen, fold laundry, and then retreat to the dungeon (aka - my basement crafting area) to clean, surf the net, and maybe even create something. I can never do ONE thing at a time.
Happy Monday!!!

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  1. mmmmm girl scout cookies....
    And I agree--so glad the days of school children are gone~
    cant say I miss the snow--Paula