Thursday, February 10, 2011

Washington I come...

OK, in fall, but I am still going, just the same. :-) I paid the down payment for myself and a friend today. I have never been there....didn't get to go when I was in school (too shy & too poor). I am excited!!!

I'm cleaning out drawers for another bag to drop off at the thrift store (last week I didn't have a bag).

Tomorrow is the Friday Breakfast Bunch's first date. My SIL and I went out for breakfast a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it so I decided to dedicate one Friday a month to have breakfast with friends. Looks like there's a pretty good group joining me. In the afternoon I'm attending my grandson's winter concert. You KNOW I LOVE my Fridays off. :-)


  1. Washington D.C. in the's beautiful and something to day dream about! How wonderful that you are going!

  2. I think your bff should go with you!

  3. I do too! BTW, what in the world were you doing up at the time of the day????