Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday to me....

My favorite day of the week has been Monday for many years.....the kids were back in school, hubby was at work, and I was home....ALONE. Today was no different. I didn't get up too early, although I did hear someone shoveling and was afraid it was Tuesday and I'd be late for work again....but then I remembered that yesterday was Sunday. :-)

After a very brief visit to the local thrift store (I had a bag to drop off and looking to do - nothing fabulous to mention, just some poke' mon cards for grandson) I was off to Green Bay for my Nook color class. If I lived closer I might stop in at Barnes and Noble more often to read free and just browse. There were 6 of us in the 'class', some had just purchased their Nooks. I knew most of what Emma told us about the Nook but did pick up some helpful hints.

Then I headed over to a store to see the Vera Bradley totes in person. I am NOT a name brand person but several weeks ago got it in my head that I 'need' a Vera Bradley tote for my trip to DC. I have my heart set on the Baroque pattern. I found a large tote that I liked.....I almost bought it but just could not bring myself to spend the $98 for a quilted bag w/o feet (even if I did get a free card case). Target is right across the street from where I was so I looked around I know why I never go there.....they never have anything I like. Many of the fashion bloggers I follow find clothes that they love there....not me....guess I am not small enough. ...or maybe it is our store.

After I got home I returned a call to my daughter so she can order dance recital tickets for me for granddaughter A's performance. I go every is so nice. Then I called Ellison/Sixxix about my Big Shot Express with the burned out motor. Great News!!!! They will replace it and I only have to pay shipping both ways. Shipping to me will be $10.95.....If i only have to pay $25 for a new machine I will be a happy camper, a very happy camper. They are replacing it with a Tim Holtz Vagabond. It has a more powerful motor and retails for $100 more than my machine. woo hoo!!!!! yipee skipee!!!This has nothing to do with anything, but I have been soooooooo tired the past few days and I don't know why. I can barely keep my eyes open, until I am in bed. I go to bed at the same time and get up at normal times.......altho last night I did wake up and 'think' for quite a while. Tonight I am going to bed early....ahhh.......
hope YOU had a good monday!!

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