Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shopping frenzy, among other things

Today I was off and had a lot on my calendar: I dropped off the items for church and found out that I have to have all 60 money bags sewn by Ash Wednesday :-0..........I hope my bff will help me; mailed my Big Shot back for a replacement; and got my teeth cleaned. My regular gal is off on maternity leave and the one who was there was rough! My mouth still hurts. There's a filling in a wisdom tooth that needs to be replaced. They asked if I could come back in the afternoon to do it.....a split second later I replied with a decisive "No". Hey, I need time to work up to that.

Then I was suppose to take my nephew to work but didn't have to. On the way home I had planned to stop at a gift shop to look at I did. Ever heard of Marie Osmond bags? I hadn't either........ they look like Vera Bradley knock offs. I hemmed and hawed...but at 50% off I decided to get this one. It's like big purse....the size I wanted...and at a little over 1/3 of the Vera Bradley I saw on Monday it was affordable. I like it. It doesn't have all the inside pockets that the Vera's do; only 1 inside and 1 on the outside, both zip and so does the bag, that is what I wanted.
Today the UPS guy was here early in the morning, he usually comes in the late afternoon. He brought me my Magic Wand scanner from HSN, mine is purple. I know, I have a scanner, but this one is portable and I can take it anywhere and scan just about anything. It was a TODAY'S SPECIAL VALUE.

Then I decided to check out the Birkenstock sandals.............and viola! I found this black shoe on clearance. The black ones I have are pretty grungy looking......I bought them (used) on Ebay several years ago.


  1. Marie Osmond is a avid sewer and quilter. I have seen her purses before. Very cute! The scanners look like the ones we have at work except they don't scan in color.

  2. I really really need a new pair of Birkenstock sandals.The pair that I have(the ones that were the same as yours)are so bad now.Talk about grungy.I still wear them when I am at home.I live with sandals on my feet all summer.I have tried replacing them with newer ones a couple times(that are MUCH cheaper,not Birk.). They are all crap now and they were so uncomfortable.Birkies are the only way to go,but I can only buy them when they are a deep discount.Keep an eye out for me.

  3. I just thought I would go on ebay again(been a long time).Looked at Birkie sandals and I saw a lot that I liked but the cheapest pair that I liked were the same exact ones I had except they were mocha,not that other weird color I had.So I bought them.(the 3 strap ones for only $22 w/free shipping)I woudl have liked a different kind but I KNOW these feel good.I have to keep my feet happy.