Monday, March 21, 2011

Before and After and even more

Was it ambition or the nitrous oxide at the dentist's office??? I don't care, I am just extremely pleased. After a lazy start to the morning (I did not want to get showered and have a filling replaced) I accomplished a lot so far today. My dentist appointment went really well, I was anticipating a LONG visit, but filling my wisdom tooth didn't even take an hour and it was so painless. When I was finished I ran a couple of errands and then tackled my book shelves. Hubby built me this wall of bookshelves (34" each unit) many years ago. It's kind of a useless wall anyway, if I put seating there you'd be too far away to talk to any one or see the TV - hubby's purpose for the room. I cleared out 6 grocery bags of books from just this one section. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my books and have always wanted a wall of books, but I just decided that I was never going to read everything on the shelves, I have an ereader and the headboard on the bed is full of books too. If I need info or even a recipe I look on the Internet. Here is the after, i know it's not a magazine photo, but looks 100 times better in my opinion. I usually end up putting framed photos of grand kids in front of the books, I have so many pictures. In the top photo you can see on the 4th (from top) shelf a bunch of photos just tossed down and not even displayed. I have decided to put out only some of them....the milestones and of course the new school pictures. On each section the bottom 3 shelves are devoted to grand kids toys, games, and books. That's just the way it is here.
While I was waiting for the dentist I picked up a Redbook mag (I think) and found an article about selling your used electronic gadgets. Check out : Apparently they will send you a postage paid mailer and pay you for your item. Even if you don't get a lot it is more than what you'd get by just leaving it lay in the drawer.