Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

OK, it's not happy....I have to work. I was going to post yesterday but I was so tired all day and I don't know why, I got plenty of sleep all week. For the past month I have been much more tired than usual..... I'm a homebody and go to bed what's going on? Next week I am gong to a seminar about adrenal fatigue, ever heard of that? I want to learn more.

St Patty's day is just another day for me, but I did wear my lime green shirt and polish my nails to match. Last night I watched 2 of my grandsons walk in the parade with their parents next to them. :-) SS spotted me before I saw them, and I was really searching for them. The weather wasn't bad, we had 52 during the day and a very little light rain. It was 'niceish' for the parade. Then I drove to the restaurant where we were having our book club and had corned beef and cabbage (we got the last 2 dinners). Only 5 of us were there so we visited and did get to the book a little. No one gave the ending away b/c I am only on page 50. I haven't been in a reading mood lately. Also the free ebook I downloaded to my Nookcolor has some very strange 'words', making it even harder to read. My friends ebook is OK so I am not sure why mine is like that.

Today I had to find a shirt to match my lime green nail polish...not difficult since it is my fav color and I have lots of clothes with green it them. Today starts a cooling trend again, with possible snow early next week.......make it go away!!!! Enough is enough!!!


  1. Lime green nail polish ~ my daughter would love that, she's 12 and into manicures and loves all those crazy colors :)

  2. Adrenal fatigue-

    I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue years ago during the same time as my fibromyalgia.Both are a bit alike.Are you sure you don't have fibromyalgia?You could since you had severe trauma when you were in that car accident with Wayne.