Saturday, March 19, 2011

This 'n that

Spring IS coming........I keep telling myself that. I love hearing the birds singing in the morning. All of the snow in our front yard is gone, but it's full of fallen branches from the birch tree. The back yard is a different story, we have about 2' of snow there and some bigger drifts remain. The weather 'gods' don't know what to give us this time of year............some sun for day, rain and snow later this weekend, then partly sunny & 50 the next day, with more snow or rain showers mid-week. How does one dress??? Does it pay to have my car washed and cleaned?? YES, it is a mess after all winter of driving and eating in it. :-(

This week's thrift shop finds are: a Dr Seuss book, drum sticks (that I will regret buying later), and a Red Hat cap (barely used).....all for under $2.

Last weekend my SIL gave me some Amish friendship bread mix. Thursday was my day to bake it and, of course, I didn't read the recipe until I was ready to do so. It called for instant vanilla pudding (a staple I should have in my pantry - but no) so I had to use chocolate (and you know how I feel about chocolate), I tossed in some chocolate chips for good measure :-) I had about 4 pieces between Thursday night and what I took to work on Friday. When I got home from work yesterday all I found was an empty plate - guess hubby liked it. He eats my chocolate zucchini bread too, except I don't think he knows it has zucchini in it, and we won't tell him. His twin brother won't eat scalloped potatoes but he eats 'potato casserole'...same ingredients, different name. LOL Men are so weird.

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