Thursday, March 24, 2011


Do you remember that song by Paul Simon? If you're a boomer you probably do. This morning my thoughts are more like '50 ways to leave the snow'. After yet another snow storm we are buried under 10" -12" of snow...... very wet snow with icy undertones. It started on Tuesday and continued until sometime last night. Many of the roads I drove to work on were not plowed but I barrelled through. Schools, businesses, and church services were called off. When I got home from work I got stuck in my driveway, but maneuvered my way out. If you live in WI you have the 'rocking technique' down pat. Hubby had to work late, he has been every day this week. So after a 12 hour day he came home and got his truck stuck in the neighbor's driveway where he parks. His brother came over and pushed him out and the he shoveled that driveway and our back sidewalk. He came in and said to me "You're not going anywhere tomorrow". He was beat! One of our retired neighbors is an early bird and blows the snow from our front sidewalk and even up to our front door. I am so thankful, but I feel really bad that he has been doing this all winter. I am not the type of person who likes people doing things for me..... I firmly believe one should be able to take care of one's self or at least pay for it, I do not like to take advantage of people. Hubby says we will get him a thank you gift for being sooooooooo helpful.

Hubby has to go in to work soon so he won't get the driveway shoveled and there is no way I can, So I am forced to stay home and clean????? I really needed to buy some groceries but it looks like I will continue working on my book shelves. I cleaned off more last night. That is another thing that bothers me....not having the option to go anywhere. Even if I am not planning to leave I like to have the ability to do so.

Our weather is suppose to be sunny but cold, a high of 27. The average temperature this time of year is 44, so if we seem cranky and tired of winter now you know why!!!! We were seeing lots of bare ground and the flower bulbs were coming up...and now it is all buried again. Wahhhhh wahhh wahhh

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