Friday, March 18, 2011

the Visitor

As I was sitting at my kitchen table checking my email I had a visitor, he sat on the fence for several minutes just wiggling his tale...wonder what that meant. At first he came right up to the window and stood on his hind legs like he was begging, but that lasted only for a few seconds. We have quite a few squirrels and even rabbits in our back yard.


  1. Last year I had a crazy squirrel that would join me for coffee. He was not afraid. I began to get afraid! He would tear out the fiberfill from the chair pillows and bring it to his/her (?) nest. Evreyday. Paula

  2. When I was little we had a neighborhood squirrel, named Clicker. We would feed him peanuts. He would come right up to us.

  3. I feed my birds,rabbits and squirrels all year. I wish I had a black squirrel in my neighborhood,but I do have a gray squirrel with white ears.