Sunday, March 20, 2011

I made a bracelet

I guess I am more of a bracelet person than a necklace person and I have always liked different things. I saw this video posted on Michael's face book page. (link below) and decided to try it. Easy as pie...........
chain link (chain), about 36" long - I had a long necklace that I wasn't using.
stretchy stuff for making bracelets (I forgot the correct terminology)
and a binder clip to hold the end, and maybe a dab of glue to secure the tied ends. Just weave the stretchy band in and out of the links, don't be fussy, and you don't need nearly as much as the chain links. Pull tight, tie SECURELY and viola! a bracelet. Add charms if you wish, if you skip links when 'weaving' those links will hang down and be perfect for attaching a charm.
Mine is loose on my wrist, I used over a yard. and I am no hand model!!! I hope you can't notice that my fingernails still have a slight lime green tinge to them. I only had the polish on 2 days, and yes, I did use a base coat. I was going to try a teal color, but will not try that brand again. I have a lavender polish that doesn't stain my nails.