Monday, March 28, 2011

the After

I am finished cleaning my book shelves for now. I got rid of bags and boxes of books. That's hard for me to say because I love my books, but I decided that I am not going to read everything that I have. I kept some of the classics, banned books, and really old books from my parents. I added the paperback books that my book club has recommended and I still want to read. Now my headboard of my bed is clear, it looks naked! I have an ereader so I borrow ebooks too and have access to free classics there too. I cleared out a LOT of photos.............that was hard, I have so many cute ones of my grand daughter always gives me the cutest photos. But I had to put away most of the older ones. So the shelves still look somewhat cluttered b/c I had to put pictures in front of some books. I didn't go through the games.....that will come. I like to play games but we never do that anymore. I have lots of kids game too (lower left)....sometimes they play. Grandson J wants to play but is a terrible sport, he quits when he is not ahead. Grandpa is trying to teach him that it's just a game and things change. As the grands get older and are seldom here I will get rid of kids games......again. Here is the after, I am pleased that I accomplished something!!!!


  1. Looks AWESOME!!! I'm going to be cleaning out my craft areas this week! I saw the show "hoarders" and it really opened my eyes to having stuff that I don't or haven't use...
    I'm going to have a hugh garage sale this spring!

  2. It looks great and like Heaven to me. I wish I had such an awesome place to put my books ;)

    I'm following.