Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random thoughts

I did something this afternoon when I got home from work that I haven't done in a while....I polished my shoes. When is the last time you did that? I can't remember. It's certainly not something I do very often (an more) but I finally got my leather shoes stretched so I can wear 'em. I noticed the toes were scuffed today so I found the polish and cleaned them up. They look nice.

And last night I did some ironing, I do that more often than I polish shoes, but still not often. I iron more in the summer (some of my capris need to be ironed). I also used to iron hubby's shirts when he was on city council and a supervisor at work. I know most things you can just hang up...but I still have some pants and shirts that need to be pressed. I'm not fond of the wrinkled look.

Since it stays light until after 7pm I find that I am more ambitious....when it's dark I think I should have my jammies on and watch TV. I know, I'm 'old'. I love sunshine, even if it is cold outside.

Speaking of being cold........do you notice that when it's 38 and sunny at the end of March it is not nearly as cold as when it's 38 at the end of October???? I didn't even wear my jacket at noon or when I left work, my car was too hot (NOT complaining) and I had a heavy sweater on anyway.


  1. This has inspired me; I need to do some ironing ;)

  2. My random thoughts include the fact that I am blogging more than cleaning house...I am starting to notice...somewhere I have got to find a balance. The problem is that I really enjoy blogging and I really hate cleaning house!!

  3. I know what you mean about the weather. Around here people start wearing shorts when it hits 50! Not me though, I have to wait until the 80s to put some shorts on.

    At least the sun it shining. It is supposed to "almost" hit 50 this weekend. How about where you are?