Monday, March 14, 2011

I wasn't planning on it

That is one of my hubby's favorite sayings "I wasn't planning on it", if he doesn't want to do something. Well, I wasn't planning to go to Appleton to Archiver's on Sunday either when bff called Sunday morning and woke grandson J up. The night before he slept over at a friends and got to bed really late. Why do the parents let 5 & 6 year olds stay up as late as they want???? When my kids had a sleep over I (was mean) and made them (attempt to) go to sleep at a reasonable hour (10:30 maybe???). Ok, I digress....back to the subject at hand. So J was sleeping in and I had just gotten up when the phone rings...........It's my bff "do ya wanna go to Achiever's?" I want to, but I want to spend some time with J. I want to, but I am flat broke. Of course I go! The free make & takes were the flowers below: I only bought 2 sheets of clearance paper...but I signed up for a class. I love taking classes there....a little pricey tho. That's is why I can't do it often. Take a 11" strip of paper, most of these are about 1-1/2"wide. Score it at 1/4" intervals on the Martha Stewart score 'thingie' (which I own). Glue the ends together, flatten to a circle, glue on center circle and 'Viola'! We used hot glue b/c it dries fast. Thinking of how you could use them: Make larger and hang for party decor, write a name in the center, and some sort of stick, put in a pot (or something) and use as a place card, put your child's picture on the center and make a bouquet for mom, scrapbook pages....what else?

My bff (who was just in Florida and felt really sorry that I had to stay in WI) made (decorated) this box for me. Isn't it adorable???

There was also a shell pendant inside. I love it! Thanks Deb! :-)


  1. I love your rosettes! You sure got busy with them. I fell asleep. I was so tired. Could you tell by the way I was driving?

  2. You are so creative...I could learn a lot from you! Thank you for being such a faithful reader and follower of my blog. Your comments are encouraging! I really appreciate you!

  3. thanks for following me! and i love those rosettes, but when i try to make them i can't get the circles to stay adhered to them. maybe i should try hot glue?