Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I learned in school

I was thinking the other day (something hubby says I do too often-and he is not funny) as I was jotting down some thoughts in an outline sort of way. I do that often; whether it's for my Red Hat club, posting for my blog, or any number of other things. I learned that in grade school and still use it to organize ideas! And you probably did too (if you are a baby boomer). Is there anything that you have brought into your adult life from grade school? other than reading, math, etc......... Today I still sound out words sometimes when I am spelling a word that I don't use every day. Remember "I before E, except after C"? How many times I have repeated that mantra. I also remember having to put our heads down on the desks to listen to the music. No, I don't do that anymore; but I think it was a great idea. Two of my grandsons had a music teacher who is also a semi-professional musician (meaning he writes and plays & directs local performances). He is a fabulous teacher....the kids just don't sing kid songs, sometimes they do movements he has choreographed to the music, for Valentines Day they sang an Elvis song, they count to 100 in song. I will miss his concerts......the kids only get one year with him.

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