Saturday, August 28, 2010

Send free text messages from your computer

This is pretty neat, you can send a free text message from your computer. I have a prepaid phone and don't text.... but I might want to occasionally. Try this, I did and it works.

Sometimes I amaze myself....

and others I am so 'blond'. I am not 'blond' today. I got up early....waiting for the phone call announcing the arrival of our new grandchild. Once again I am organizing/cleaning the craft area and simultaneously working on the scrapbook........ I have one piece of paper and nothing to match it for the other side of the I decided to scan it and just cut out some of the words to embellish the plain paper. That side will be mostly just photos so you won't see much of the paper anyway. Wish me luck!

Helpful hints to try

I copied these from Mary's EVERYDAY CHEAPSKATE newsletter:
  • Tub and Shower Magic. If you haven't experienced the power of original Blue Dawn plus white vinegar, you are in for a treat. Remove the top of a plastic spray bottle and fill it half full of white vinegar. Carefully heat it in the microwave until the vinegar is hot, taking care not to melt the bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with Blue Dawn liquid dishwashing soap. Apply the top tightly. Gently shake the bottle to mix. That's it. You now have a powerful cleaning product that will melt soap scum and tub and shower buildup, clean sinks, appliances and just about anything. Just spray it on, scrub, rinse and be amazed. For tough soap scum build-up, spray the mixture on and allow it to sit as long as overnight. Then, scrub and rinse.
  • Garden Magic. Here's a recipe for weed killer that has the power of RoundUp for a fraction of the price. Mix two cups ordinary table salt into one gallon of white vinegar that has five percent acidity. Add eight drops liquid dishwashing soap. Label and keep out of reach of children. This is not toxic, but it will kill any and all vegetation, even the good stuff, so be careful where you spray it. Another caution: Spraying this multiple times in the same area will sterilize the soil so that nothing will grow there for a long time. It is ideal for killing weeds that grow between cracks in your sidewalk and other areas where you don't want vegetation.

Friday, August 27, 2010

4 more pages

Here are 4 more pages I have finished..............this page, with the bride is much better in person. There is a 'garland' of 'pearls' and 'crystals' surrounding the photo. I contemplated taking it off...but I think I will leave it.
No, I didn't stick to one color scheme; I used the brides colors, wedding papers, and just what I thought would go with the photos. None of the pages are as elaborate as seen in magazines...some are so-so and some I really love. Hope you enjoy browsing the scrapbook as much as I do.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got some good bargains today

After my dentist appointment and after I picked up a few bargains at Walgreen's I stopped at a couple of garage sales. My 2 good deals today were the highchair for $3 (it needs new rubber feet) and this Little Tykes toy box for $3 also. If the 'kids' don't want it I will keep it and put it in the shed for toys. Believe me, I had a tough time stuffing everything in my backseat (with the car seat and booster that are always there). The trunk is still full of beach toys and chairs. My mom always said "Where there's a will, there's a way." I also picked up some army men for the boys, brand new sand pail, new men's white T-shirt, stepping stone mix, and more I am sure I can't remember.

I decided to clean out my car this afternoon, it was sandy b/c of the beach visit on Monday. I had to clean up my purchases too. I didn't and still don't feel like working on the scrapbook I will pass. Tomorrow I HAVE TO stay home and work on it. Right now I am going to grab my book and sit outside and read for a while.

Fall is in the air

Yes, I can tell that fall is approaching...the days have been 70ish and sunny (not so humid), my tomato plants are starting to look sickly, my hangnails are begging to be picked :( , I'm looking for the blanket on my bed at night and my robe in the morning, and I'm turning the a/c off in my car on my way to work in the morning. Fall is bittersweet for me....the weather is perfect and life has calmed down...but winter is knocking on the door. I could easily do without winter.

Last night I had a nice telephone visit with my daughter. Yesterday was her birthday.... I was planning to mail her a homemade card....but...... Her birthday always reminds me that it's 4 months until Christmas....a depressing thought???? Their anniversary is today and her mother in law's BD is tomorrow...a busy time for them. August is an expensive month for us too - 2 grandchildren have birthdays and my daughter and daughter in law have birthdays too.

I am enjoying chocolate zucchini bread (grandson J "LOVES" this chocolate cake-it's healthy; made with whole wheat flour and zucchini) and my tea this morning. It is so much easier to get up at 6AM when I don't have to work. On today's schedule: a dentist appt, dropping off a donation at the thrift store (cleaning out one grocery bag at a time), laundry, and working on scrapbook pages. They are getting better!!! I hope to post a couple more later this week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another book

This afternoon I took the boys to the beach and while they played I finished my book. It's a new book from the library : SOME GIRLS by Jillian Lauren. It is actually least for me (coming from small towns). This 19 year old ends up in a RICH princes harem. She is a troubled teen and is trying to find herself. I read it in a couple of days....pretty good, not a 10 tho.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Handsome groom page

Here are the 2 pages I got done today............I'm on a roll. :-) There is the actual wedding, dinner, dance and gift opening to do yet. I don't think it will be a lot.......but ya never know with me. LOL

Great site for games for preschoolers to early elementary students

Starfall is a safe place for young children to play learning games online.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scrapbook pages

Here are some of the simple scrapbook pages that I have done for Eastin & Heather. Hopefully I will have some better ones later. How do you download 12 x 12 pages? My scanner is not that big and this is how they look when I take a picture. Remember to click (or is it double click?) to see the pages larger.

Another bargain

When I was organizing my crafting area.........or starting the never ending attempt I came across one of my many bargains I got at Walgreen's. Be sure to check their clearance section and weekly ads, they do have good deals! I like Walgreen's! I had the cheap ol' 'turn the dial' Dymo label maker and wanted anew one but they were too expensive. I found this one for $7, it was originally $27.99. I haven't used it yet, but I will.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's not my fault (I'm serious, as my grandson says)

It's my bff's fault!!!! This morning I got up and started cleaning up my basement crafting area so I could find what I needed for the scrapbook I am working on. I was on a roll but had to quit at noon to take my nephew to work (20 minutes away). As long as I was in town I decided to save some $.... at Office Max I got some REALLY CHEAP school supplies and (expensive) ink for my printer. I had a coupon so saved $15 there. I also stopped at Goodwill and a couple of garage sales. I picked up 2 new shirts for myself, 4 rubber stamps for $5 (Goodwill), some cards to use for laying with my Nestabilities, the book GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING, and some other odds and ends. Anyone read it? What did you think?

After I got home I made some zucchini bread (chocolate, what else?) and am doing laundry, watering flowers, etc. After I finish the dishes I am going back to the basement.... cleaning/organizing that space never ends.

BTW I washed hubby's Timex watch and it is still ticking............that guy can not keep a watch...the band breaks or something. That is why I buy him cheap ones....maybe I should try an expensive one????

Am I chatty or what today????

Shabby Chic cards

Here are 3 of the 4 Shabby Chic cards we made at Archiver's in June. We stamped with metallic paint daubers, used some glimmer mist, and of course, the flowers..............LOVE the flowers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's loot

I had a beautiful day for a drive today. When I got to Appleton the store I wanted to go to wasn't open yet and I wasn't sure where the other one was so...........I stopped at SAVERS, it's a thrift store and very nice, everything is clean, the small household stuff is packaged and displayed on the wall, the prices are reasonable............AND today was senior day! And here is what I got with only 45 minutes to look around: a brand new, hand quilted purse/tote with 10 pockets around the inside and 1 on the outside. Ever since we saw one in a local store I wanted one. My bff & I did go together to buy one for $50 as a gift for her sister....but get this: I paid $4.99 minus a 30% discount. Ya can't beat that with a wooden stick, huh? When I left Savers I had to ask OnStar where Dressbarn was, I knew I was close but I wasn't quite sure. I returned my dress and matching jewelry, barely looking around at Dressbarn. Lastly I stopped at Archivers to get my free cardstock and find a sun for the scrapbook (not as easy as you'd think). While I was there I found a QuickKutz alphabet set (for my die cut machine) for 1/2 price. I grabbed a cheap sandwich at Wendy's for the ride home. I came home, used the bathroom, and was off to get the boys. We went to the 'party' at the library - bounce houses, sand art, face painting, tattoos, and various other games. Miracle of miracles but they both behaved well and shared. Naturally we stopped at the local thrift store on the way home and they found some toys they wanted (free). I found a raincoat for one of them, now they both have one. Mom picked them up about 5 and the rest of the evening is mine, all mine. :-))

All in all, I'd say it was a great day!!!!

A Good Day

The day is off to a good start :-) It is sunny and not so humid as last week. I just won a $10 certificate to a coffee shop (on the radio). I have coffee dates with a friend (when we can squeeze the time in) so I will treat her. Thanks bff SHARING INTERESTS at for promoting my blog, check hers out, we are both just getting started and looking for our niches.
This morning I am off to Appleton (1 hr drive) to return several items, then I'll stop at Archiver's to get my free cardstock, and probably grab a bite to eat at McD's before I pick up the boys before 1 for the end of summer party at the library.
Last night I (again) started work on Heather & Eastin's scrapbook (a wedding shower gift-1 yr anniversary was Sunday.....I better get going) so I hope to get that finished before the end of the month. Tomorrow I am off again. Woo Hoo!!!! :-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I never get any good mail anymore :-( I've been writing letters to various family members, teachers, friends, or pen pals ever since I was in grade school and still do. This past year it seems like the written correspondence has seriously dropped off. I'm also a stamper and exchange hand stamped cards with many people too....but that is getting to be more infrequently too.....although I'm partly to blame for that.
In today's mail I received: cash advance checks from my credit card company, a travel magazine for tour guides (I must have signed up for something free), and a brochure for Microsoft Excel (which I'd like to learn but not at that price). Pretty sad, huh?
Moving on to email...........all I get are jokes or spam.
Then there is my blog???? I know it's boring sometimes and not filled with creative ideas (Like I hoped for) nor do I have 100's of followers posting comments....but someone reads it??? right???
OK, I'm done whining!
I will have new photos soon....we are expecting our new grandchild shortly and I have several 1/2 finished projects that I'll photograph and show you within the month. Maybe I should get off here and get busy, eh?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Free Idea Book

Just Rite Stamps has a free idea book for you. Just open an account and use code IDEAS811 at the check out............there will not be any cost to you. Don't let the credit card question scare you....I ordered it and did not have to put any credit card info in.

You must order their idea book for 6.95 and then put in the code when checking out. I believe it is on the left, middle of the page.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweeping the deck

Not only do I have to sweep my kitchen floor to keep it clean, but I have to sweep our deck....not fair!!! I say. It gets so full of little 'seeds' (I think) from someones tree and they are tracked into the house. So if I sweep the deck off the kitchen floor stays cleaner.

Last night I called my bff to tell her about our family outing to Bay Beach with the kids, we haven't talked much lately...too busy. I was vegging in front of the TV to give my back a rest and channel surfing....nothing good is on TV on Friday nights anymore so I was watching Friday Night Beauty on one of the shopping channels. Anyway both of us ended up buying some Bare Minerals makeup. Like I need more makeup. LOL At least it inspired me to clean out one of my make up bags and I am going to get rid of the make up brushes that are worn out or not soft and 'hurt' my face when using them. I do have others.

My 7 yr old granddaughter went home yesterday with her family after spending all day at the amusement park. Today I have to clean up here, buy a gift for my 7 yr old grandson, (who's BD party is tomorrow), and be ready for 5 yr old J at 5PM (who will spend the night). I really just want to lay around for a while......but no.....oh well.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another book report and more trivia

I'm finished with I HEARD THAT SONG BEFORE (I am having a hard time with the grammar) by Mary Higgins Clark. I love her books. It is a really good whodunit..........I had several suspects but it was not whom I thought it was.

The week is going fast and busy with my granddaughter here. Hubby had her 2 days while I had to work so we just had the evenings.......last night I had the 2 boys also....what a zoo. Today will be quiet, she is going to play with the neighbors granddaughter in the morning. We'll do whatever she wants to do in the afternoon.

Tomorrow we are going to Bay Beach, an inexpensive amusement park for younger children. We are meeting A's family there and she will go home with them.

Sunday I am going to my grandson's 7th BD party and taking the 2 little boys with me. It's about 1-3/4 hr drive, I think the kids will have fun. My son has a nice big yard for the kids to play in and the weather is not suppose to be so hot & humid.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Group hug

The boys giving granddaughter A a group bear hug before we left the water park for the afternoon. We all had fun but are tuckered out.

the Painted 2 year old

Mackenzie used the frosting from her own personal Dora cake to paint her body. This is the same little girl who was on stage in one of my earlier posts.

Create funky photo effects

Aptly named BE FUNKY this site lets you have fun with your photos...............maybe some day I'll have time to try it. One can only hope, right???

Why it's best NOT to put things away

Yesterday we a birthday party for our 2 yr old granddaughter at out house. We had 7 kids here, 6 were 7 & had fun, I think. Of course, cleaned up a bit. Hubby must have been anticipating rain b/c he cleaned up the basement and the bar area :-0
Anyway...................I packed up my laptop from the kitchen table and along with it my book with all my passwords........ALL my PASSWORDS. Today I can not find it. If I had left my papers on the table I'd know exactly where everything was. I've looked all over and it is nowhere to be found. :-(
What did I learn??? Not to put things away??????
This week my 7 yr old granddaughter is spending the week here. I'll post photos of the party later.

Thursday, August 5, 2010