Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's not my fault (I'm serious, as my grandson says)

It's my bff's fault!!!! This morning I got up and started cleaning up my basement crafting area so I could find what I needed for the scrapbook I am working on. I was on a roll but had to quit at noon to take my nephew to work (20 minutes away). As long as I was in town I decided to save some $.... at Office Max I got some REALLY CHEAP school supplies and (expensive) ink for my printer. I had a coupon so saved $15 there. I also stopped at Goodwill and a couple of garage sales. I picked up 2 new shirts for myself, 4 rubber stamps for $5 (Goodwill), some cards to use for laying with my Nestabilities, the book GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING, and some other odds and ends. Anyone read it? What did you think?

After I got home I made some zucchini bread (chocolate, what else?) and am doing laundry, watering flowers, etc. After I finish the dishes I am going back to the basement.... cleaning/organizing that space never ends.

BTW I washed hubby's Timex watch and it is still ticking............that guy can not keep a watch...the band breaks or something. That is why I buy him cheap ones....maybe I should try an expensive one????

Am I chatty or what today????


  1. Hi, Linda
    I have tried to email you at the address I had, but it was rejected. Send me your email and I will send you some worthwhile news (not junk)Mine is


  2. HMMMM..........who asked me to take Danny to work??? So I had to quit cleaning and I had to shop. *wink*