Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweeping the deck

Not only do I have to sweep my kitchen floor to keep it clean, but I have to sweep our deck....not fair!!! I say. It gets so full of little 'seeds' (I think) from someones tree and they are tracked into the house. So if I sweep the deck off the kitchen floor stays cleaner.

Last night I called my bff to tell her about our family outing to Bay Beach with the kids, we haven't talked much lately...too busy. I was vegging in front of the TV to give my back a rest and channel surfing....nothing good is on TV on Friday nights anymore so I was watching Friday Night Beauty on one of the shopping channels. Anyway both of us ended up buying some Bare Minerals makeup. Like I need more makeup. LOL At least it inspired me to clean out one of my make up bags and I am going to get rid of the make up brushes that are worn out or not soft and 'hurt' my face when using them. I do have others.

My 7 yr old granddaughter went home yesterday with her family after spending all day at the amusement park. Today I have to clean up here, buy a gift for my 7 yr old grandson, (who's BD party is tomorrow), and be ready for 5 yr old J at 5PM (who will spend the night). I really just want to lay around for a while......but no.....oh well.

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