Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's loot

I had a beautiful day for a drive today. When I got to Appleton the store I wanted to go to wasn't open yet and I wasn't sure where the other one was so...........I stopped at SAVERS, it's a thrift store and very nice, everything is clean, the small household stuff is packaged and displayed on the wall, the prices are reasonable............AND today was senior day! And here is what I got with only 45 minutes to look around: a brand new, hand quilted purse/tote with 10 pockets around the inside and 1 on the outside. Ever since we saw one in a local store I wanted one. My bff & I did go together to buy one for $50 as a gift for her sister....but get this: I paid $4.99 minus a 30% discount. Ya can't beat that with a wooden stick, huh? When I left Savers I had to ask OnStar where Dressbarn was, I knew I was close but I wasn't quite sure. I returned my dress and matching jewelry, barely looking around at Dressbarn. Lastly I stopped at Archivers to get my free cardstock and find a sun for the scrapbook (not as easy as you'd think). While I was there I found a QuickKutz alphabet set (for my die cut machine) for 1/2 price. I grabbed a cheap sandwich at Wendy's for the ride home. I came home, used the bathroom, and was off to get the boys. We went to the 'party' at the library - bounce houses, sand art, face painting, tattoos, and various other games. Miracle of miracles but they both behaved well and shared. Naturally we stopped at the local thrift store on the way home and they found some toys they wanted (free). I found a raincoat for one of them, now they both have one. Mom picked them up about 5 and the rest of the evening is mine, all mine. :-))

All in all, I'd say it was a great day!!!!

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  1. Oh crap, I should have gone along! You went to Savers! Love the purse!