Friday, April 22, 2016

part 2 of My Cross

I'm not sure what happened with my last post, but it got 'all goofy'. So please read that post first, then this one will make sense.

Kevin brought up my already packed hospital bag, sadly I have learned to pack a bag so all he has to do is add my chargers to it, grab it, and go. We sat, we waited, we stared at the tv and no one came in after the initial check in procedures, Guess I should be ok with that. One good thing about this hospital is room service; you order what you want & when you want it, from 6:30am to 6:30Pm. I ordered the chicken stir fry and it was just as good as it was in Feb when I was there.
After Kev left I kept the tv on and tried to read a little. I go to bed really early......8 was dozing when the nurses came in before 9 to check vitals, etc. I don't remember the times or the order  of events but I was running a fever, had a bad cough, and needed my evening meds. I do know I had my port accessed and had blood cultures from there and my arm. I was given an IV antibiotic....all this somewhere in the middle of the night. The time really didn't matter, I couldn't sleep anyway. I wanted to go home to my bed so badly I was almost in tears. Sometime after 2am I fell asleep, but then it started all over. I do my best sleeping in the morning, so I'd 'wake up' for what was needed then roll on my side and try to doze off again. I remember going down for x-rays before 8, when I woke up in my room I was still wearing my glasses. I was tired. Shortly after that the nurse asked me if I wanted to see the priest, I am not catholic so I said 'no'. She comes back in and tells me it's my pastor. Of course I see him for a few minutes....then I try to sleep some more. 
At one point when checking my oxygen level it's determined to be low, so I get some oxygen too. It did help.
Around 9 I decided it's time to start the day. Just as I was looking at the menu the kitchen calls to see if I want breakfast....I try an omelet. Breakfast is not my best meal and they were not real eggs, but I did manage to eat about 1/2. The weight keeps falling off so I know I need to eat.
I found out that my doctor would be in over the noon hour so I let my hubby know. He took Thursday and friday off to be with me. I'm a pretty quiet hospital patient (except when coughing), I don't turn the tv during the day, I sit in the chair in a quiet room and read or stare out the window.
We arrived home about 2 and I immediately went upstairs for a nap. I did get some sleep, ate dinner, watched tv and went back to bed. 
I slept pretty good that nice to be in my own bed. 
to be continured. 


  1. Glad you are home and I'm hoping and praying you are resting comfortably.....
    Love and prayers - every day.

  2. Linda, Your own bed is where you want to be and with your loved ones. You are in my thoughts. I keep you in my prayers. Praying you are resting . Love you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Yes, we all our crosses, however, Jesus is there to help carry them.
    Sending you a HUGE HUG!

  4. I pray for you daily, I never forget to.

  5. Ever here,you are an inspiration

  6. Ever here,you are an inspiration

  7. Glad you are home. I wonder how doctors assume that hospital stays are good for anyone as you never rest because they are constantly waking you for one reason or another.

  8. I pray that today will be a better day! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

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