Friday, April 22, 2016

My Cross

I found five times in the new testament where the Lord says "I am to deny myself and take up my cross and follow Him".
It seems my cross is my cancer.....I jokingly wonder why He didn't give me the cross of a 'too beautiful face' or an 'overly rich spouse'? Through 'the luck of the draw' I drew the cancer straw. We all have our crosses to bear, your's may not be apparent now. I can listen to Jesus or my pastor tell me to pick up my cross but not another human (who has his/her own cross).

Remember, for the past week I've been coughing and short of breath (SOB). I wonder if I have a sinus infection. Wednesday I went in for my blood work and spoke to the nurse regarding my SOB, she sent me to the doctor, who sent me for a chest x-ray, and then to the hospital for a 2nd one. (Removing fluid from around the lungs)  The doctor extracted 1.3 liters of brownish liquid. After that was another chest x-ray and  a Pneumothorax (puncture of lung) was found......the same thing happened the first time around. Originally I was supposed to stay at the hospital 2-3 hours for observation, but my oncologist decides than an overnight hospital stay is called for. I am not looking 
forward  it


  1. Prayers your way. Cancer is not fun but you can beat it with God's help!

  2. Praying for you my friend, HUGS!