Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Official and What The Heck?

Yes, it's official, I have to wear something on head now. My hair is just too thin. I like this colorful baseball hat for today....cheery on a cloudy, cold day. Of course I'd look better with some make up, but who wears make up to chemo? Not me. I guess some people do, maybe I will this summer when I get out more.

Kevin is doing nearly everything around the house, and we do not do one task alike. For instance, I think he sorts the clothes into the laundry baskets, I never put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. He folds differently and can't tell what goes in the upstairs bathroom, or the downstairs one, or the kitchen.
I think he ruined this shirt by putting it in the laundromat dryer and then in a clothes basket. I will take over laundry when the new dryer comes. No word yet about that. (insert sad face)

He also hates dirty dishes in the sink, he wants them on the counter. When they're dirty I put 'em in the sink and when I have enough I add water, dish soap, and wash, Viola!
You should have been here when he cleaned out/defrosted the refrigerator & freezer. We shared some laughs then. He threw out a lot of stuff, I save a lot. We have 4 containers of mustard. I use it twice a year and am the only one. We have a LOT of different kinds of cheese, yes it was on sale and I only eat a certain kind. The freezer and fridge each have a 'cheese section'. Kevin tossed jars of stuff (after asked me about it). He's throwing things left and right into the garbage the jars. I would never have done that, I would have emptied them and recycled the cans and jars. The same thing happened with the freezer items. I save small portions of veggies, etc. because sometimes that is all I need. They're gone. Then we found one bag, gallon size, with smaller bags inside filled with 2 light brown 'ovalish' 'things'. I knew what everything else was....but what was this? Too fat and short and the wrong color for hot dogs. Meal portions of brats? No.........too light and short. AHA! I remember now.....peeled and broken in half, ripe bananas. Kevin was about to throw them away when I said 'no'. I said I use those, he looked at my like I was off my rocker. I put frozen bananas in my smoothies all the time or I use them for banana bread. I only use a fresh banana if I have to. Kev was thinking I just ate them in the frozen state. That guy knows nothing about me. I didn't argue about a's just stuff and probably needed to be thrown out anyway....certainly not worth arguing over. the heck do they think? Mine is helping A LOT so I am NOT complaining....just sharing.
Now we have a nice and clean refrigerator!
Chemo went well and I even ate a decent supper. Last night I just couldn't eat. Thursday and friday could be 'interesting' days....I don't plan anything for the first couple of days after Chemo.
Thanks for visiting my blog, your prayers, and your comments!!! I know I should email everyone personally.....sorry. I do try to visit your blogs. 
Have a good almost the weekend.


  1. It is a fun hat to wear. Sounds like some good cleaning is going on. I should check my freeze.
    Take care.

  2. I think you look adorable in your bball hat! Yeah, I get the whole husband thing, been that way around here for two years. I even organized and labelled everything when I had energy and still nothing can be found. oh well, just happy to have him helping right?

  3. Your spunky! Love the hat! Hugs, I look ever forward to your post!

  4. Your spunky! Love the hat! Hugs, I look ever forward to your post!

  5. lInda, Hugs to you and kev. You must be the master of your kitchen...cause girl I do the same thing and I know what goes where and how to do it. You are cute in your girly ball cap. My daughter wore lots of caps and scarves. She had a cute blonde wig she wore most times. Blessings and prayers to you dear friend. xoxo,love, Susie

  6. Hair or no hair, cap or no cap (though that's a very cool cap) you're a beautiful woman. Blessings and prayers for you always!

  7. I love your hat! I'm the one who throws everything out of the fridge and freezer and my husband tries to keep it all. I have a expiration date issue even if it's in the freezer. Have a great weekend. prayers as always.

  8. Cute hat! Lots of ways to do the same chores. LOL Thanks for sharing the story of the freeze cleaning. Don't toss the shirt until it is washed a few more times...sometimes they rejuvenate.

  9. Love the colorful hat! I hope your chemo goes fast and you are ALL HEALED afterwards! I keep too much in the fridge, perhaps you could send the Hubby my way to clean mine out:) I keep leftovers and really try to put them in throw away containers! It makes it easier when we NEVER eat them and I have to throw them away! Have a blessed evening dear friend, I am praying for you! HUGS!

  10. Bless the husband for cleaning like he is. I love the hat and hope that you find plenty that make you happy. Best wishes during the chemo.

  11. Love the hat and your spunk! I can tell you are better! The men have not a clue!