Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do you ever need to send a fax?

This is a site that you can use to send an occasional fax for free. I haven't tried it but it was recommend by a computer expert and sounds great to me. Let me know if you've heard of it or tried it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's bargains

I drive right past the thrift store on my way to pick up my grandson, so I 'have' to stop. ***wink*** Today I got 3 knit shirts (a turtleneck, like new 3/4 length cream color top with buttons around the neckline, and another like new short sleeved top), a hard cover book (2007 printing), trouser socks, a metal caddy for markers, and some small Styrofoam balls (good for crafting snowmen with the grands???) and of this for....DRUM ROLL.... $5.25. Stopping at the St Vinnie's store is a bad habit I have, but you'd be surprised to see whom I meet there. :-)

Valentine cards

The top and bottom cards were made at Archivers.

For some reason I've had time and the desire to make Valentines.........but I still need to make some for the grands............I'll do something different for them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have you ever had to...........

put air into the tires on your car? I've done it for my bike tires, but never my car. After SEVERAL months of my car telling me to 'check tire pressure' I decided to add some air to my tires. I stopped at 2 gas stations and neither one had air pumps that worked, so now what? I figured we buy all of our vehicles from one place in town and they should be able to provide some customer service. I called them, and lo and behold!!! they said 'c'mom over and we'll take care of it'. I found out that they do it all time time for people, so that's one less worry for me. Just thought you'd like to know.
BTW, we do have our plane tickets for Florida!!! :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wooo Hooo!!!

Whooppee! it looks like I am going to Florida in March with my bff. :-) We don't have the tickets yet but once she makes up her mind she gets it done. I went with her a couple of years ago and we had a blast.............doing nothing/anything is great when it is sunny & warm. Never fear--you will hear more about this.

What to make for dinner???

My hubby isn't one to try new foods or suggest something so sometimes I just run out of ideas. I get so tired of the same ol' thing. I haven't tried this site, but I will. I use to have a site that I used, but forgot what it was. Try using to plan meals. Enter all of the items that You have in the pantry and freezer. It will suggest recipes you can make with just the items available. I read about this in an email newsletter I get. This could change my life..........or just our meals.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Update, etc.

I just found out this morning that our new baby is due Aug. 20th. Both of the other boys were born early.......... We are praying for health for mom and baby. She hasn't found out the sex yet, I am sure she will not want to be surprised. My step-daughter is getting married July 31, so the baby could be an 'interesting' factor in her brother's plans for the wedding festivities.
I finished a couple of Valentines cards today and am now cleaning up (a bit). I WANT to concentrate on my scrapbooks this year. Yesterday we had a great time at Archivers making Valentine cards......and shopping (I was able to get the embossing tips for my Slice)....and eating. We ate at Red Lobster, hubby won't take me there so I take any opportunity I have to go with friends. We shared an appetizer and 1/2 of the other's entree (that works for us!!!), but no desert.......we were strong???? or stuffed??? LOL
This week's soup is potato soup, I made it about lunch time so it's already for supper tonight. I told you I like soup in the winter ;-).

Friday, January 22, 2010

White Chili

I got this recipe from a radio talk show that I listen to, it's from someone who was on the Biggest Looser. I made it the other day and loved it. It's quick and easy.

Chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
2 cups fat free chicken broth
2 cups salsa
1 (48 oz.) jar Great Northern beans, undrained
Mix all together and heat until hot

Bits n' Pieces

I think I had too much ice tea yesterday, I could not fall asleep last night........but then that is fairly normal for me. I have a little news to pass along:
1) I am going to be a new step-son and his wife are expecting baby #3, they are hoping for a girl (they have 2 boys) but as Jalen told me yesterday "we'll be grateful for whatever we get". Now that he is almost 5, I miss the baby/toddler, but a baby????? I still have my stroller and have dibs for walks with the little one. (if my knee cooperates).
2) Hubby will be going back to work full time as of next week. He currently was laid off every other week since Dec. He said he has to work for several weekends......he'll miss one grandson's BD party. :-( They are scheduled to work all of February, but who knows what will happen after that.
3) Tomorrow Deb and I are off to Archivers in Appleton for a workshop on Valentine's. It will be fun!!! I hope the weather remains good. They're a great store......wish it was closer. We stopped there last fall on our girls get-a-way weekend and fell in love with the place.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a Couple of Cards

Here are the cards we made at my bff's Stampin' Up party last, eh?The arrow through the red heart is actually 2 arrows, one glued in front and one in back. I have to attend parties so I can make some cards. LOL

This congratulations card was made using the Big Shot envelope die. Mine's not perfect, but I think it's cute.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do You Like to Read?

I prefer a real book to a Kindle or other such device, but since I LOVE technology....who knows........ you can download free books here Let me know what you think.

January Thaw

Wooo Hooo, it's 35 here and the sun is even peeking out. We are having a few days of 'warm' Jan. weather, and we are enjoying it!!! Snow is melting :-) It's nice to have a break in between snow storms (I'm sure we'll see several more before winter is over).
I was thinking of going to an open scrap today........but I worked all day yesterday and need some time today to clean up at home. Well............I cleaned out my purse, did some laundry, talked on the phone, ate, I have to go to the grocery store yet, and our grandson will be over in 3 hours. Not much time left to 'clean'. Too bad, so sad. LOL
I am a fan of talk radio, mostly what I hear on AM (like I said in an earlier post I am 'old fashioned'). On Saturday mornings I listen to Kim Komando she has lots of info on anything digital. Check out her website if interested.
This past week I: Had lunch with a friend, babysat in the afternoon, & went to the stamp a long on Monday night, Tuesday I worked, Wednesday I worked and babysat both boys in the evening, Thursday I had Jalen in the afternoon and attended my book discussion dinner meeting at night. We read KANE and ABEL, by Jeffrey Archer. I am not quite finished with it. Yesterday I worked then cleaned my dresser and sorted some jewelry at night.
Boring? Yup, but every week can't be exciting or creative. sorry........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poster Putty

I finally got my tree and the few other Christmas decorations taken down (but not all are put away). My living room looks so clean again. :-) I am 'old fashioned' and always put my Christmas cards up to look at. I use to use tape to adhere them to the walls .......well, you know what happens then. After I painted the hall I decided to try poster putty works great and can be used over and over! Try it for kids artwork, notes to family members, and I also use it to stick a calender to the inside of my cupboard door.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you double click on a posted photo you can enlarge it? Try it if you need to see more detail.

Gift Tags

I hate wasting and throwing things, clothing, cards, etc. Here's a tip I picked up MANY years ago from my aunt who was a member of a Homemakers club. Ok, I was just a kid and I guess I had nothing better to do than to sit around and listen to my mom and aunt talk. Before tossing your old cards out you can cut off the fronts and use as postcards or (like I do) cut out some of the words and pictures, punch a hole for a ribbon, and VIOLA! gift tags. You can tie them onto the handle of the gift bags you recycle. It doesn't take long (do it while watching TV) and you get to enjoy the cards again.

Washer Pendants

I promised a photo and here it is finally. I did not make the large one on the left only the other 2. They are so easy to make and can be made with any paper, rub ons, alcohol inks, let your imagination be your guide.

Happy New Year!

It seems like just yesterday we were worried about our computers turning the date over to 2000 and now it's 2010. Time flies, huh?

We didn't celebrate at all. We were invited to my bff's after dinner to play games but didn't go. Wednesday night I got REALLY, REALLY sick. I just laid around home for 2 days. I think I feel better today. I still don't have an appetite (not a bad thing), but it will come back :-( I'm sure.

It's gotten down right cold, this morning it's 5 with a wind chill of -14. I bet it was mighty chilly when the POLAR BEAR CLUB jumped into Lake Michigan yesterday...........brrrr

I have a busy week ahead, as usual:
Monday I get to to grocery shopping, and am having surgery on my hand for some sun damaged cells and babysitting our 4 yr old grandson. Grandpa is laid off this week so he can watch him while I am gone.
Tuesday I work and our Red Hat meeting is in the evening. My bff and I are in charge of it. We are having a fondue party (I better find some recipes) and scrapbooking (it's hard to get the non scrapbookers to come).
Wednesday I work again.
Thursday I babysit in the afternoon.
Friday I hope to take our tree down.
Have a Happy, Healthy New Year!