Friday, January 22, 2010

Bits n' Pieces

I think I had too much ice tea yesterday, I could not fall asleep last night........but then that is fairly normal for me. I have a little news to pass along:
1) I am going to be a new step-son and his wife are expecting baby #3, they are hoping for a girl (they have 2 boys) but as Jalen told me yesterday "we'll be grateful for whatever we get". Now that he is almost 5, I miss the baby/toddler, but a baby????? I still have my stroller and have dibs for walks with the little one. (if my knee cooperates).
2) Hubby will be going back to work full time as of next week. He currently was laid off every other week since Dec. He said he has to work for several weekends......he'll miss one grandson's BD party. :-( They are scheduled to work all of February, but who knows what will happen after that.
3) Tomorrow Deb and I are off to Archivers in Appleton for a workshop on Valentine's. It will be fun!!! I hope the weather remains good. They're a great store......wish it was closer. We stopped there last fall on our girls get-a-way weekend and fell in love with the place.

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