Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Thaw

Wooo Hooo, it's 35 here and the sun is even peeking out. We are having a few days of 'warm' Jan. weather, and we are enjoying it!!! Snow is melting :-) It's nice to have a break in between snow storms (I'm sure we'll see several more before winter is over).
I was thinking of going to an open scrap today........but I worked all day yesterday and need some time today to clean up at home. Well............I cleaned out my purse, did some laundry, talked on the phone, ate, I have to go to the grocery store yet, and our grandson will be over in 3 hours. Not much time left to 'clean'. Too bad, so sad. LOL
I am a fan of talk radio, mostly what I hear on AM (like I said in an earlier post I am 'old fashioned'). On Saturday mornings I listen to Kim Komando she has lots of info on anything digital. Check out her website if interested.
This past week I: Had lunch with a friend, babysat in the afternoon, & went to the stamp a long on Monday night, Tuesday I worked, Wednesday I worked and babysat both boys in the evening, Thursday I had Jalen in the afternoon and attended my book discussion dinner meeting at night. We read KANE and ABEL, by Jeffrey Archer. I am not quite finished with it. Yesterday I worked then cleaned my dresser and sorted some jewelry at night.
Boring? Yup, but every week can't be exciting or creative. sorry........

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  1. I have to agree that a January thaw is a good thing! We need some warmth and some sunshine around these parts!