Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I collect old, cheap, ugly (or different) things. I like to be different and am beginning to celebrate that again (in my old age). Here are 2 rings you may have never seen before, the one on the right is just a funky homemade ring, you can see the soldering on the underside. It's unique that is why I bought it at a thrift store.

I don't need help to stop collecting old, cheap, ugly things (unless you ask my hubby) but I do need help identifying the ring on the left. I believe it is stainless steel...but what is the 'stone'???

I vaguely remember my mom having a 'stone' like this that she got from someone who was in some war....the Korean war? I think she said it came from a fish???? She doesn't remember and neither do I. I found this ring at a garage sale and had to have it b/c I remember seeing the 'stone' before. If anyone has ANY information Please, please leave a comment or email me.

And, no, I don't expect any calls from a hand modeling agency. *wink*


  1. Wish I could help you...but I agree, it is fun to collect old, ugly things and do something fun with them...

  2. Did you see my e-mail? I think it is a Cat's Eye stone.

  3. I think it is made from a shell.