Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday accomplishments

Day one of our long (my really long) weekend is over. It was not a nice day in spite of what the weather man promised. They kept saying the sun would be out during the afternoon, it wasn't, it was cool & windy.

Saturday morning I helped set up for communion at church and also packed up the stuff I had in the display case is still waiting for me to return it to it's place in my dining room. When I arrived home I noticed a package in my mailbox...always nice. It was my stamping kit (plastic pencil box with scissors, tape, etc, inside) that I had left at the stamping convention at Sayner. The Lionesses returned it to me.......and probably paid more to mail it back than it is worth. They do such a good job with the used stamp sale and ticket sales!

In the afternoon I ventured outside to pull weeds, and got it all done. It was chilly! I need to get more wood chips. There is a lot more work to be done on the bed in front, but I need hubby's we don't know when/if that will happen.

A friend of hubby's stopped over but he was golfing so we just visited for a bit. I will have to remember, if we have any cookouts this summer, to invite our friends who have recently lost spouses. I like to invite people over, but it is usually a spur of the moment event....and hubby's children are already busy or working, my kids are too far, so we usually have the same 4 people over, and I say 'the more, the merrier'!

This morning hubby is attending an auction. Grandson J and I had breakfast outside and watched/listened to birds. He thought we had a chickadee in the yard so we looked it up, and he was right. Then we read though the bird book and named all of the birds. If it doesn't rain we want to go the the Alpaca farm today...but the weather is threatening rain.

Not too exciting, but that's MY life.

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  1. Hey busy gal!
    Guess you have some time to help me weed my flowerbeds!! LOL!!! I'm still painting the chairs and getting the kitchen back in order..skipped church today ...
    sounds like you are going to have a little FUN this long weekend.