Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shoe Organization

How you do organize your shoes? me???? Well, it depends..........the ones I wear every day, day in, day out are just thrown in the front closet (I do straighten it up from time to time). Sometimes I, sadly, refer to it as the 'shoe mountain'. Why does someone who wears jeans 90% of the time have so many different sandals and flats? No boots....and about 2 pairs of tennis type shoes. It beats me.... Hubby just throws his in too. This afternoon I put away some of my winter clothes and decided to put away the shoes that are laying in my closet. I didn't realize I had so many cute flats......guess that's b/c I buy them off season and on clearance. Those are in clear, plastic shoe boxes with photos taped on the ends so I can tell what is inside. I didn't think of that myself but I do want to pass it works great. Please ignore the lousy photos of my long as I can see what shoe it is, it works for me. And believe me, I have found shoes that I forgot that I owned.

Now if it would just warm up so I could wear those cute sandals and peep toes!!!

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