Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Where did this week go? Hubby left on Tuesday and you'd think life would be quieter, eh? Well, I didn't have to cook....

Wednesday our Red Hat group had our birthday lunch at a really nice restaurant/gift store. The prices weren't too out of line (except for the $6.00 glass of sangria), the food was excellent though! We looked around at the shops for a little, I was home about 3PM. In the evening my nephew came over to fix what ever I did to my wireless router...for nearly 2 hours (*#@;?&;_& ) I have a Nookcolor and ever since they updated it I cannot connect to my home network....I have to borrow from a neighbor :-( Technical support told me to unplug my router and start over...........It didn't help and screwed up the connection to all of our computers. Looks like I'll be spending time on the phone to Barnes & Noble (sternly complaining to them) in the near future.

Thursday I worked and after work I picked up some flowers from Shopko with my coupon for $10 off of a $50 expenditure. I got some potting soil (waiting the the trunk for hubby to take it out) and some nice hanging baskets that are nestled close to the house b/c it's still a bit chilly here.

Friday afternoon hubby's boss called me at work to see if I could get a signed health form stating that hubby is in good physical health and can work offshore. He's 8 hours off the shore of Cameroon, AF. My husband does not see the Dr unless it is in the ER (for a kidney stone last fall). I called both of the health providers in the area (from work while my boss was around - I explained the situation and he was OK) and could not find a Dr that had seen him for a routine check up in the past 2 years. My Dr would not sign for him b/c she had never seen him. So, after several phone calls to K's boss, we decided that neither of us could do anything. ....pretty hard to do something like that late Friday afternoon.... He might just have to sit and twiddle his thumbs for a week...unless the ship's Dr can OK him to work??? The boat only travels to and from the oil drilling rig on Thursdays. I haven't received an update yet so I don't know what is happening.

When I got home from work I changed my clothes and went to Heart-O-Rama with some Red Hat friends. Our youngest member was performing in it. Seats are on a first come, first serviced basis so we waited outside and it was cold. Heart-O-Rama is put on by local talent who volunteer their time & talent to write & perform humorous skits in order to make money for heart disease. The 'best seat in the house' was auctioned off for $500, the previous night it went for $3000 and the money was matched by another entity. It's a decorated toilet seat and the person/business who wins it gets a front row seat, a recliner or comfy chair to sit in. It was nice to go out on a Friday night.

"Janice, our Red Hat star"

This morning I slept in...........and lost 1/2 of this post so I had to start over. *^%$# Later I have to help set up for communion at church and later this afternoon grandson J will probably come over to spend the night. I had to turn on the furnace this morning........that is so wrong! It's 46, windy, and rainy out. Wednesday when we left Green Bay it was sunny and 68, when I got home 40 minutes later it was cloudy and 55. That's the one thing I don't like about this area.

Next week's schedule doesn't appear to be much better.

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  1. Busyness was my post theme today as well...I feel like it as busy a time as I am at Christmas!! But, I also know that busyness is better than sitting around doing nothing!