Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Things/Silly Things

Many times it's the simple, little things that make me happiest: someone showing a kindness to my mother, getting up early when you don't have to, colorful little flowers poking up out of the ground, a hug from one of my grandchildren, reading for hours and not thinking about housework, filling the gas tank in your car the day the price drops, a telephone message from one of my grandchildren, watching the birds and squirrels from my window as I sip a cup of tea, having 'coffee' with just one friend, hearing hubby say "I missed you", shopping a block long rummage sale and being able to take my time to browse, feeling the sunshine on me.......get the picture???

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see that the price of gas had dropped .05 when I stopped to fill up. Now it's 'only' $3.94/gal, last year it was $2.79............quite a difference, huh? I woke up really early today and couldn't fall back to sleep so I decided to get up and spend some time on here before I start the gazillion things I have to do today.

I almost always bring a sandwich for lunch when I am working and use to stop at McDonald's for an ice tea to drink, but now I just bring my own so I can bypass McD's. On Tuesdays I go the the credit union to deposit my check, as I was on my way I pulled into McD's, 2 seconds later I realized I was suppose to pass McD's and go straight to the credit union. So I drove in and around and out again..... is my 'blondness' showing again????

After I turned off my light, closed my book, and rolled over to go to sleep last night I realized that I hadn't set my alarm , so I turned it on and tried to fall asleep again. As I was laying there I remembered that I hadn't laid out my clothes for today (I do that for days that I work-less thinking for me to do when I get up) so I was thinking about what I should wear when another thought popped into my head (no wonder I can't sleep). It finally dawned on me that I didn't have to get up for work in the morning - YAY!!!!! schedule doesn't vary much, Thursdays are my day off. The first thought that comes into my mind in the morning is "what day is it?"

Do you ever do stuff like that?

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  1. There are a lot of times I do not know what day it is when I wake up.It will be worse in the summer once Logan is not in school.