Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Couldn't Help Myself

It seems like when ever my car leaves my driveway it just stops at the thrift store....I really do drive by it 95% of the time I go somewhere. Today I got: a new Pokemon back pack for grandson J (who is obsessed with all things Pokemon),

the book The Help (which our book club is going to read in the future), stretchy Red Hat bracelet, Red Hat necklace (I will probably use the red hat as a charm for something), Red Hat ankle socks, 10 brand new Red Hat invitations (which I passed on to our resident Red Hat party giver), long purple beaded necklace, small snow globe pin (for one of my granddaughters), 2 wide mouth canning jars, brand new Bobbi Brown lip lining pencil, and that could be it.....all for....drum roll....under $7.

I'm almost ready for the Sayner Stampede (up north) this weekend. I and another friend are leaving tomorrow at noon. The stamping convention is 4 hours away so we leave the day before and come home on Sunday. I should have lots of news to report about this on Monday.

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  1. What some great finds! Have fun this weekend!